Jul 21, 2022
Relax : Don't Do It

Relax : Don't Do It


It’s 1am on a Wednesday. You’re in bed, endlessly scrolling, thinking about how much you DON’T want to go to work tomorrow. You see an influencer flashing a band and can’t help but wish you could do something like that instead of your 9-5. Could something like that even be legit? You keep scrolling. You see a single mom talking about being able to quit her day job after starting a “spicy” subscription. That’s it, you think. This has to be a sign. 

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You switch to private browsing and go to the site the influencer told you about. You’re not sure what you expected, but you’re relieved it’s not giving PH vibes so you create an account. Once you’re on the other side, you see it’s a little raunchier than anticipated and you start to wonder if the whole “make thousands anonymously!” pitch was less than honest.  

The SW industry isn’t for everyone, and most figure that out pretty quickly after testing the waters. While panty selling is still a fun way to dip your toes in, it really serves as the gateway drug to to the more underground kink world. This can be an awesome experience, exploring your kinkier sexual side. But then there are those who veer a little more right of the vanilla spectrum, Sellers who feel “weird” about selling panties to a man who is going to do anything besides smell them while he masturbates. 

Wherever you land is fine, there’s no “right” level of kink (well, I mean…) but just because something may not be your cup of tea or may not even be something you’ve heard of, doesn’t mean it’s wrong or okay to kink shame. Obviously some lines exist for a reason, we’re not talking about those.  

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You keep scrolling. Various ads for panties (duh), G Drive (which is…?), lots for something called “SPH”. When the next page loads, you’re greeted with a close-up, high res gif of a stranger’s…let’s say flower. You quickly scroll past, you thought that wasn’t allowed on these sites? Ads for edibles, you wonder how much liability is involved in these sales. 

Check it out: the “face” of SW may have changed recently, but the game hasn’t. Bringing in civilian rules ruins the fun of it. Arguing to “legitimize” SW is really saying that its currently illegitimate. Trying to police what “should” or “shouldn’t” be allowed only serves to frustrate involved parties, but mainly you! So if you see something that you think is “icky” or just not what you want to see on the site? Go ahead and smash that Block button after you report and save yourself the time and energy! 

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Now this isn’t to say there’s no hope if you’re wondering if you can hang. Just be cool, follow the rules, and keep it underground. 

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