Rachel, My SP Girl

Rachel, My SP Girl

By CelticLover

Beautiful day today, I thought as I climbed into my pick-up. I was going to meet Rachel for dinner this evening. I always looked forward to seeing her. Pulling out onto the highway for the half-hour drive to town, my mind thought of when we first met. She and I having both been single for a few years, found ourselves discovering each other in a rather unusual way. I met Rachel online...Nothing unusual about that. Many meet on different apps or dating sites all the time. We met on Scented Pansy a panty selling site. We both were there for different and similar reasons.

I remember clicking on her avatar, green light on indicating she was online. Clicking on her image brought me into her store. Hmm. Nice looking woman...Most are when half-naked...Looking at her bio...43? Damn...Not many are that bold to state that. I would later find out she was 54...A seriously good-looking woman who could pass for 40 easily. Close to my age. I liked that. I hit the green chat bar, said Hi There! And the rest is history. I remember asking if she had any nylon fullbacks. She said not many look for those, but I happen to have a drawer full of several colors. Send me a white pair 24hr wear and a tease video. You got it, she replied. I'll write a ticket for you to click on. CashApp good? Yes, I replied.

Within a week the goodies arrived. Vanity Fair, my absolute favorite! I thought. Rachel was lovely. A shapely brunette, tan, gorgeous lips and smile, 42-28-38...a winning hand! I removed the pretty pair from the baggie, a small envelope attached that said: To CelticLover, The card read: I enjoy our late-night conversations, I hope you enjoy my scent...I wore them extra for you! Hope you like root beer...The card was sealed with a lipstick kiss & inside another baggie with a note: A complimentary pussy pop for you! The envelope containing the note smelled of perfume. Nice touch, I thought. Very classy.

That evening as I reclined for bed I had my laptop in front of me and her panties in one hand. I unwrapped the still moist pop and put it in my mouth. Root beer, and pussy... It was delicious. It excited me knowing where it had been. I started the video she emailed me and placed the panties to my nose and inhaled deeply. Rachel smelled heavenly! Her scent was strong, but pleasant. Slightly smelling of her sweat, probably from the nylon fabric, warm weather and her pussy's natural discharge. Feminine indeed! She was sweet! My cock instantly became erect as I breathed in her goodness.

Watching her bend over in the video only caused my excitement to grow as I watched her well-shaped ass move seductively. The semi-sheer fabric allowed a view of her crack from behind as well as her well-manicured pubic hair from the front! Those VF panties went out in the late 80's. Cotton and comfort was in after that. Now, tiny was in vogue. So sad, I thought. Fuck thongs!, I mutter. These are way sexier! Rachel! I cried as I watched her tease in the sexy nylons. She spread her legs reclining on her bed showing me a close-up of the gusset. Running her well-manicured red fingernails over her sexy thighs.

Her tongue flicking out as she ran her fingers between her legs. I was furiously wanking my hard cock now. My breathing was harder as I focused on the intense sensations...tasting the pussy flavored pop, smelling her feminine essence, and watching her now naked body writhe before my hungry gaze! Lick me lover! she cried. Lick my pussy! My senses now overloaded, I couldn't hold back any longer! Rachel! Oh Rachel! I want to fuck your pussy! I gasped. At that instant, my cock exploded, shooting my come all over my belly and arm! Damn girl! You have no idea! I said out loud.

Lying back spent. After a bit of rest and recovery I got myself up and showered off the sticky mess I had made, climbed back in bed a few minutes later, logged in and quickly reviewed my order. 5 stars is NEVER enough! I logged into my girls site. Not home tonight...I found another little number, clicked the order button, logged out and sent CashApp over...anddd the rest is history. We continued chatting for weeks, me buying and her always sending little extras. I couldn't get enough of Rachel. She was a looker! And such a sweetheart to talk with. Her scent drove me wild with desire...

One night after a long phone conversation, Rachel says, You know Jerry, I only live an hour from you. Whaaat? I was stunned. Yes, she said. We could each drive halfway and meet up sometime, she suggested. Girrrl! Are you kidding? I said incredulously. When I mailed panties to your address after the first order I saw we were nearly neighbors, she said matter of factly. Let's have dinner, I suggest. We can rendezvous tomorrow night at a great place I know there, Luigi's Italian. I'll meet you there at 5:30 I reply excitedly. How did you know I love Italian? She laughed. Well, who doesn't I say. Somebody named CelticLover, she laughs. Oh no! I like Italian, I say. Well Jerry, you should know that...I am Italian! She informs me proudly. Well THAT explains why you are so sexy and good-lookin'! I answer. Something about those Italian women. Maybe because opposites attract. I'm white, freckled and fair as Hell, she being olive complected and beautiful as an angel from heaven...with a dirty mouth...exactly what I like! I said to myself...

