Say it loud

Say it loud

We are entertainers. We are erotic artists. We have talent with our words and our bodies. We create one of a kind products and experiences for our customers.

To say that wearing panties "takes no skill",  I would have to respectfully disagree. It does take effort to create an erotic product, whether you are running around trying to work up a sweat, or "getting off" to get your customer takes effort, time and most definitely energy.  Haven't you ever worked up a sweat for your buyer? You're tired afterward! All in the hopes that your body has given off enough of your intoxicating scent to satisfy them. Then the package must be wrapped to ensure supreme freshness and discretion. Then you have to take it over to the Post Office and ship it out...all the while hoping it doesn't get lost or some mishap doesn't happen before it gets to your buyer.

It takes:  Effort, time and energy.

 When did it become a hassle to get a fair price for your hard work? Seeing "FREE" thrown everywhere is....heartbreaking.  We are not for "FREE". "FREE" has ZERO value. "BONUS" has value.  It's all about the language you use in attracting these buyers is how you're going to get treated. If you give so much of yourself for very little or next to nothing, or in some cases, nothing at all, that is what you're going to get.

But Dominique, it's my business what I want to charge!

 Yes, but you are on a paid site. Other women pay to be on this site too, to make a little extra something. It helps with the bills here or there or gas money or food at the end of the month. It takes ALL of us to stand and say, WE are valuable, WE are worth it, WE are a higher caliber here at Scented Pansy. THIS is what we want to attract.

I so miss the days of paid Kik chats with my buyers... that is a distant memory now with the inclusion of it with so many orders by other sellers or customers find that they can just dirty chat for "free" with other sellers...

Well, Dominique, I am not doing it for the money,  I'm doing it for fun. 

 Then go to other places that offer free content and enjoy yourself. I'm just asking that you not make it harder for those of us that are trying to make something extra.

If I want to charge not as much because a buyer is on a budget, that's my choice.

Yes, it is. However, that same buyer that is "on a budget" is not just buying from you.  They may be just trying to squeeze as much out of their "budget" with as many girls as they can.  It doesn't matter that you aren't making anything and going into your pocket to entertain them. Does that seem fair to you? Remember, what we offer is a luxury service, not a necessity. 

Don't be offended. If I didn't care, I would sit back and say nothing. But I care. I don't want to see ANYONE taken advantage of and sometimes we have to be reminded that WE ARE WORTH IT!!



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