Feb 08, 2022
Tantalizing Love

Tantalizing Love

The fiery liquor crept down her throat as she sat at the bar, listening to the conversations around her. Her small town’s bar was busy as ever, people dancing and drinking with one another. She saw her best friend Savannah grinding on a guy she had never seen before. The lights of the bar glistened on her friend’s hair as she gyrated on the man.

Mariah looked back to her whiskey and noticed it was almost gone. She motioned to the bartender that she needed another. She felt a hand graze the small of her back and a smooth, deep voice said, “let me get that for you.” Mariah looked to her side and noticed a burly, rugged man standing next to her. He smiled warmly at her introduced himself. “My name’s Matt, how are you doing gorgeous?” Mariah could feel herself blush and she looked down at her glass and replied. “I’m doing fine, how about you?” He took a seat next to her and she noticed how handsome he was. His black hair was smoothed back and he had a nicely kept beard.

“I’m great now that I’m talking to you.” He said, making Mariah blush again.
Matt and Mariah talked until closing time. When the bartender ushered for last call, Mariah was surprised by how fast the time had gone.

“Would you want to get out of here?” Matt asked her. She felt butterflies in her stomach and a tingling feeling going throughout her body. She had never met anyone that had made her feel this way before. She nodded her head and told Savannah she was leaving with him. Savannah gave her a sly smile and winked at her. “Text me if you need anything love.” Savannah told Mariah.

Matt and Mariah walked hand in hand out of the bar, walking towards Mariah’s apartment. After walking for a couple of minutes, they reached the front doors of the apartment building. She unlocked the door with her key card and led him to her door.

As soon as he closed the door behind them, Mariah felt the pull of the lust burning between them. She walked to the living room and turned to face him. He pulled her into him and grabbed her chin to kiss her. Mariah was enveloped in his scent, all she could think of was how good he smelled. When their lips met, Mariah felt herself get hot and wet, soaking through the thin panties she had on. Matt pulled his shirt off and then helped Mariah get out of her black t-shirt.

He ran his hands up and down her body, feeling her large breasts through her shirt. She moaned into his mouth, overcome with the electric sensations running through her body. He unbuttoned her jeans and threw her onto the couch. She could see the muscles rippling in his arms. He slid her jeans off and then his own.

He then spread Mariah’s legs, and began to kneel. He smelled her intoxicating scent through her soaking wet panties. He started to lick her through the panties, which caused her to moan in pleasure. His cock grew harder as he tasted her through the thin material. 

He ripped her panties off and began to suck on her lips and clitoris. He looked up at her as she gasped in pleasure. He continued to lick and tease her, his beard dripping with her juices. Mariah gasped in pleasure as she felt his fingers enter her wet pussy. She came so hard, squirting all over his face. He drank up every drop he could. 

He smiled coyly at her as he got on top of her. Mariah wrapped her long legs around his waist, wanting to pull him close so she could feel his cock on her. They kissed, their tongues dancing. He gently teased her with his cock, wanting her to beg for it. Mariah couldn’t wait much longer, she longed for him to be inside of her. He bit her neck and gently thrust himself inside of her, just teasing her with the tip. “Beg for it.” 

He said to her, kissing her neck and moving down to suck on her hardened nipples. She moaned and pleaded with him. She began to rub herself on him while he circled her nipples with his tongue. 

To her relief, he slid his thick member into her, panting as he felt how tight and wet she was. He continued to fuck her, hitting her g-spot just right. She rubbed herself with her fingers, bringing her closer to another climax. As he pounded in and out of her, she felt herself explode and cum all over him.

Feeling her cum, Matt started to fuck her harder, so close to his own climax. Her screams of pleasure pushed him over the edge, and he filled her with his hot cum. She moaned with pleasure as she felt his cum seep out of her pussy. He fell to the side of her and they both were out of breath. 

Once Matt had regained his breath, he asked Mariah where he could find a towel to clean off with. She told him about the towel hanging in her bathroom. He went and brought a towel back to the couch, wiping his cum off of her. She smiled and thanked him. After they cleaned up, they cuddled on the couch and fell into a deep sleep.


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