Panty Love

Panty Love

The Early Years of my Panty Fetish by CelticLover

Another Friday evening after work, alone again. Jane, my wife had called earlier from work to let me know she would be going to her mom's after work to help her with some things and that I should expect her home by seven o' clock or so. I got off at four and stopped by Safeway for some dinner items and now at five and finally home, I thought I'd get a shower before Jane arrived. I loved our Fridays together. We always made love since marrying a few years earlier on Fridays. Hey, we made love most nights, but always on Fridays.

Lately, I had come into a new experience sexually. I had never been into any kind of fetish other than lingerie and stockings. Those obsessions were plenty enough for me. I loved making love to Jane. She was always so very responsive. My wife indulged my fetishes enthusiastically and embraced them in her desire to please me. She actually enjoyed sex as much as I did and that was saying something. Actually, she was in many ways superior in bed than I. You know, looking back over the years I've concluded that women are just built better for sex than men.

Early on, I found by accident how to level the field somewhat. Not long after getting married, I had to watch out for the dreaded premature ejaculation phenomenon that many men contend with in their twenties. I just got too excited and would come earlier than I'd like. Jane never once complained. I think it bothered me more so. Two things that I employed to counter that was... Number one: Come quick, pleasure her extensively, reload over that time and then enjoy the second round. Number two: I discovered by accident and that is what I will be telling you about in this story-

Let's go back a few weeks before this particular Friday evening... I was home after getting off work early one weeknight. Jane won't be home for a few hours yet from her office job, so I'll get dinner ready. I mused. As I had the frozen lasagna baking in the oven, I went into the bathroom to take my usual constitutional. As I sat there my mind thought of when she would get home and how I could make love to my beautiful wife. I could feel my cock stirring as I considered her and I later that evening. I saw out of the corner of my eye, a pair of her panties sitting on top of the hamper just in front of me. I picked them up, my mind racing, pulse quickening. I had never been into dirty panties before, really never gave it a thought, until now... I loved her female scent very much! Maybe I'm peculiar but I like a clean woman. To this day I don't like stink or funk. My lovely wife always showered before sex and I did as well. Just something we did. I appreciated how clean she kept herself. But, I did not like her right out of the shower. We discussed this and she willingly complied with my wishes. Let me be clear, I like clean, but I like my woman to shower, put on clean lingerie and panties and wear them for several hours allowing time for her natural scent to permeate the fabric. This was for me, the ultimate turn on!

Here I was holding her panty in my hand. The soft feel of the white nylon felt good in my hands. I could picture her beautiful ass being caressed by the sheer fabric. My cock began to throb. I buried my face in the silky nylon delights.. Inhaling deeply, I could smell my girl's scent. It was intoxicating! Now trembling with excitement, I began to jerk my rigid tool with my free hand. Ahh! baby, I said huffing in the musky fragrance. I could hardly believe the sensation! It was amazing. Within a few moments, my loins released my milky white treasure all over the bathroom floor in waves of pleasure as my cock spasmed orgasmically! After cleaning the floor I had sullied, she came home a short time later, we spent time on some foreplay and I went to fucking her after bringing her to a good climax first. That was the first time I stayed in the saddle without coming after only a few strokes! I was on to something now! Oh, I felt guilty for masturbating over her panties. Why? I can't say. I wasn't being unfaithful to her, after all it was her panties and body that was turning me on. Oh well, I digress...

Back to the present...Jane will be home in a few hours now, I think I'll check out the clothes hamper and see what treasure is there for me. I'll be ready for her by seven. I took the basket into the bedroom and dumped the contents on the bed. There was a week's worth of laundry here, I calculated. Wow!, a lovely pink number here, rolled up in a silky white slip. I removed the pair and examined the crotch. Slowly I raised the slightly stained gusset to my nose and inhaled the scent that was deposited there. Mmm! That was nice, I thought. I continued inhaling the feminine goodness. My cock was fully erect now. I grabbed the silky slip and wrapped my cock in it's delightful fabric, stroking as I breathed in my woman's aroma. Ohh! Soo nice!, I said. I continued for a bit, stroking, sniffing the crotch as my excitement built. My eye caught a glimpse on the pile of a yellow pair she wore a few days ago. I released the pink one in favor of the yellow pair. The crotch had a bit of white discharge that had dried. I inhaled the pantie deeply. It was wonderful. I resumed wanking into the slip. I felt my desire rising. My cock was now on the verge of coming. I stopped stroking to allow my excitement to subside a bit. I licked the crotch to taste her flavor. Oh my! I exclaim. So good! I dropped the slip and picked up a white pair of panties that were soiled a bit. Jane wore only Vanity Fair semi-sheer nylon panties. My favorite. I wrapped the white silky panty around my throbbing shaft, picked up the pink one again and began licking the gusset, tasting her residue. It felt so good. I could almost feel her glorious ass and taste her delicious pussy! I stroked furiously as the pressure built up to new heights. I inhaled the yellow pair now as the crotch of the pink ones was now in my mouth. I was smelling and tasting my girl's essence. My cock was now throbbing fully. My mind delirious with excitement. I was now in the throes of ecstasy. And with a groan from deep within I released my pent up load! Spasming hard, my thick white come filled the white nylon panties that were entwined around my now contracting shaft. Ohh! That was amazing! I said, still trembling. Hurriedly, I refilled the hamper, careful to put the come filled number at the bottom and the latest on top. I would be ready for action when sugar pie comes home, I said contentedly.

