Nov 02, 2021
Take a look through my eyes!

Take a look through my eyes!

An old flame of 8 years returns to photograph me boudior style and nude!


The day was fast approaching of my boudoir shoot and I was thinking "how the hell did I even end up booking this?"...... I'll tell you.

An old business associate put a picture of a cold Italian beer on his Instagram story. I reacted with the hearts flying up the screen, as it's my fave, with the text "I could just do with one of those, are you on your own now?" A message came through and my heart raced. It was Chris, "Hey it was so nice! Yes, I am, how did you know?" I replied with, "Gut instinct, I see your photography business is well established". His response was, "What are you doing now for work? Send me a picture of you".

"I'm selling my panties online!" I wrote back, with a cheeky ass pic.

"Oh wow, you are stunning and I'm sure your ass looks great in any," were his words.

I sent him my link to my SP page and within minutes my phone pinged... "I'm coming over to re-do your photos. They are shit and need re-doing professionally." He had never shot boudoir so was willing to do it for free. He lives around 15 miles away from me, so I didn't want to waste his time as I didn't feel worthy of it so I just laughed and said, "I don't think so, I haven't seen you for 8 years!" 

The endless flirty banter went on two hours before I gave in and agreed! This gave us something to talk about nearly every day; sending ideas of poses for the shoot, and me sending him sexy lingerie pics to see if he approved. His ideas were cute and vanilla...mine were a little more spicy! I don't think he expected it. He made my heart race so fast, it wasn't a feeling I am used to. Was it nerves or excitement? I wasn't quite sure. I video called him by accident one day, but canceled it quickly because my family was around and they didn't know about him. So I ran to my car and video called him back to say, "sorry for that!" As soon as I saw his eyes I knew.... and I think deep down he knew too. Neither of us wanted to even acknowledge that feeling, as we are both still hurting from our past and not ready to feel that way. But he drove me insane, paying all those compliments and making sexual comments! After a few more days of this, I sent the text "let's fuck"... His reply was, "I have coronavirus and in isolation". Well, that sure stopped the romance in it's tracks. The next few days went past in a blur of mixed signal messages between us. But his isolation finally came to an end! The night before the shoot, I couldn't sleep with nervous excitement. He told me, "Just get ready like you are going on a date". So I was thinking, "Is this a first date? Can we class it as that?"

It was the morning of the shoot. I had my outfits planned and my bedroom set for the shoot. Off I went to get my hair and makeup done; I was feeling good. I rushed home and gave myself a quick clean up. I got dressed to impress in a lovely black bodice with sequins that shimmer and stockings! Over the top I put on a black day blouse and my heels. Then I waited by the door to welcome him. I heard the knock and my hands were sweaty, my breathing shallow, my knees weak and my mouth dry! I opened the door and the biggest smile came across my face, I couldn't hide it. He took a step in and his jaw dropped. No words came out of his mouth and his face lit up like a child on Xmas morning! Our eyes were just locked. He gasped and said, "Oh my god! You look amazing!" I smiled and told him his jeans zipper was undone, he laughed it off and followed me into my living room. He muttered in an adrenaline pumped excited voice, "Well you have done your bit now, let me do mine."

I couldn't align my stockings, so I asked him to rearrange them...he ever so gently placed them, running his hands around my thick thighs! I watched as he almost forgot how to set his equipment up! He placed me onto my couch, passing me the 50 Shades Of Grey book for one hand and some handcuffs for the other. He arranged my hair in such a hot way and arranged my shirt, removing stray hairs. He positioned my legs so you could just see up my dress and you could see my crotch. He cheered when the picture was just perfect! "Right next pose, stand up, put your arm here and look straight at me," he said, while guiding me with his hands around my waist! "You look so good like this. Where should we shoot next?" he asked. I replied, "MY BEDROOM NOW!" He eagerly followed behind me with a smile across his face...watching my ass cheeks with every step I took! 

I sat on my bed while he re-set up his equipment. I looked at his trousers and his bulge was huge, like a water bottle! I couldn't stop staring! He sexily ruffled up my bedsheet and ordered me to lay belly down, propped up on my forearms with only a bit of quilt to cover my chest! He came over, fixed my hair, softly positioned my head and ran his fingers down the side of my face, while saying, "That's better!" Each closing of the shutter on his camera made my heart skip beats! Next, he ordered me to strip off totally and lay in bed, like I was asleep! He straddled me and positioned the quilt to just cover my sat perfectly on my ass and cuddled my sides! His jeans felt so course against my skin but it aroused me so much as i could feel his presence. He adjusted my hands with his by cupping mine. His touch sent sparks between my legs. When he was satisfied, he lent over and kissed me so gently on my lips that it caught me off guard! Then he tapped my ass and said, "you're being a good girl!" And off his camera shutter went. 

Out of the blue, he yelled, "GET OVER HERE NOW, AND ON YOUR KNEES!" I really didn't know what to do, as I'm never submissive. I just did as he asked. I got on the floor at the end of my bed...he grabbed my chin and said, "NOW LOOK STRAIGHT UP AT ME." He stood on my bed, so his large erect cock was right on eye-level! I cheekily commented, "I feel like I'm in a porno and you're about to cum on my face!" He laughed and said, "No not yet, but open your mouth and let me see if I'll fit in there!"

Then he helped me up and I went to kiss him...but he moved, so I ran my tongue down his neck! He pulled me onto my bed while he sat against my headboard. All that was going around my head was, "He will be waking up there soon enough!" He ordered me to crawl towards him and move my hair side to side, so he could get a natural action shot. I did as he said. When I got near to him I got brave and ran my finger down over his lips, down his perfect chest muscles and down over his throbbing large length! He tapped my hand and told me I was being naughty, and that he's a professional! 

So I got dressed again and helped him pack up. After, he gazed into my eyes and we both just lost ourselves, like we hadn't ever been apart for 8 years! I gave him his thank you bag of treats (his fave Italian beer, sour sweeties, a packet I love that I knew he would like and a Cadbury daim bar). Then, I asked him to accompany me to Amsterdam for the weekend on my treat. As he left, Chris said....... "to be continued"...

It was torture for me as I was so wet I kept going to the bathroom to dry up so it wouldn't show on photos

Take a look through my eyes!