Perceived Shenanigans by PayPal

Perceived Shenanigans by PayPal

I no longer offer PayPal. Since the summer of 2019, I have been unable to. My account was shut down three separate times (and after this experience, I refuse to do this again).

The first time I was restricted permanently, I was able to get my funds without any issues. I was transferring out as soon as I received funds. By the time they restricted my account, there was a zero balance. Not sure if my transferring out consistently may have triggered a shutdown, with all my activity, but they will NEVER TELL YOU HOW YOU VIOLATED THEIR ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY. 

The second time, I thought I was wiser and opened a business account. I was keeping it with less transfer activity and used ONLY AS NEEDED AND not transferring as often. Well I was none the wiser since that didn’t work either and eventually that too was restricted and shut down. I was able to subsequently add a bank account and transfer out my funds after the 180 days (by calling them since they NEVER notified me that I was eligible to withdraw as they claim they do!).

Third time a charm???Hardly!!!!!  I also set it up as a business account but was only transferring once a month, really keeping it on the lowest side of the activity spectrum.  I just completed my 180 and guess what????? I logged in to withdraw and saw I had ZERO BALANCE AVAILABLE to withdraw because PayPal withdrew it. Yes you read that right!!!  PayPal took all my available funds.  I just called them because it’s impossible to get anywhere with the horrid online customer service and what I was told just put me over the edge. They claim that since I violated their User Agreement, they took the funds as a fee, sort of a penalty!!! Can you believe that? So, I have no recourse to recoup money I made through my hard earned work.

Adding insult to injury, PayPal did this just shy of the 180 days!!!!!  By the way, each of my accounts had different names and emails and even banking info, as I took all precautions and opened a third bank account to really avoid a single link!!! Nope!!! Didn’t work. 

So as I reviewed the account (with steam coming out of all possible ends from my body, naturally I’m furious) I noticed that there were a few buyers that must’ve sent payment as friends and family into my business account and that’s a “no no”.  I have to wonder if that is possibly the reason why it got picked up and scrutinized as possible shenanigans, but I will never know for sure. Now calculating what “possible” fee that amounted to, it was no where near what they kept (100% of my balance is what they kept). 

The moral of this article is if you use PayPal, beware since it IS a matter of time before you too fall in this legalized banking theft (some sellers get luckier than others and have a good run).   Please use your judgement on frequency to transfer funds. Make sure if you do set up a business account, ensure your buyers process your sales for goods and services, and avoid processing as friends and family. PayPal wants to make money, and I understand that, since they are in the business of making money too.  Remember each business account has fees that gets charged for goods and services. Also keep in mind that with personal accounts, depending on the level of activity, you may get swept into their monitoring system. Notwithstanding the foregoing none of my suggestions guarantee you won’t be shut down. 

Running a business to accommodate international buyers has now proven to be quite the challenge for me (since it was the main reason for my PayPal). I am working on other options including using SP’s coin system for my sales.

May the Force be with you!!! Good luck.


Perceived Shenanigans by PayPal