Feb 18, 2022
Panty Selling

Panty Selling

“As you wish...”

I really got into panty business as a joke at first; hey, I could make a few bucks and I need new panties anyway. What I learned as I started interacting with buyers is that if you are passive and just post listings, you will never climb the ladder to be able to get your rent paid. What I did learn is that customer service is MANDATORY and that these buyers really want to learn more about you. You can casually chat with some, but others want to talk about fantasies and what gets them off. You have to cater to any individidual you consider a potential buyer. Having a business or sales really helps because you can be more successful when you understand the interplay between parties that ultimately leads to a sale and a happy customer. 

As I've gained experience, I've become more comfortable with my body, increased my confidence, and stepped out of my comfort zone. This has empowered me and led to more sales! I encourage every one of you to start slow and ONLY do what you're comfortable with. Over time, the "weirdness" of men and women buying your panties wears off (no pun intended) and you will get to learn more about yourself and your body. 

Ultimately this "joke" has turned into a successful side hustle and I'm liking it more and more ever day -- and this is coming from someone who is usually very private about my sex life. Get started, get verified, and get creative! Feel free to reach out for advice on getting started; I'm happy to help a new babe on her first sale  

Lots of love from SweetSubmissive :) xx 

Panty Selling