Baked chicken, potato salad, and rolls tonight. (thanks to Safeway) The green beans were ready and staying warm on the stove. I sat in the living room reading the paper, listening to Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention on the stereo when the front door opened and my girl walked in. Oh Jerry!...Honey, it smells delicious in here, she announces as she enters, closing the apartment door behind her. Jane was beautiful. All 5' 1" of her! She was a tiny gal considering I'm 6'5"! Her long waist length black hair, framed a lovely face and gorgeous smile. Her figure was spectacular, with an ass that held me spellbound! Sexy, shapely legs that begged for my touch! And those small but perky tits! Damn! I was one blessed man, I thought. Jane ran towards me as I raised myself to greet her. Oh honey! I'm so glad to see you, she gushed. We embraced and kissed like we hadn't seen each other in years. That is the benefit of being a newlywed. I missed you too baby, I reply now kissing her face and neck. She smelled fabulous. I met her gaze, telling her how much I loved her. Her big brown eyes were gorgeous. You hungry sweet? I asked. Oh Yes! Her reply. She grabbed the plates and silverware as I put the food on the table. We caught each other up on our days and spoke of what we had planned for our weekend.

After finishing our dinner and washing dishes, Jane says, I'm going to shower and put on some nice lingerie for our time together. I've showered just after coming home, I said. Jane looked good as she stood before me. Nice office attire, I thought. Her skirt is so sexy, tan stockings, white blouse, and underneath those well scented Vanity Fair nylon panties! Jerry, you home? she says. Oh! I'm sorry baby! I was just lost looking at your sexy self! I reply. Look baby, I say reaching for her, pulling her towards me. How about we just skip the shower and head into the bedroom? Oh Jerry! I'm not fresh, I probably stink, she protests. Let me clean up first! I took her by the hand leading her to our bedroom. Spinning her around, I began unbuttoning her blouse as I kissed her. Jer..Shush!,I whisper, my tongue darting in her mouth as I lowered the zipper on the skirt. I want you just as you are baby! I insisted.

Her skirt fell and she stepped out of it. Dropping to my knees I lowered her slip to the floor. Her gorgeous stockings, gartered perfectly were a sight to behold! Still in her red heels, my girl was simply stunning! Jane wore her panties over her garter belt, to facilitate her many bathroom trips throughout the day. That also worked in my favor, so I could easily remove them to have easy access to her sweet pussy! I leaned forward kissing her pudding thru the silky fabric. Her black, trimmed triangle visible thru the thin material. My cock stirred. I eyed her sexy stocking' legs from her bare thighs down to her shapely calves, to her size 5 1/2 red pumps. Jane was gorgeous to behold! I kissed her pussy again thru the panty, pulling her into my face. Both of my hands were full of her glorious ass cheeks. We were at the edge of our queen bed. I rose from kneeling to quickly remove my trousers, and we moved onto the bed.

The sight of her still wearing her high heels almost put me over the edge! Oh girl! You are so beautiful baby, I exclaimed. I want you so bad my love! I said. I ran my hands slowly from ankle to thighs over her shapely legs. I removed a shoe and kissed her foot, paying homage to her lovely toes and arches. I took my time savoring my woman fully. I appreciated her every detail. Jane was absolutely spectacular! Working my way up her thighs, kissing her shapely belly and navel, I instructed her to remove her bra. As she happily complied, I spread her legs further apart to gain full access to her now moist crotch. Wow! I said excitedly. You are a sight girl! I love seeing her crotch spread for my viewing pleasure! I say to myself. I positioned myself between her legs and kissed her on the gusset, pecking, sniffing, licking the outside of her crotch. I took her hands and placed them on her breasts. Rub them lightly honey, circling your nipples, I instructed her, while removing her panties. She eagerly complied.