Spending the evening with Rachel Minotti was absolutely thrilling! We hit it off real well all through dinner. After leaving we drove in my car to the park to stroll a bit and enjoy the crisp evening late summer air. We were joined by kids playing on the well-maintained lawn, people riding on bicycles, and the occasional jogger running on the paths. Rachel was stunning! I really was taken by her style. Not over-dressed for the occasion, but looking good in a lovely skirt and blouse, nice conservative heels. A rare thing in today's casual environment. Obviously, we weren't in “walking the park” attire, so we took a seat on a bench in front of the lake.

Look, some ducks Jerry! She exclaimed. Mallards, I reply. It's been so nice to meet you in person Jerry, I enjoyed our meal and conversation, she says. Likewise for me Rachel, I answer, reaching for her hand. It felt so nice in mine. I wanted to touch her ever since shaking her hand when she got out of her car. She was a lovely girl. You are so beautiful Rachel. More so than I could have imagined,I said looking at her pretty face. Thank you Jerry, she softly responded. You are a handsome man. She replied. The sun was now setting and soon it would be dark. We stood up and held hands on our way back to my pick-up. Conversation came easy with Rachel. She “got” my unusual sense of humor many did not. I could picture myself with a woman like her. Only thing, there weren't any. She was in a class by herself...

I got out back at Luigi's to see her to her car. As Rachel got in I shut the door and she rolled down the window. Thanks again for a wonderful evening Jerry, she said smiling. I hope to see you again Rachel, I said hopefully. I'd like that, her response. I leaned in to kiss her and she was receptive to my advance. I drew back just enough to look into her beautiful brown eyes. You are truly lovely, I said softly taking in all of her face. We kissed again, this time more deeply. Then a third time, more eagerly than before. We kissed for quite some time enjoying each other's attention. Oh Jerry, you are making me wet, she exclaims. I like the sound of that, I reply grinning, pecking her on the cheek. Nuzzling her beautiful soft brunette hair, breathing in her perfume. Rachel then began wiggling, shifting in her seat behind the wheel, reaching under her skirt and then downward, and forward reaching towards the floor. Then like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat, she handed me her panties! A gift for you she giggled as I stood there astounded. I didn't know what to say as I stashed them in my pocket. Her automatic window rolled up as she said, I'll be in touch as she drove off!

Thirty minutes later I pulled into my driveway. As I opened the front door and let myself in, I could hardly wait to reach the bedroom. Removing my clothing I hopped into bed with my girl's panties. My mind would rerun through our evening together, how beautiful she looked. How lovely she smelled. Rachel excited me. Her figure, face, and most of all her personality. A carefree spirit, a loving demeanor. This woman was sexy as all get-go! I wanted her and that was a fact. She tantalized my male ego. She drew me in like a magnet to steel. Her legs tonight...highlighted by her heels. Her ass in that form-fitting skirt...those eyes, hair! Damn baby! I muttered. If I were a fish...She had me hooked on her line. All she had to do was reel me in...

My hands held her still moist nylon panties. I raised the gusset to my nose and inhaled deeply, taking in her feminine essence. Oh Rachel! You baby, are turning me on so much! Her scent was lovely indeed. Musky, damp, salty, sweet, sweaty all the same time...I could not breath it in fast enough. My cock was in my other hand. I was rock hard and furiously pumping away as I imagined us together. Ohh! Rachellll! My desire quickly reached its peak. Pleasure had gripped my mind! As I pumped away, my pent-up load released itself from my loins in a few powerful spasms of milky white warmth, shooting up to my chest and arms. I lay my head back on my pillow spent from the climax her panties had given me. After showering off, I lay back down thinking how I must have her. I wanted to make love to her. I enjoyed being teased by her panties yes....But...I must make her mine...

I heard my cell phone go off just after I dozed off. 1:00AM my phone indicated. I saw Rachel's name come up. Hello I say quietly. Jerry, Hun, did I wake you? she asks. No, I said as cheerfully as I could, lying of course. I couldn't sleep. she said. I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful evening and dinner. she says softly. Did you enjoy my panties, she playfully inquires. Oh Baby did I! I say excitedly. I love your scent! Rachel, I came so hard thinking of you, enjoying your lovely Vanity Fair panties! I couldn't hold myself back baby! You turn me on so much! I gush. I'm turned on by hearing you are enjoying my essence! I couldn't sleep thinking of our kiss and wanting more of you Jerry! she replies.

