Stacking Some Hay

Stacking Some Hay

By CelticLover

Driving to my home in the country after spending the day in town, I saw the familiar gray barn just up ahead through the right of my pick-ups windshield. I slowly pulled over to the shoulder and parked behind the Jeep that was parked there. Lana is here as I had supposed. I knew with relative certainty that she would be tending to her horses. Lana loved her horses. She was also a bonafide country girl who loved to ride them. My place was about a half a mile from hers. Each day I would go out and come back, and I would see her tending fences or pitching hay or even riding along the many trails. We had hit it off from the start. She being thirty years of age and I close to double that. An odd pairing, but we got on well in banter. One thing was certain, Lana loved iced coffee...from Dunkin' Donuts, Lol!


I got out of the truck and moved to the fence where Lana was inside the open barn working some oil into a leather saddle. Hey there good-lookin'! I said, announcing my presence. Lana looked up grinning, Hi Jerry! She replied. I've got something for you dear, I said handing her awaiting hand an iced coffee. How do you always know? she winked. It's what I do, I chuckled. You been at it long? I asked. I'm finished now, she said hoisting the now moist saddle upon it's place beside the other tack. As she turned and moved about Lana continued chatting away on various subjects – usually about things I had no clue about. That was something that drew me to her. I didn't have to work hard at conversing with her. Lana did a lot of the work, I just added a few comments here and there and nodded a lot.


It didn't hurt that I was extremely attracted to her. She was a unique girl. Small of frame, but country strong. Lana couldn't have been more than five foot two or three hundred fifteen or so pounds. She was a natural blond with white freckled skin and beautiful blue eyes. Definitely some Scandinavian in the family. As she finished up dumping a bag of oats into a metal container, I couldn't help admire her spectacular ass in her rather tight jeans. If only I was Clark Kent and had x-ray vision! Damn! I said to myself. We headed out of the barn as she locked up the gate. Thanks for the coffee Jerry, she says draining the last of it. My pleasure, I reply. Her face was so pretty in the sunlight. Her eyes, although wearing glasses, were as deep as the ocean...


Hey, she said. You wouldn't happen to be free tomorrow afternoon would you Jerry? I could use some assistance. Sure, what do you need Lana? I ask. I've got to get a load of hay from my source and could use your help getting it up into the loft. It would be hard work for a short time, I know. For you Lana, it's no problem. Thanks, I could use the extra hands, she notes. I'm gonna head back to the house and put some burgers on the grill, will you join me? she asks. C'mon Jerry! I don't want to eat alone. Sure, I replied. I'll follow, I said. Eating alone was all I practically did after losing my wife.


After cooling off in the air conditioner and bringing in the grilled burgers, we sat down to enjoy our meal and some iced tea. Lana, you would make some fortunate guy a great wife, I said. You have it all, beauty, brains, and that gorgeous figure...I let out. You Jerry are always complimentary of me. You flatter me always! She says flipping her blond mane back, eyes sparkling. Well girl, you are as fine as this man has ever been around...FINE, I emphasize. Well sir, I have been a married woman before, about seven years to be exact, she informs me. It just didn't work out for me in the end, she sighs. Well, since I lost my wife, I've been alone for a while now. I offer. Problem is my age is a bit too much for you or...I'd try girl! I said laughing. Someone will come your way Lana. Me too. In the meantime we will just keep working to be better versions of ourselves. I note wistfully.


We continued chatting until it began to get late. So, Jerry? She asks. Yes Lana? I reply. What do you do to, umm...relieve your sexual feelings? She says, her cheeks flushing. Well, I, Ahh...I...masturbate, I replied, sure that I was flushing too now. Lana grinned. So do I! She proudly replied. I find it satisfactory to relieve the tension. Besides, I don't have to put up with my old man. He was bed, I mean, she notes laughing. What turns you on Jerry? Damn girl! I say raising my voice. Are you always this direct? I said. Hell yes! She replies. What turns me on, HEY, what turns YOU on little hot rod? I like a man who let's it all go in the bedroom, passion, emotion and a bit of rough, she says, a wicked grin forming on her innocent looking face. Innocent, I thought to myself, Ha! This is one hot tamale I thought.


