Sellers: You are a Small Business Owner

Sellers: You are a Small Business Owner

Announcing my new Seller Training Course!

When I decided to start my account on Scented Pansy, all I knew was that it was a reliable platform that might help supplement my grocery store employee income.

But I didn’t have any sort of actual plan going in.

I thought “Hey, I’m friendly, I’m sexy, and I have some seriously seductive and sexy panties. I’m sure I’ll just get the hang of it and maybe soon this gig will cover my utilities and maybe even a date or two every month!”

If you caught my classic mistake in that last blurb, bravo. If not, let me tell you what I did wrong...

So, there I was with eyes wider than a football field. I’d made my account, paid my dues, and…


“Oh $h!t” I remember thinking, “I really have no idea what to do next.”

This wasn’t like an Etsy store or a Squarespace website where they make it as easy as possible to get set up and start making money.

Instead, I was met with a dashboard of tools I didn't understand as well as my first time waster spamming me with messages I didn't know how to respond to. I realized I just had so many unanswered questions.

Forget making my first sale - I couldn’t even figure out how to price my services!

“Okay, Carmen,” I thought, “This is just part of the game. You just gotta sit here and figure it out and then you’ll be on your way.”

So, for the next two weeks I fumbled around with the site when I wasn’t exhausted from work, I uploaded a couple of photos, and I managed to make my first listing or two.

It took nearly the entireity of those two weeks before I finally finagled my first sale - one pair of panties for $25.

I had made money while feeling sexy - I was hooked.

“NICE! Only like five more pairs to go to hit my monthly goal!” I said to myself.


I started experimenting with different techniques to promote my profile.

I reached out to buyers who regularly interacted with my content. 

I tightened up the quality of my listings and photos and had fun with new poses to captivate my newly found audience.

I became a vehement disciple of unwavering, excellent customer service from the first message to the last.

Like Rihanna, this bitch was here to get her motherfuckin’ money. Every day.

And let me tell you: I’ll never forget how I felt when I was looking at $150 more in my account than I’d started with….

I felt stressed and exhausted.

I wanted to cry, and not the happy tears I’d been hoping for.

In my feverish desire to close that next sale no matter what, I (unintentionally) wasted so. much. time.


Looking back it was incredible how often I’d find myself...

Patiently and diligently nurturing conversations with “buyers” who never intended to buy anything, or...

Agonizing over how exactly to uniquely phrase something in a listing when I’d just posted something similar a day or two before, or….

Toiling for hours trying to figure out how to use the features and tools built into SP to boost my reach, or….

You get the point.

I was overworked and definitely underpaid for all this time and effort I’d put in.

Suddenly, this thing I was using to make some extra money almost started to feel like just as much work as my actual job.

This was - not - it, sis.

Something had to change, and fast.

But before I panicked and decided I wasn't up to snuff for this industry, I put some coffee on, sat down, and asked myself an important question…

What went wrong?

How did I end up feeling this way about something I was so excited about?

The answer hit me like a ton of bricks…

I went into this whole thing with the wrong mindset.

I opened my account on Scented Pansy thinking of it as a side hustle.

As a result, it didn’t really feel weird to me when I’d spend hours working on it because I thought that this sort of grind was just part of the hustle.

Now I know better. I know that the key to success on this site is to recognize your hard work for what it is: owning and operating a small business.


I’m not focused on grind, anymore. I’m focused on growth.

And the only way I was going to keep growing my business is if I got smart about how and where I spent my time.

So, I summoned my former college student energy, and started researching how to…

Find clients who are dying to give me money and persuade them to become loyal, repeat customers,

Develop and implement a pipeline across various social media channels to maximize my reach and potential customer base,

Pair eye-grabbing photos with salacious ad copy that had my readers reaching for their wallet (or something else) before they finished reading,


Now, one year later, I have accumulated 120+ reviews, garnered 400+ followers, and now $1000/month would be a bad month for me.

And my income still isn’t even close to its limit!

Best of all? I know that my process is repeatable and scalable.


I plan to offer a series of paid educational videos and articles enumerating the steps I took in order to grow my business and make a name for myself on Scented Pansy. In this training module, you will learn:

How to get that all-too-important first sale and review! How to use your silver tongue to let buyers know that you’re the only gal for them! How to keep your clients coming back for more (and more and more..)! How to price your items and services in a way that will get you making sales and earning the most profit possible! How to effectively tag your listings to garner the most possible viewers! How to utilize tools built into the Scented Pansy website to analyze your performance beyond just rank! And more!

The module will be separated into three tiers.

Tier I: Written articles

Tier II: Written articles + videos in which I go more in depth about my strategies

Tier III: Written articles + videos + two 45-minute coaching sessions with me*

*I would recommend we schedule your first coaching session asap, and one coaching session two-three weeks after you’ve implemented my techniques, so that we can analyze your progress together!

Now, if you’re as excited as I am about having someone steer you away from rookie mistakes and point you towards real, actionable steps that will help you surpass each and every goal you have for your new business...

Then you should reach out to me on here or on Kik (SPCarmen123) to reserve your spot!

Talk soon, lovelies.