The Big Day

The Big Day

By CelticLover

This has been an amazing summer so far, I thought to myself as I drove home to my little flat at the “Eros Garden” apartments. I liked the nickname I gave it. My mind swirled as I thought of this last month alone. Meeting Kate and then Karen has been a thrill for me. Meeting four weeks ago with them in the basement laundry room for a threesome no less! I mused. Kate was probably home from her Florida vacation by now, I supposed. It was pushing 10:00 pm now. I had enjoyed my time visiting with my friend Mike talking fishing and admiring his new bass boat, knocking back a few cold ones. 

Heading into my apartment, I noticed a small envelope that had been pushed under my door. Picking it up, I wondered what it could be. The a/c sure was a relief on this humid night. I thought. I dropped the envelope on the table and decided to shower before hitting the bed. Afterward, while starting to doze off in bed reading my vintage copy of the Caine Mutiny, I remembered the envelope. Retrieving it from the dining table I sat back down on my bed and opened it. A note and baggie were inside. “Dearest Jerry, I spoke with Kate this afternoon as we had lunch together. She returned this morning from her vacay and you had left for the day already. I wanted to let you know I am flying to my sister today in Arizona, as I got word mom is not doing well. I'll shoot you an email after getting there.”

The note continues, “enclosed are your favorite Vanity Fair nylon fullbacks you so very much like. I wore them for two days! Hope you enjoy me! Signed Karen.”And sealed with a lipstick kiss, I sighed. I smell her Mitsouko perfume filling my nostrils as I place my lips to her red imprint...Not wasting any time I removed the silky treasure from the baggie and unfurled them. I placed the gusset to my nose and inhaled deeply. Ahhh! Karen! Her scent brought back a flood of emotions. My cock was already filling with life force. I felt the sheer fabric against my cheek as I imagined her in them. I savored the scent of her luscious body.

Sweat scent, just above the front gusset where her pubic hair would be. Just as I like it. Nylon made a woman sweat, especially in summer. It didn't breathe like cotton. I liked the scent of it. If too strong, No. But my girl in them for two days...Perfection! The gusset area was where all the natural female scent would collect. It too was a favorite. I was rock hard now. Gotta relieve Mr Johnson, I laughed.

Dimming the lights I reclined, cock in one hand, panties to my face in the other. Breathing in deeply, her unique smell brought me such pleasure. Her being impaled on my cock...would be even better. But life cannot always be accommodating to our preferences. I allowed my mind to relive the sessions when Karen and I had made love. I especially thought of our time with Kate. I had never been that excited. Ohhh! Baby! I cry, as I neared climax. I huffed in all of her amazing goodness from the nylon candy she had gifted me and...I come shot all over my belly and arm as I succumbed to her heavenly essence.

Morning came early and just as I began to heat the frying pan for breakfast, came that familiar knock at my door. Clack, clack...then a faster, clack, clack, clack. “Kate!” I said opening the door. As she entered we hugged and I pecked her on the cheek. She said, “Are you burning something Jerry?” “Oh, I forgot, I was just starting breakfast when you knocked. Have you ate yet?” I asked. “Actually, no. she replies.” “Join me?” I said smiling. “Sure Jerry,” her answer. “Soo, how was the trip Kate?” I inquired. We spoke about her trip and my week for several minutes as I cooked and finally put our scrambled eggs and sausage on the table.

“You know Jerry, I'm alone for two days now as Jeff and the kids are finishing his two weeks off work. They are camping in the Upper Peninsula with his brother and his children,” she informs. “I have had enough camping the last twelve days,” she laughed. “Well Kate, I am headed to the Detroit zoo about right now, would you be up for a day trip?” I ask. “The zoo? What prompted that? By yourself?” she asks incredulously. “Well, yeah!” I reply, eyebrow raised. “I am a single older guy who needs exercise, and walking is the best for me,” I say. “Well...count me in!” she says excitedly.

“Let me put on a sundress and I'll be right back,” she says exiting my place and back into hers next door. Heading out of the complex Kate says, “I haven't been to the zoo since I went on a field trip attending Kennedy elementary school in fourth grade.” she gushes. It was a nice day for driving as we eased out into fairly light traffic. Sunny, not too hot as of now, and I had a gorgeous thirty-year-old woman to accompany me for the day. Life is good, I thought.

After entering, we looked at a few outdoor exhibits, elephants, rhinos, Kate took a seat sitting on the back of the bench by the hippo's exhibit and I could see her grinning at me as she flashed her pussy directly at me, moving her legs open and shut. She had no panties on. “Kate!” I said hushing my voice. “Somebody could see you!” I said. “Nobody can see except you, Jerry. I told you I'm an exhibitionist. It excites me if I excite you!” she says, laughingly. “Well, there is a time and place for that girl,” I said. “I'll be good the rest of the day love,” she says, jumping down giggling.