I'm lying in bed now fingering myself as we talk love. I picture you running your hands all over my body. I want to feel your touch on my body, hear your voice love! Will you help me come Jerry? She coos. Absolutely, baby! I eagerly reply. I think to myself about what to say. I've never done phone sex or anything like it but now would be a good time to remedy that, I thought. I want to taste you my love. I say softly. I want your tongue in my mouth baby..I want you Rachel! I want to consume all of you baby! I said enthusiastically. You want me. She teases. I want you! I answer. What are you wearing right now Rachel? I ask. I'm in my little white nightie with no panties on, rubbing myself as you talk to me, she replies softly.

My cock now stirring back to life, I reach in the nightstand for her panties and wrap them around my now stiffening rod. I want to have you Rachel. I want to suck on your pretty nipples sexy baby! I whisper. Let me lick them until they are hard! I continued. Close your eyes love and know that I am there with you in the room. Yesss! Jerry, you are here, she says softly. I'm taking your stockings you wore tonight and tying your arms to the bedposts. I remove more from your dresser and tie your legs too. I blindfold you baby. I then remove my clothes silently. Then I leave the room for a while leaving you there alone, tied up. I say. I could hear her breathing harder as she fingered herself. Wh-What are you gonna do? She asks excitedly...

After a few minutes, I return to the room and begin rubbing, circling your nipples with my fingers thru the silky fabric, as I sit naked beside you. I lean in to kiss your cheek and nibble your ear lobe as I whisper...I'm going to fuck you little baby, as my hands pleasure your breasts. I'm going to take out my sword and sheath it between your legs honey. Ohhh! Rachel moaned softly. I put my phone on speaker as I wanked along with her. Then I'm going to come into your pussy and impregnate you with my seed. I continued...My cock, rock hard now as I stroked into her panties. Ohh! Jerry, I want you! She cried. First, after licking your mouth, sucking your tongue, I slide down to your nipples...I rip off the nightie, shredding it in my hands...kneading, sucking on your luscious breasts, hungrily. Biting them softly as you wince. Moving down I kiss your lovely tummy, feeling your curves with both hands as I taste your soft, supple flesh. Slowly, downward towards my favorite spot between your beautiful legs and thighs, I tell her...

I could hear her moaning as I spoke. I-I'm close Jerry! Talk more! she panted. I could just go right into your delicious pussy, I continue. But, no! I must savor you completely, I say. Fuck me now Jerry! she says breathing hard. I stopped stroking myself as I got near to my climax and took a deep breath. I knew she wanted to come right now. I continued...You dear are my prisoner tonight...I will let you come anytime you like...Please do! But, I'm going to take advantage of you while you are tied up! I will run my hands slowly over your smooth, sexy legs. I'll start at your gorgeous thighs. Between your legs I can smell your dripping wet pussy.. Your scent is exciting me woman. I move my head to kiss each thigh in turn, just hovering over your pussy, breathing hard, inhaling all of your feminine essence. I whisper into the phone...

Lick me Jerry! She pants heavily. Beg me! I demand... Please lick meee! I-I-AhhOoooh! She groans as she cannot hold back her pleasure. Breathing hard Rachel says, I-I just came! I hear you breathing hard love...Listen up! I say as I resume stroking myself. I kiss, lick downward on each of your tied up legs. Tasting you like a candy cane. Your sweet pussy lay open, glistening moist. I kiss your arches as I move off the end of the bed. Oh Jerry! I'm touching myself again, I'm dripping wet love, she says quietly. I wanked on as well. I taste your pretty toes, taking each one into my mouth, sucking on them eagerly. Taking my time on each digit, I slowly make my way up each ankle, kissing, savoring your delicate fragrant skin, turning to each leg as to give equal time. My cock steel hard, pre-cum glistening on my head, ready for the ultimate pleasure. Running my tongue up each calf, licking, tasting my girl.

