Stranger Sex in the Book Store

Stranger Sex in the Book Store


"How long has it been? You must be desperate."

"Desperate enough to call you! Help a girl out! Give me someone from one of your swinger parties!"

There was a pause on the other end of the line...

"Okay. Tell me what you want. A cute girl like you, it will be no problem. Do you want anal or what? Be specific like your placing a fast food order."

"Really?" I hesitated. This was weird, awkward and something I hadn't done before but yes I was that desperate. My hormones had been raging and I was about to screw the delivery guy. "Okay. No long chats or name exchanged. I don't want a date, I want sex. No cuddling after either, like do your job and then leave."

"Hit and run, got it. You like being eaten out?"

"Yea but maybe next time? I really just need someone to pound on me and then leave."

There was another pause....

"Book store okay?"

"Umm... public?"

"Go the bookstore in an hour. Wear a black top, a loose dark skirt that doesn't wrinkle, and no panties. Got it?" I paused... "Got it?"

"I'm scared..."

"It's okay, I told him your a newbie. Your not expected to talk at all, just take orders. No cock sucking, no anal, just let him do all the work, then he disappears and you'll never see him again. Bye!" I raised an eye brow intrigued and she hung up. Let him do all the work? No expectations? That sounded nice and if it was anyone else, I'd say it sounded too good to be true...

I hung up. Part of me was already wet with anticipation and excitement but then reality hit and I was overcome with anxiety. Where are my Eyes Wide Shut people where I can wear a mask, get fucked and leave?


I grabbed a magazine and sat in the Cafe in the bookstore. I flipped through the pages nervously. I could swear everyone could hear my chest pound. This whole thing was hot as a fantasy but actually doing it was something totally different. I tried to play it cool and my eyes skimmed the pages as if I was reading but I couldn't even tell you what magazine I had picked up.

He sat. Bald, muscular, tall, 40s, clean cut face, nice smile and the most gorgeous blue eyes I had ever seen...


"Yea... hi-ello... hello.." I stammered and nodded.

"Come with me and you don't have to say another word okay?" I nodded.

I set down my magazine and followed him. He was wearing grey sweat pants and a black top. It looked like he had just come from the gym or was going to the gym after? My mind raced and I stared down as I followed him out of the cafe and through the book store into a corner of the store behind a shelf. There was nothing but books, the wall and a reading chair so perfectly placed so immerse ones self in whatever story they were in. I loved it!

"No one comes back here" he said. "Put this here" he put my foot up on a shelf and my hand a few shelves above my foot. "And put other hand here" he put my hand on the wall.

"Can you balance like that?" I nodded.

"Even as you cum?" I raised my eyebrow. Jeez he was cocky.

"If you need to, lean back against the wall okay?" I nodded.

He kneeled in front of me and my legs started shaking nervously.

“Close your eyes and try to relax” he lightly chuckled. I nodded and closed my eyes.

He put his hands under my skirt and started to rub my leg that wasn’t on the shelf… my calf… m knee… he put his hands on my thighs. I breathed. He kissed the inside of my thigh… I felt wet and almost angry with impatience. It had been so long I didn’t need this foreplay.

“Hey” I said. “Listen this is really nice but I’m not into foreplay. I sort of just-“

“Got it” he said and smirked. “Bend over the chair and spread your legs”. I stood with my legs apart and put my arms on the back of the chair. He dropped his pants, put on a condom and lifted my skirt over my waist. Finally! Lets do this! I need!

He rubbed his cock between my lips to wet himself. I put my hand down and guided his cock inside me.

“There” I said.

He grabbed my hips and pushed inside of me, one inch, two, three, five, six, seven? Eight? Oh my how big is he! “AH” I moaned.

“Shhhh” he said and laughed.

“Sorry…your big”.

“Too big?”

“No, PERFECT big. Come on, Fuck me. Please!”

He pushed into me again. My head fell back. Thank GOD! This is what I need, a lot of this, Finally!

“Come on” I said almost snappy. He giggled again.

He grabbed my hips and started pounding into me. He would slide almost all the way out and then slam into me. Yes!

“Faster!” I grabbed the seat and pushed back into him.

He pushed into me so hard I almost fell over the chair. Now he was going for it. His balls slapped against my thighs. I felt owned by him. He pushed harder into me and I bit my lip. Yes. He continued harder. My hips pushed into the chair.

He stopped.

“Get on top of me.”

He laid down on the floor and pulled me down over him. I took a moment to get my balance and then slid him in me. It was different on the floor than in a bed. I moved a few times and then got my rhythm.

He grabbed my hand. “Lean back and bounce”. I nodded.

I leaned back. He was in me and he pushed on the front of me. It was what I needed. I started to bounce and rock, then faster, and faster. Yes. I need this!

He touched me. I gasped and a rush instantly when through me. I sank into him and came. What did he do? His thumb was on my clit.

“Cum again” he said. I smiled.

As I rocked forward my clit rubbed against his thumb. That mixed with the sensation of him inside me. I started to bounce again and stopped.

“I can’t. I’ll cum again.”

“So cum again” he said back.

I bounced and rocked my hips forward. I moved his hand away and picked up speed. Cumming was great but so was just having a cock inside me. Yes, yes! I picked up speed and bounced harder. He grabbed my hips and moved me faster. Yes!

“I’m cumming!”

He scrunched his face and started bouncing me. Yes!

I fell over him onto my hands. He kept going and then wrapped his arms on me and held me down on him. I felt him twitching inside me, cumming inside the condom.

He exhaled loudly and let go.

“Same time next week?” he asked.

“Tomorrow?” I countered.

“I can do that”. He smiled.

I got up clumsily and we both laughed. My legs hurt but in a good way.

“See you”. He was pulling off the condom as I walked away to the bathroom. I felt like a boss. I needed it. I got it and I was walking away. I went into a stall and grabbed a huge handful of toilet paper. I had my juices on my thighs. I loved it! I peed to make sure not to get a UTI and then walked out to my car. I could have sex like a guy too! I still wasn’t sure if I’d be there the next day and how do I get ahold of him?