As I hovered between her legs looking up at her I asked...What do you want me to do for you? I already knew her answer to that question. As she rubbed her tits, she said...Lick my pussy Jerry! I said what do you want most girl? Lick me lover! she urged. I kissed each thigh, and turned to her now parted lips glistening before me. I slid my wet tongue up and along her labia, licking all of her goodness. Ohh! baby! That feels so good! she said excitedly. Her scent was stronger than usual but not at all unpleasant, rather intoxicating, I thought. I looked up as I licked and lightly sucked on my girl's clit and could see her hands pleasuring her nipples. Continuing to pleasure her now dripping wet pussy with my mouth, I could see her face flushed with excitement. Her breath now becoming labored, her hips now moving in rhythm with my tongue. Ohh! Baby! Baby! she cried. Her tummy now rising like an ocean wave. I-I'm getting close! she blurts out. Come for me girl! I urge. She grabs my head and yanks my hair, pulling me all the way into her deliciousness. My face now covered in her wetness. Ohh! Ohhh! And with a cry Jane comes hard! Her torso convulses and spasms as I lick her now dripping wet pussy. Wave after wave of pleasure consumes her perfect frame.

After a few moments, I pull up beside her. That was an amazing orgasm you gave me Jerry, she says. You are an amazing woman, I reply. I kiss her deeply. Oh Jerry! she says pulling back, I'm strong! she says looking into my eyes. Yes, a bit stronger than usual love, but I like your taste, I reply. I kiss her again deeply. How do you want me? she asks. Just touch him and play with me a bit, I say as I continue to kiss and lick her lips. Mmm, I love you Jane, I say. I love you Jerry, she answers. Her hands on my cock were amazing. She felt so good. I wanted to stay like this forever. Now, mind you...if I had not come earlier in her panties, this would not be possible as I would have climaxed already. I want you on top of me baby, I said, breaking our kiss. She quickly shifted into position, straddling me. I liked all positions really, but this afforded me a bit more freedom. Probably more effort on her, but give a gal a great orgasm and they will go out of their way to please. And Jane was no exception.

I allowed her to lower herself down on my hard cock. Jane held my shaft in her small hand and positioned it at the entrance of her cunt. Her lips easily parted to accept my rigid tool. Jane then lowered herself down slowly impaling herself with my hard cock. Ohh! I gasped at the sensation. You feel so good inside baby, I manage. You like? she teases. Oh yes! YES! Jane begins moving up and down on my cock, each movement inside her warm slick pussy is such an intense pleasure. I reach up to grasp hold of her tits in each hand. Oh girl! I cry. Your tits feel so good baby! Rocking forward now I slide my hands to her sexy ass and pull myself deeper into her amazing pussy. I now have the ability to thrust harder, under her. Our lips lock together in passion. I suck on her tongue as I pump into her wet but tight pussy. We momentarily break mouth contact to come up for air.

Oh girl! I gasp as I fuck her sweet pudding. Let me see your tongue, I urge. Jane slowly ran her tongue seductively across her upper lip while I pumped away. The sight almost made me come. I held and kneaded her ass as she rode me bareback. Like a wild mustang I bucked into her willing cunt with fury. I cried out Jaaane! as she bobbed up and down on my engorged shaft. Fuck me Jerry! She demanded. I looked up and she ran repeatedly her tongue over and over her lips! Fuck MEEE! she urged. Give it to me baby! I couldn't hold out any longer! My loins were on fire! She leaned down and I took her extended tongue into my mouth, sucking all of her into me as my cock pounded her pussy! With a groan from deep inside of us, I grabbed her ass and stopped her movement on the downstroke, exploding all of my seed deep inside of her! Like the twin towers Jane collapsed into me completely!

After a time, as I held her tight, she lifted her head looking into my eyes. Do you know how amazing that was? she says incredulously. It was my love, I said grinning. You literally fucked me silly Jerry! I think I came when you did love...I've never came vaginally, only clitorally. Well, there is a first for everything my love, I proudly reply. I brushed back her hair from her face with a finger, leaned in and kissed my woman deeply. I love you so baby! Let's savor this one as long as we can, I whisper. We lay together the rest of the evening and fell into a contented sleep together....

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