Feb 18, 2022
The Dirty Panty Fairy Godmother

The Dirty Panty Fairy Godmother

Just a cute story about me helping other sellers

About a week ago a friend of mine and I were talking about what was going on in our lives. We both have struggles; they are just different struggles. I am working on school and such. She is currently going through a divorce. We are helping eachother the best way friends can. We are being supportive and loving, but sometimes that isn't enough. My friend hasn't been able to work in quite a while. Truth be told her soon to be ex husband isn't helping that matter. She has been a kept woman for about 15 years, insisting that she doesn't need to work and that she shouldn't. Her ex hasn't been kind in quite some time. Her will is broken and honestly so is her personal image. I was telling her about all the kind and wonderful men I have met here. She became very interested in what I do here. So we formulated a plan.... She would get on here and check it out and see what kind of fun she can have. I have been telling some of the fantastic guys on here about her.