Payment Methods. Good and bad

Payment Methods. Good and bad

So you have many options of what forms of payment you can accept and use. I have found some flaws in a few and some perks in some. Which most people don't know.  


I want to start with PayPal because it's so controversial. A lot of people believe it's the safest route. And a lot of gentlemen only use it, especially in the UK and CA. But I myself have been banned for life (no you can't just make a new account) when I contacted PayPal they told me that my account was linked to being used for adult content. And they do not accept it. So when gentleman put in the memo, for the panties, xxx videos, condoms, etc. it ruins it for you.  That's after asking to leave the memo empty. Even if they don't put anything in the memo if you work with men who have been caught. They ban you as well.  Also when men ask for a refund when the item was delivered the only way to deny it and back up your side is to add tracking. But not all orders use tracking, like photos or videos. 

All around. PayPal is NOT a safe route. And most girls don't know this.  You cannot use PayPal for adult content.  Also. If working with users out of the US you can still use Googlepay or amazon gift card.  


So I myself always used Cashapp and I still do. But there's a downfall to it.  One thing is Cashapp has NOO customer support.  So a lot of unnecessary refunds normally automatically get refunded back. Even if the money is not in Cashapp it takes it out of your bank if the cards linked. You can't dispute it in any way.  I have a huge flaw with Cashapp that I've found out but I don't want to post it public for all the scam users to use. If you're interested in knowing why it's not safe DM and I'll gladly explain. 

But again. I still do it because there are not too many options out there. 


I only just started using Venmo this month. So I don't have much input on it.  Runs almost like Cashapp. I haven't seen and downsides yet. 


Googlepay is my ultimate favorite but only about a quarter of my buyers have used it. I have not found any flaws to it yet. In the few years I've used it.  Seems very secure and safe. And the funds can be transferred where ever you need them.  I use this option a lot for my UK and CA users. You can support any dispute and it's not forced.  I love love love Googlepay. 

Amazon Giftcard

This is another favorite payment method.  Again. I haven't found any flaws.  The only minor flaw is if there's any reason you have to refund there really is no way to. Not if they send a gift card to your email it's perfect. You just apply it to your account and use it right away or leave it on there.  Make sure you open the email and apply it though before you fur fill an order as it can be canceled if not collected. 

Now if you give them a wishlist to order off of be careful they can purchase off your wishlist than cancel the order but it will still show it as purchased.  So I don't suggest offering that as a payment method.  But gladly as gifts. 


Now I'm sure there are many others. But this is all I've used over the years. And this is MY personal experience. Also yes there's Zelle and stuff like that but that sketches me out because they would have more of your private information and there ARE hackers that come through this site. 

I hope this helps anyone get started and know. 
I still continue using Cashapp, Venmo Googlepay and amazon gift cards. 


it's better to know 💋🤍

have a kinky day

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