Well to state the fact, we had a great day! Seeing the tigers, lions, giraffes, and bears was enjoyable. The exercise was good too. “Let's do some ice cream cones,” I said. “Really nice idea,” she replies. As we sat at a picnic table, I couldn't help notice how beautiful Kate was. Her sparkling eyes, short bobbed brunette hair, pretty somewhat upturned nose. “Hey, Jerry?” “What are you thinking?” she asks. “I'm sorry Kate, I was staring at you, and thinking just how stunning a woman you are baby!” I reply. “Flattery will get you...everywhere!” she laughs. I liked her laugh, it was unusual, kind of girlish.

“Hey let's go into the bird, then reptile houses before we leave.” I suggest. “Sounds great!” she says, finishing her cone. As we entered the birdhouse, I took Kate by her hand as we walked thru the exhibits. It felt good in mine. After leaving and entering the reptile house I noticed she took mine in her hand. Halfway thru she had her arm around my waist as we strolled about. Leaving, the premises for the parking lot where the car was, I opened the doors to let the heat out and retrieve some water bottles from the cooler.

“Well Kate, that was a fast and enjoyable four hours for me.” I said. “Me too Jerry, thanks for bringing me along.” Kate replies. “What say we get a pizza on the way home?” I ask. “Jets?” she replies. “No, a bit better than that,” I answer. “I thought you liked Jets,” she quizzes. “I do but let's kick it up a notch and get one from Ottava Via, over on Michigan Avenue. A large salsiccia sounds mighty good right about now.” I say excitedly. I love their food and especially the pizza they make. “You are driving!” she says. “And the food connoisseur,” I reply grinning.

After arriving home, we take our time savoring the pizza and rehash our day as the sun is seen going down from the balcony. Kate brings up the basement tryst the other month we had had with Karen. “So, you enjoyed our surprise for you Jerry?” she says smiling. “I did Kate. Thank you!” I say. “And Karen?' she adds. “Yes Karen too,” I smile back. Kate had an unusual look on her face. “What's up baby?” I say concerned. “Have you ever done that before Jerry?” she asks. “No Kate, I haven't.” my reply. You?” I ask. “No, me neither,” she says head lowering. “Kaaaate!” I say. “What is uppp?” “Well, Jerry, I feel jealous of you and Karen. She being so beautiful and all.” she sighs. “I think she really likes you, well, I know she does. I had lunch with her yesterday.” she says. “You Kate, have nothing to be jealous about.”

“Just us three having some illicit fun at one o'clock in the morning.” I add. “You are beautiful Kate!” I assured her. “C'mon over here girl,” I said softly. Kate comes over to where I am sitting and I pull her onto my lap and embrace her. I kiss her face and neck. “You baby, are a gorgeous woman in every respect,” I said meaning every word. “Now love, are you sleeping with me tonight?” I ask. “Of course!” she replies. We cuddle for some time and kiss before she says, “How about we shower before heading off to bed?” “Great idea,” I replied.

Stripping ourselves down we hopped into the shower and lathered each other up playfully, kissing, wrestling, having fun as we cleaned up. We toweled ourselves off and went to the bed-hopping on as she laughed at my raging boner. “You been hard since we turned the water on Jerry,” she teased. “I can't help it Kate, you are so sexy girl, and your body turns me on so much!” I reply. We kissed some more, our mouths open, exploring each other with our tongues. I loved how eager she was when we were together. It was almost like she couldn't get enough. Sort of a female version of myself. I thought.

I moved down to her small but well-rounded, firm breasts and sucked on each glorious nipple. She purred with delight. “I want to taste your pussy Kate!” I say urgently. “I want you baby!” I cry. As I move down savoring every inch of her with my hungry mouth, stopping at her navel to pay homage, she moans, “Oh Jerry! Her hands pulling at my still damp hair. Lick me Jerry!” she coos. “Lick me till I come lover!” she urges. Sliding over and on top, I situate myself lower on the bed in between her slender but shapely legs. I take some time kneading her lovely feet and sucking her delicious toes. Kissing her delicate arches, I work myself down her legs savoring her soft feminine curves fully.

My lips then kiss each delightful thigh as I turn my attention to her glorious pussy. I kiss her just above her landing strip, licking her all the way down to her now moist center. “Ohhh, Jerry!” she cries “Lick meee!” I obey her instructions fully, licking her clit and vulva intensely. “Oooo!” “Right there!” she squeals. I concentrate all of my efforts on pleasuring her now very excited pussy. Licking, sucking, tasting her well-lubricated honey factory, Kate writhed beneath me totally caught up in the moment. “Ohhhh!” “I-I'm getting close!” she sighed heavily.

