Sex Drive

Sex Drive

Whose having Sex? Whose Not? And What to do to Steam up your Bedroom.

While I am on here making sales, I am also learning things in my class including Healthy Sex Drive!


Who has the most sex?

I spoke to over 100 people - gay, trans, straight, men, and women. I made sure I had a great mix.


How many times a week did you have sex when you first started dating?

How many times a week did you have sex when you officially became a couple?

How long have you been together?

How many times a week do you have sex now?



Gays and specifically Lesbians typically have the most sex BUT only by a small amount.

Why Gays? They know more about what they are doing. Why Lesbians? We can cum multiple times.

Is Grass greener on the other side? No. It's actually not far off from everyone else. In fact, every relationship starts out really hot and heavy. Your sitting next to the person and their thigh brushes up against yours. Their hand moves up your leg. They press their body against yours! Your body screams out in yearning. A primal need that has to be fulfilled! YES! 

In the beginning, it's easy. I had a guy get hard across the table from me and I hadn't touched him. We went to watch a movie together where I laid my head on his chest and his heart was pounding so hard I wondered if he would have a heart attack! A few months later he would watch a football game while I walked around the house naked and unseen.

How to Get it Back!

Well, the blunt truth is the rush of something new. A new person, a new touch, a new encounter. All of these things are extremely exciting to us. I can speak for most women when I wonder with every new encounter how he will touch my body, what he will do differently and if he will somehow give me mindblowing sex. I will also speak for most when I say that after a few, it's really all the same shit and it's rarely ever "mindblowing".

New is a turn on and after a few months when the person isn't "new" anymore, you get used to them and the sex life starts to dwindle. This is true for every gender and every sex preference. What to do? Spice it up! You've heard this before. Bring porn into the sex life. Buy outfits, lingerie, costumes. Role play. Have sex in different places. You can even bring games into the bedroom. If your experienced you may be able to say "We did that and THAT became boring".

You began watching porn and it was probably something very vanilla at first. Then that got boring so you went to something more kinky, maybe bondage, maybe three somes, maybe sex outside, and that may have graduated to watching gang bangs. If your not experienced then thats yoru future. At some point it will wear off. Porn will become boring, the games, the role playing, the lingerie. All seen that, done that, been there, blah! and NOW what!

Here's the fun way to trick the body and keep the sex hot. Ready for this golden nugget? Mix it up. Don't try everything at once. Try one thing, then take a break from it. People get into a rush and try everything all at once until its all boring agian. Slow down, go slow and try it one thing at a time. Take breaks from things too. Try porn for a few months, then take a break ad try something else. Go slow so that when you circle back around to porn again it will be something new and exciting! (Also invest in a silver bullet).