C'mon Jerry, What is your kink...I told you mine! Alright, I like to sniff women's panties after they wear them, I said, trying to maintain my masculine dignity. Whaaaat? she bursts out laughing. I can feel my already flaccid penis shrink even more. For real? She chuckles. I'm afraid I'm fairly vanilla, I say. She studied my face seriously and then said, I don't think you are vanilla Jerry! That's bullshit! Well, I offer...I could put on my cowboy boots, mount you from behind and fuck you all the while spurring your naked ass, I said sarcastically, raising an eyebrow. That's more like it! She shouts. Sniffing women's worn panties? For real? She says. For real. I reply. Not just any woman. One who turns me on!, I note. Do you wear them too? She sheepishly asks. Fuck no! I say indignantly. I like the feminine scent, sweat, various natural secretions, I am a dominant alpha...albeit a bit older now...but I'm not a submissive sissy boy type. I say rather loudly. I-I just never heard of that before. It sounds different than most fetishes, she notes.


It really is no different. I say, as a wicked smile crosses my face. Why are you grinning Jerry? I stand up and say: Lana, it has been a wonderful evening and I have enjoyed our conversation, it's getting late and I should go now. We, dear lady will meet up soon to pitch hay tomorrow and we need our rest, I said. Besides all of this sex talk has me rather horny girl. You mind letting me take home your panties love? I said as tongue in cheek as I could manage. She looked flabbergasted! M-My panties? she stammered. YES!, please, I insisted. The ones you are wearing now. She thought a moment turned and left for the bathroom momentarily and returned handing me her undies she had worn under the jeans I had been admiring. I stashed them in my pocket quickly, pulled her to me and kissed her cheek. Thank you Lana for the splendid evening. You are a remarkable host. Now when I go home tonight I will have a massive orgasm, thanks to you! I said. She smiled and said, I hope they are not too stinky or strong. They are fine Lana, trust me. You, baby, rub one out thinking of what I'll be doing to your undies! We both laughed as I left the house.


Tomorrow comes too soon, I moan as the sunlight peeks through my blinds. Living alone I usually just sleep in. But Lana needed my help so getting up and at em' was paramount. Looking over at my nightstand the alarm clock said 10:00AM – I also saw the white cotton panties that brought me such pleasure only hours before. Time to shower, shave, grab coffee and some cereal and head out to meet Lana. When I pulled up Lana had just arrived with the hay. She had a trailer behind her Jeep that had a stack of square bales sky high! Hey, I said. Where is the help? You IS the help, she laughed. I tell you right now, that little girl could climb and! She had me positioned to where I would hoist the bales to her as she stood in the barn stacking them. It took ALL afternoon and into early evening. She had the foresight to bring a cooler with ice and bottles of water. WE both exhausted the supply throughout the day. As the bale height became lower, we had to bring those in and up the wooden stairs. I never sweat so much in my life!


We were both drenched. As we took the last few bales up we collapsed on a few and sighed a big sigh of relief. Jerry, thank you so much she said. You dear, are welcome, I replied. Seriously, No one else would have done what you did for me today. I feel I owe you some payment for that. she says. Lana, You have already paid me all I need baby! I replied. What do you mean Jerry? She asked a bit puzzled, BUT, I say...if you want to hand over any more panties, I'm open, I said laughing. Lana laughed with me. Anytime you have a need, she quipped I will. Finishing our remaining water, Lana asked, So Jerry, last night, Ahh...How were they? I looked at her countenance, sitting before me, she was as soaked as I, but Lana was beautiful! Girrrrrl! Your pussy smells amazing! I exclaimed. What was it like? she says with piqued interest. Tell me what you did Jerry? She insisted. Well, once home, I got myself ready for bed and began sampling them. Sniffing the crotch, tasting you baby....My cock was ready to explode in minutes Lana, I said. I'm getting horny just thinking about that Jerry, she says excitedly. I'm getting hard just recounting it girl, I reply equally excited. What about you Lana? Did you just go to bed? Did you think about the panties you gave me? What I would be doing with them? I eagerly inquired. She looked at me intensely and said, as I lay there I thought about you boldly requesting my panties and how I was so wet after you left, I fingered myself to the thought of you enjoying my scent! I was so turned on by that I came hard Jerry! Twice! She answered.


You are a sexy woman Lana! A man like me watching you move around in those tight jeans today and yesterday and sweat through a t-shirt can only help but notice you woman, I remark. I like your titties baby, I say. She looked down, her t-shirt was soaked through completely, nipples hard. I-I hadn't given it a thought, she replied. Lana, I been thinking about you ALL day honey! I laughed. We guys are quite visually stimulated ssweetheart! I noted. I pulled some straw from her hair, looking into those baby blues, a strong desire came over me at the moment. I thought, what the Hell, leaned in and kissed her. She was small as I held her by the shoulders. Our mouths and tongues met and swirled together. She was responsive to my advances.