Without breaking mouth contact, I looked up at her. As I lapped rhythmically, her mouth opened and her tongue slid across her lips seductively. My cock twitched at the sight. “You like?” I managed to say. “Yesssss!” “Ohhhh!” “I'm going to come!” she gasps. Her hands now pulling my head into her delights, I licked, varying the pressure in time with her movements. I slipped my right finger into her wet cunt easily, pleasuring her g-spot, as my tongue had her moaning loudly in absolute ecstasy! “Ohhhh!” she managed to cry out as her small frame shook and jerked in the throes of her climax! Her navel and belly rose and fell as her muscles contracted involuntarily. I slowly eased up and just pulled up to embrace her as she smoldered in the afterglow.

After a moment I turned her close to kiss her again. “That was amazing!” she whispered. “Hey, I specialize in amazing,” I quietly reply. My hard cock, poking her leg, let her know we weren't quite finished yet. “How would you like me Jerry?” she asks. “Well, we do have all night right?” I answer. “Of course silly,” she laughs. “Suck me off quickly.” I tell her, quietly. Kate moves down head first along side of me and takes my cock into her mouth. I like the view this position affords me as I can watch her work on me. Kate licks my tool as she holds it in her small fingers. I see her tongue move up and down my shaft. My pleasure rises as she moves me up and down while she licks. “Ohh baby!” I stammer. “That feels soo good Kate!” “Mmmm!” her reply.

I watched as her lips took in my head as she sucked and swirled her tongue on my tip. “Ohh girl!” I moaned. I moved with her as she now bobbed up and down my excited cock! “I'm close Kate!” I shouted, stiffening up. My head now back on my pillow as her mouth, tongue, and hands brought me immense pleasure. I felt my come welling up. “I...Ohhh!” I grunted as my load shot into her mouth. Kate swallowed it all and licked my shaft clean as I fell back on the pillow totally spent.

For a time we lay quietly beside each other, both enjoying our contentment. We both took turns going to the bathroom me first then her joining me back in bed. I just enjoyed how she moved and looked. I pulled her on top of me and we kissed as I held both of her ass cheeks firmly. After a time of play she rolled off and we spoke of our time together with Karen. “You finally fucked me Jerry!” she says looking into my eyes intently. “I knew you would.” “It was bound to happen, I suppose,” she says, voice trailing off. “You fucked Karen too.” she notes hesitantly. “I did,”my reply. “Did you like it more?” she asks. “Kate! You brought her down!” I protest.

“I know but” She hesitated searching for words...”This girl, is why we don't do these things!” I explain. “It can cause fuck do you think I feel?” I say, voice rising a bit. “I guess I never thought of that,” she replies. “I was feeling my own emotions that's all,” she says quietly. “Kate, we are crazy! All of us! We need to get a hold of ourselves and put everything into perspective!” I replied. “I know Jerry, I'm sorry,” she says. I kiss her again, this time with even more passion.

We engulf one another like we would never meet again. And maybe this would be our last time together. We were both too attached and it was becoming unhealthy. But, right now I wanted her. All of her for myself, tonight! “I fucked you the other week, and I'm going to fuck you right now baby!” I said. I climbed on top of Kate and again would ravish her from mouth, to breasts, to licking her pussy to yet another intense orgasm! I flipped her over and licked her ass, savoring every inch of her deliciousness! We moaned in delight together as we pleasured each other well into the morning hours.

I finally, situated myself on top of her stretching myself over her body. I spread her legs apart and entered her open pussy easily as she was quite wet with excitement. I felt her tighten herself on my shaft as I pushed fully into her, bottoming out. I began slowly moving myself in and out of her tight pussy. I continued at a steady pace while sucking on her tongue and kneading handfuls of her soft, delightful breasts. “Oh baby!” I cried. “You feel so good inside!” I sigh. “You feel good in me Jerry,” she whispered in my ear. I increased my thrusting speed. I was nearing plateau. “Fuck me Jerry!” she cried. I entered into a state of immense pleasure at that command. Fuck her I did! With every ounce of energy that I had!

“Ohhh Kate!” I shouted. My loins on fire as I pounded her sweet pudding. “Kate!” I breathlessly cried. I could now feel my load coming...”Fuck meeee!” she cried as her nails dug into my back. I drilled her wet cunt furiously. Kate held my shoulders hard as I thrust deeply inside of her! I sucked her outstretched tongue as I pumped away! Breaking free momentarily to breathe I felt I could not hold back any longer! Ecstasy had totally gripped me! “Kate!” I shouted loudly. “I'mmm Commming!” And at that I released my load into her pussy as my cock contracted in waves of intense pleasure.

Kate still had her legs wrapped tightly around me, her nails still dug into my back and was now holding tightly onto me as she jerked and contracted on my cock buried deep inside of her pussy! Both of us, now totally spent as we climaxed again together, giving and taking all the passion that we shared together. Moments later we both fell asleep exhausted from our big day! I remember waking up sometime before noon and Kate had already left. I knew she had to be home for her returning family, but still felt her loss. This is not a game to play Jerry boy, I said to myself out loud. Not a game...Cell phone buzzes, it's Karen sending a message she had arrived at sister's house, and asked if I liked my present...Oh my...

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