I took in...sitting up, the sight of my blindfolded and tied up captive. Her pussy, neatly trimmed in a small triangle of dark hair. Pussy lips open, and wet just waiting for me! I kiss your belly again, teasing a hand over your open pussy...Oh Jerry! I hear her whisper over the cell speaker. I place a finger inside her and withdraw it to my lips to taste. Umm! You taste good love, I say. Fuck me Jerry! I hear her say again. I dive in a finger again to taste once more, licking the nectar off. Puh-Leeze! She moans. I slide off the bed and move up towards the front side where she is tied. Still blindfolded, I take my cock in hand and guide it to her mouth. Suck me off before I pleasure you. I insisted. Just as I was about to continue, Rachel blurted out AhhhOooooH! Again as she came a second time.

I myself had been starting then stopping, wanking into her panties, edging myself closer as we went along. Dammmmn Jerry! She moaned. You are a naughty man, me being all tied up. You want me to suck you off? She said excitedly. Well, yes! I reply. I want you to come a final time love and we will come together! I say eagerly. You ready baby? I ask. Ready lover, her response. As I stood at the head of the bed, I offered my hard cock to her now parted lips. I watched as her tongue licked, circled my head expertly. Rachel flicked her stiff tongue around the tip as I moaned in ecstasy. Taking my cock now into her warm mouth she sucked as I moved in and out of her warmth. Her hands tied, I had to provide the motion. After a few dozen strokes into her mouth, watching her lips wrapped around me I almost blew my wad right then!

You pulled out, she exclaimed. I know baby! You got me on the verge and I want to finish in your pussy! I manage as I untie her hands. Then her legs. Legs still apart, I position my head right between her thighs again. I waste no time. My tongue finds her center and I begin licking. Long strokes as I flatten out my tongue, tasting all of her delectable sweetness. Wet, warm, slick, salty, sweet pussy! There is nothing better to this man! I circled her clit as I lapped up her goodness. I ran my tongue up and down, beside her clit, slowly, then faster, varying the pressure as her hips and tummy were moving in a motion like a wave on the ocean. My tongue darted in and out of her warmth. Uhhhh! She moaned loudly. I then sucked, lightly gently on her clit, looking up I could she the flushing of Rachel's cheeks as her torso writhed in ecstasy.

She was on the brink as I began rubbing her breasts and nipples as I resumed licking her delicate clit. Ohhhhh Jerry! She yelled as I pleasured her to climax. Her small frame shook as I lapped her pearl to climax. Without wasting any time, my now dripping cock just ached to find relief...inside of her. I had prolonged and put off my own climax, but it was now my turn. I instructed her to a doggy position on the side of the bed as I stood on the floor behind her. I took in the sight of my girl from behind. What an amazing ass, I thought. I moved up into position. My hands squeezed each cheek, taking pleasure in their softness. I ran the head of my cock up and down her luscious cunt lips, stopping at the entrance. I couldn't resist slapping her cheek with my right hand. She winced and let out a whelp.

Grabbing hold of her shapely hips, I slowly, deliberately entered her wet, waiting pussy. Ahh! I exclaimed. I began slow, shallow thrusts at first. Not wanting to come too fast, but rather prolonging our ecstasy. Slowly I pushed all the way in and stopped, still holding her hips in my hands. Reach a hand back love and touch your clit, I instructed. Rachel complied. I resumed my thrusts, slowly, then quickening the rhythm. As we moved together, I watched her hips with each thrust take me in as I pumped away, her hand working her clit deftly. I released my left hand from her hip and took her hair in hand and tugged on it slightly as I moved in and out of her sweet pudding.

Lost in an alternate universe of extreme pleasure, my body was on fire with desire for my woman! I could feel her wet warmth with each thrust. I cried out...Rachel! I want you baby! Fuck me Jerry! She cried in response Fuck meeee! I pulled her mane tighter as I furiously pumped into her amazing pussy...My loins could feel my come welling up, ready to erupt! I-I'm c-coming Rachel! I managed as I bucked my last few strokes into her as my cock released all of my milky seed into her waiting warmth! I had released her hair, pulled back on her hips as my final stroke left me fully inside her, I could feel her cunt contracting on my shaft as we came in unison together!

Ohhhh Jerry! I came twice more as you spoke love! I just couldn't hold back! Your voice and words were like you were right here with me! Well, in our own way we were together baby! I say excitedly. I'll call you tomorrow...I hear her voice from the now dying cell phone I had put on speaker. I just loaded your nylon panties with my come baby! I reply. We must do this again, Rachel says as my cell phone power finally gave out. I looked down and Mr. Johnson's power had completely run out too! Time to recharge both, I laughed, What a night I said to myself! What an amazing night...

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