We shifted on the bales and continued our kisses, or rather our devouring of each other. She sucked on my tongue for minutes and I on hers in return. My hands were massaging her breasts, until I decided the t-shirt must come off! Her tits were probably a 34B, but her nipples were large and succulent. They were spectacular! I sucked on each in turn as she moaned in pleasure! Oh Jerry! She cried. We both, lips locked, stood up together unbuckling our belts yanking down our jeans, kicking off boots. There was enough loose hay on the floor beneath us from a few broken bales to kneel on. I sat her in front of me on a stack and slowly slid her panties down and off. Payment for today, I laughed as I put the wadded up candy in my jean pocket...


Lana laid back, presenting me a view I'll always remember. I started kissing, licking her ankle to calf, tasting her sweet, salty, sweaty skin. I kissed her soft inner thighs on each leg as I turned my head back and forth. Her fragrant pussy, covered in a downy tuft of blond hair beckoned me forward. I kissed just above her soft mound, working my tongue to her delicious center. Ohh! She sighed as my tongue licked beside her lovely clit. I darted inside her wet lips to taste her fully. Lana was excited, and so was I. I found a steady rhythm licking, circling her luscious clit all the while lightly caressing her nipple with my left hand. Jerrrry! She cried in pleasure. My right middle finger entered her wet pussy quite easily. Lana was slick, no, Lana was soaked! She also was tight on my finger. I worked it upward, finding and stimulating her g-spot. My mouth never stopping to break contact on her sweet pudding, Sucking lightly on her labia, lapping along both sides of her lips and clitoris, occasionally sucking her delicate pearl before resuming my lapping beside her hood.


Ohhh! I-I'mmm close! She stammered. Ohhh! Lana now had my hair in both of her hands and was pulling me into her as she cried out in ecstasy. Her tummy was now tightening as she jerked involuntarily. My finger kept massaging her inner wall as she spasmed and bucked in the throes of orgasmic pleasure. Lana's legs shook uncontrollably, her eyes rolled back, face flushed as she shook and moaned for several moments. I slowly backed away from between her legs as she just smoldered underneath my gaze. My face covered in her liquid sugar. My cock ached! No, it throbbed! Looking down, I was dripping pre-cum as I once again returned my attention to Lana. She was covered in the grassy hay, mussed up, legs splayed, pussy open for me. Her cunt glistened with her sweet nectar...


Being a gentleman, I would oblige her for one more climax...but today, I would not be. On your knees little girl! I ordered. I didn't wait for her to respond, but picked her up, flipped her over on the stack, placing her just at the level I needed. Her ass presented just the view, at the perfect level This little honey was ready. I saddled up behind her and did what I had never done...I slapped her ass real hard on the right cheek. Then the left one as well. You been a good girl or does Daddy need to spank you in the barn? I shouted. I slapped her again on both her cheeks! She whimpered on the third time. Both glorious ass cheeks in my hands now, I spread her quite reddened cheeks apart and plowed my hard cock into her wet pussy to the hilt! Lana gasped! Ohhh! D-Daddy!


I began thrusting into her with forceful intent. Like riding a bucking bronco, I then reached up and grabbed her blond mane and pulled back on it a bit. I-I'm a good girl Daddy, she cooed. I know you are baby, I replied. Moving now in a syncopated rhythm together we made our rodeo work flawlessly. Fuck me Jerry! She shouted. Fuck meeee! And fuck her I did! I looked down at her back as we moved together. Lana was taking in all that I gave her. Her ass was so nice, I had to feel those cheeks as I released her hair. They were so soft and round. My balls slapping into her as I pumped away. She moaned as we fucked. Her sounds only heightened my pleasure. Come inside me love! She panted. I could see her running her tongue across her mouth, sticking it out as she turned her head back several times towards me. My loins were about to explode. My mind in a state of ecstasy...Lana felt so good inside! Tight, wet, warm, so damn good! I couldn't hold out much longer! Lana I'm Coming baby! I shouted.


Fuck me Daddy! Fuckkkkkkkk! Ahhhhhhhh! My dam broke as I was pumping away. Ohhh! Lana! I pulled her hips all the way into me and stopped. I drained my balls completely into her waiting pudding, releasing all of my milky load! After a deep breath, I could now feel her pussy literally contracting on my cock! Lana!...You come? Again? Oh Jerry, I came! Again! After softening inside of her. I slowly pulled out and sat beside her, brushing hay from her hair again. THAT, was amazing Jerry! She said grinning at me. It was great for me too Lana! I replied. Hey! I thought you said you were vanilla? What's with the slapping and hair pulling? She demanded. YOU said you liked it rough didn't you? I laughed. Yes, but you're a BIG dude! She replied. You could hurt a little girl like me....Daddy...Well I guess Daddy is not so vanilla after all...maybe more like rocky road...

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