Scent of a Woman

Scent of a Woman

One buyers journey and appreciation

My journey began a half-century ago. It was the summer of 1971. Eddie, Lee, Tina and I were, once again, hanging out in the neighborhood. We were all somewhere in that special time of being 14 years old. Young teenagers with time on their hands. If we weren’t at the beach or the park, we spent our time at someone's house, listening to music and just killing time. On this day we had ended up at my house, sitting around in the family room. It was a good-sized entertainment room dad had added on to the back of the house. We could put on the latest records and rock to our hearts content.

It had a large L-shaped couch. Lee and Eddie were on the long section and Tina and I were on the shorter part of the “L” extension. Her and I were designated as boyfriend and girlfriend, but this was a very superficial relationship born out of youthful imitation of older siblings and the things they were doing. She had on a pair of tight jean shorts with her legs stretched out straight, resting on the coffee table. I was laying down with my head resting in her lap. It was about 3 in the afternoon and, as I lay there listening to the music, an unfamiliar scent began to fill my senses with every breath.

I quickly realized where this was coming from and I lay there silently as I continued to process this event. It was both acrid and sweet at the same time. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before and it was definitely a heady aroma. I lay there for almost two hours, talking and laughing with my friends and all the time continuing to process this interesting perfume coming from my girlfriend’s crotch. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this was the definitive moment. This was my discovery of that very essence of femininity and how much it aroused me, consumed me and, ultimately, defined my sexuality.

From that day forward, my libido guided me into an obsession with going down on a woman. It eventually progressed into panty stealing from my girlfriends as a means to elevate those sessions alone with my hand. This was a discovery process that began with a laundry day and the observation of a particularly soiled pair in the hamper. I lifted and sniffed and a new obsession was added to my olfactory arousal mechanism. For most of my life, this was the only way to obtain that wonderful accessory.

Science says that the olfactory is the most powerful memory producing of all of our senses. It wasn’t until the advent of this digital age and the evolution of online technology that myself and others with similar desire were able to indulge, guilt-free, in one of the most powerful sexual agents out there… the scent of a woman. I want to, again, thank all you wonderful ladies who provide those of us who appreciate your most defining quality as the gift it is. With sincere appreciation to you sellers, and to sites like SP, thank you for your efforts and the willingness to provide an outlet for our pleasure.