Scarlett's Story

Scarlett's Story

In not so many words...

It was always a running joke between me and my ex about him selling my used panties.

I always thought it was weird that my own boyfriend was willing to sell my panties online, so I always just blew him off when he mentioned it.

After we broke up I was on my own for the first time in 8 years. I am the sole caretaker for my mom and I share 50/50 custody of my daughter with my ex-husband, so finances were tight. COVID took over 2020 and times just got even tougher.

As I was contemplating unspeakable acts of kindness LOL, to make extra money, I started to look into the very thing that I had rejected over and over again.

SP was the one site that showed up over and over again on review and "side hustle" articles.

Several hours of reading and research later, here I am! Granted I have not made my first sale yet LOL, but I have this newfound confidence in my body and how I view my self-proclaimed shortcomings.

I have reached out to other sellers and they have been so helpful and patient with my questions and panty selling ignorance LOL. 

I am optimistic that I will get that first sale and then, I will be able to start putting the pieces of a broken past back together and move forward as a "whole" new person <3

- Scarlett Rose 


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