Red Toes & Yesterday's Panties

Red Toes & Yesterday's Panties

How my used panty fetish began...The early years - By CelticLover

Coming home from work early one evening, I entered my bedroom where my lovely wife was sitting on our bed painting her pretty toenails a brite red color. Hey love, she looks up and says, I thought you would be another hour or so or I would have showered and been ready by now, she says. It's all good love, I finished a bit early, I said. How was the day? she asked. I'd rather not rehash, I blurted out, but...I like what you are doing here baby! I say with piqued interest. I just trimmed, filed & am painting my nails, she replied. I loved my girls feet & toes. Heck I loved all of my girl! I note to myself.   

Jane had a stunning figure, shapely legs, ass, pussy, titties, you name it, she has it in abundance! Pretty brown eyes & long lashes, dark black hair reaching her waist. Her face was lovely with luscious lips I couldn't keep away from any part of her! Can I watch? I asked. Sure, she said. Hand me the blow dryer from the bathroom please, she asked.

I returned from the bathroom with the blow drier, plugged it in & laid it beside her while she finished her last few nails. Thanks love, she said. I couldn't help but see her panties peeking out from her workout shorts as she sat with her legs folded up painting on her left toes. I loved her nylon white semi sheer full cut panties. I was already, after only a glimpse semierect, Lol!

Jane, before marrying me. was a cotton brief gal. But, due to my preference for Vanity Fair nylon panties...she willingly accommodates me. Every other woman would wear pantyhose but Jane took the time to garter up & wear stockings for her husband. I loved her for that! I was one blessed man, and I knew it! Her pussy was poking out against the white nylon and I could almost taste her delicious pudding. I reached a finger over there to run up against her mound as she painted away. Hey! she shouted, pulling back. You are gonna make me mess up my nails! I couldn't help myself, I said regretfully.

Look baby, I'm going to jump in the shower for a quick one so I can wash off today's grime and freshen up before we hit the sack, I said. Make sure to save me some hot water, I want to soak in the tub awhile and shave my legs, she replied. Ok dear, I reply. I brushed my teeth, stripped off my dirty clothes, turned the knobs and lathered up real good. The warm water felt great. I stepped out after scrubbing up and rinsing off. I found a towel in the closet and dried off.

I could hear the blow dryer humming along in the bedroom thru the door. Thinking of Jane's pretty toes left a tingling sensation in my crotch. I entered the room in my boxers, semi hard. Jane said, they're about done as she sat on the edge with her legs up against her chest. Your pussy is presenting itself to my view again dear, you are such a tease, I playfully note. No, You sir have a one crack mind, she laughed. Well it is your crack that is on my mind, I quipped. Let me get washed off from my day, I spent an hour exercising today at the gym, I didn't have time to use the showers and my pussy stinks, she said matter of factly. When I'm done we can make love if you like, she teased.

And with that she was up, stripping off her clothes, walking just by the bathroom and dropping her clothes in the hamper by the washer. I sat on the edge of the bed and heard the bathroom door close and the water turn on filling the tub. After a few minutes the knobs were turned off and I could hear my girl splashing in the tub. I kept thinking how good her pussy looked under her workout shorts. I could visualize her stretching, jogging, and exercising in those panties. My dick was throbbing right now. What to do? I thought.

I left the bedroom, walked past the bathroom in the hallway and stood over the hamper. I then saw on the top of the pile Jane's nylon panties. I reached for and retrieved the silky pair that had taken over my thoughts! I slowly raised them to my nose and lightly inhaled....strong, yes...overpowering, no. I continued sniffing them. Deeper I inhaled, Ohh! My! I murmured. Sniffing directly the gusset, my semi-hard dick became even harder! My hands were trembling now. What if Jane came out of the bathroom and saw me? What would she think? I continued to inhale the soft, damp, sweaty, nylon candy that were her panties. I closed my eyes and thought of her pussy touching the fabric that was now against my face! I reached into my shorts, freeing my stiff tool and began to stroke slowly at first then furiously, all the while inhaling deeply her feminine scent! Reaching into the hamper to grab a dirty towel to shoot my load into, I shifted the panty to where I could sniff right at the top of the inside crotch, while I began licking the moist goodness inside the cotton lining with my tongue. I was now completely lost in a state of ecstasy! Pleasure had taken a hold of me now completely! Ohh! Ummpf! I stammered as I inhaled furiously! Pressure building in my loins. I couldn't hold off any longer. And with a deep groan, her panties crotch firmly held tight against my nose, I came hard, moaning deeply, my cock spasming as my come spurted out onto the towel that I had laid on the floor.

