Jayed Sparkle
Feb 18, 2022
Secret Pleasure's of a Nurse

Secret Pleasure's of a Nurse

Vixen Nurse

The first time I touched myself released such pleasure in me. It became my favorite "me time." Women are made to feel that touching themselves is bad. We women know what makes us feel good. I never really realized this until I had a rendezvous with another women. She was a nurse where I worked at and there was this physical attraction I had never known before except with men. I learned so much from her. I also tried every little  move men had been making on me. I was surprised that it excited me so to kiss a beautiful wet and creamy female genitalia. To this day my boyfriend gets so excited when I beg him to let me lick a girl. It is our secret to hot sex. I especially love red heads. They taste so sweet. Having my man licking me while I lick a woman (who by the way gets to give my man head while I lick her) makes my organs unforgettable. This nurse loves the smell of different women. They all smell and taste so different. I can't  get enough and neither can my man.  When I let him finally penitrate our guest and watch him come on her my orgasm starts again. Heaven, I tell you.