I glanced down the hall to the bathroom door to where Jane was at. Seeing the door still closed, I breathed a sigh of relief at not being caught jerking to her underthings, I then quickly dispatched the panties & towel back into the hamper, placing them at the bottom. Still trembling from excitement, I made it back to the bedroom. In the mirror. I saw my face was red, my breathing was still labored. I sat down on the edge of the bed just telling myself to calm down. Am I some kind of pervert? I thought to myself. It's my wife I'm getting excited over, I reasoned. I love her scent! I love how she smells, sweat or not, I thought.

Honey! Can you hand me my razor? Jane yelled thru the door, bringing me back to reality. Yes dear, I shouted back. I opened and entered the bathroom. Jane was reclining in the tub with her lovely leg draped over the side, red toes dangling. It's under the sink, she says. I started using this one & it's too dull, pulling a bit, she notes. Here's a fresh one beautiful, I offer.

I sat on the toilet seat opposite her. Can I watch? I sheepishly ask. Sure, I look like a hairy wet rat, but suit yourself, she laughs. You are stunning my lovely rat, I quip, smiling at her. Jane rubbed lather up & down her shapely leg, then expertly shaved each one smooth. I could see her pussy in the water as she rinsed. She now changed position shifting to the other leg. I think you need to trim your pudding girl, I remarked. That was my nickname for her absolutely delicious pussy. Alright, as soon as I finish, I'll let you help me with that, She said, a sparkle in her eyes as she went back to her shaving. She finished the legs and was now standing up, tub draining. She closed the curtain, turned the shower on and lathered up.

I left to go back into the bedroom and laid down on the bed. About 10 minutes later, Jane bounded in naked, spreading a towel on the bed beside me. Quickly she hopped on the towel & handed me a pair of scissors. OK, trim my pussy the way you want it! she said. I maneuvered down between her legs and surveyed the situation. It was a real bonafide hairy pussy for sure, a bit shaggy I thought. Alright Jane, lie back, I instructed. She did. I figured, I'd trim the length down a bit and I did just that. Then I had her spread eagle so I could do the sides. I had to move in close. As I clipped, I couldn't help but be enamored with how beautiful my girl was. Jane, You are so gorgeous love, everything about you is superlative! I gush. Well, Thank you love! she blushed. I finished the trim, rolled her to the side & removed the now filled towel, took it to the kitchen trash, shook it out and dropped it in the hamper on my way back to the bedroom.

Jane had gotten up and had disappeared...Hmm, I thought. Where could she be? And at that moment Jane appeared from the closet, wearing a sheer blue nightie! You like? she cooed. Oh YES! I reply. She ran to me, jumped into my arms knocking us both backwards onto the bed!

Our mouths locked together in a passionate kiss. Jane was so soft in my arms. We licked each other's lips and tongues, exploring deeply into each other. I slid both hands down to grab handfuls of Jane's lovely ass! Her ass was glorious indeed! I pulled her closer as we continued to kiss, firmly against my now very hard dick. Grinding together, licking, swirling our tongues together. I rolled us both over, placing myself on top. I began slowly working my way down her body, rubbing her nipples thru the sheer nylon with a free hand. The other hand moved her hair forward so I could kiss her lovely neck. I whispered in her ear, I love you Jane...she sighed.

Move your hand down and touch your pussy, I whispered. She did as I asked. I came around first to her cheeks then her soft chin, and back to her warm, hungry mouth. For a few minutes we continued kissing deeply, while I circled her nipples with my hands. She was panting harder as we kissed, coming up for more air. Jane was now moaning, trembling under me as I sucked her tongue! Then she cried out Ohh! baby as she brought herself to climax with her fingers! I continued to kiss her cheek telling her how beautiful she was to me, and how much I loved her!

I deftly slid a tit out from under the nightie, and began sucking on her nipple. My right hand slid down to feel her pussy. I knew she would be sensitive from having just come. I gently parted her lips with a finger and tenderly entered her. Jane was wet! Slippery was more like it! I slowly withdrew my finger, released my mouth from her tit and looked directly into her eyes as I placed my wet finger into my mouth, sucking off all of her nectar! I again dove into her wet pudding, coming back to my lips licking her juices from my finger. On the third trip to her productive pussy, I raised my finger to her lips instead of mine! My finger touched her closed lips, and with a slight push...she opened her mouth and lapped it all off! You taste incredible baby! Don't you? she laughed. Your body is a honey factory girl, I teased. We kissed.

I slid down to her belly and spent some time there, kissing, tasting her soft supple, fragrant flesh. My dick was throbbing, wanting to plunge inside of her! I kissed each smooth, freshly shaven thigh! I couldn't help but run my hand up and down both of her smooth shapely legs. I took her feet in both hands, pulling them to my mouth, kissing her soft soles, licking, sucking her pretty toes. I pulled both legs up and back towards her head, exposing pussy and ass to my hungry mouth. She held them up in place as I dove into her sweetness! Lick Me! she cried. Lick her I did! My tongue rimming her ass, tasting all of my girl. Ohh! She moaned, as I licked her ass inside and out! I moved to her dripping cunt, burying my face between her parted labia, tasting all of her delicious nectar! Oh Baby! she yelled. You like that sugar? I teased. Yess! she squealed as I sucked lightly on her delicate clit. Now lapping alongside her pearl, I could see her tummy beginning to arch upward. Ohh Jerry! I-I'm close! she said breathing heavily. I glanced up while still licking and could see her flushed face, eyes rolling back! I continued, following her body's responses, I-I Oooh! Jane shook! She convulsed, trembled completely in the throes of ecstasy! Her climax was strong, gripping her body and mind altogether! 

I marveled at the female body. They were specially made for sex. Men just didn't have the equipment to match them. She slowly began to come down from the ledge...My thought was ...I need to fuck her and come inside her! Pretty simple...Not any special technique involved.

Honey, let's get you on your knees, I instructed. She complied. I moved up behind her, felt her ass cheeks, and with one hand, parted her labia and guided my stiff dick into her warm pudding! I could feel myself all the way into her pussy now.. I grabbed both hips and started myself into a piston driving motion. In and out I went. Her moaning, fuck my pussy Jerry! I gladly complied to her command.

As we moved our bodies in unison, finding the right rhythm, my body and mind became lost in pleasure! Ohh Girrl! I cried. Jane's pussy felt amazing! I continued our pace, fucking her with every ounce of energy I had! She was wet! It felt so good inside her, soo good! Fuck me love! she shouted. Our headboard was banging the wall now, in time with my thrusts! Ohhh! Ohhh baby! I cried. I could feel my dam was about to break! I kept pace, moving my hips into her warmth! Pressure mounting in my loins! I wanted all of my woman's pussy and I wanted it so much! If only I could keep this up forever! I was about to explode with atomic force! I-I'm coming Jaaane!!! I cried! I suddenly stopped on the downstroke, pulled back on her hips as hard as I could, spasming, shooting all that I had into her glorious pussy!

I held her in place for several moments, before pulling back and taking my place alongside her. Dang girl! You have know idea what you do to me! I blurted out. No idea! I love you sweetheart and know I've been given the best girl a man can have! I love you too Jerry, you satisfy me completely darling! she replied. Our eyes met, we embraced tightly. I lay there beside my woman for some time, embracing her in the amazing afterglow of an amazing night! 

We are both sweaty, wet & sticky,she noted. I think we should shower off before going to sleep, she said. Yes, I agree. As I rose she stripped the sheets off the bed and said, I'll run a load of these sheets in the wash with my gym shorts & panties I wore earlier...

Quickly, I grabbed the sheets and said, you get the shower going & I'll start the washer! I'll be right in to join you, I said as I hurried off. I left quickly, leaving her mouth open and Jane scratching her head...