Oct 16, 2023
Open Relationship

Open Relationship

The Start of a New Relationship

I'm not sure why it's like that but I've always been excited by someone new - their touch, smell, feel, and curious how they would sleep with me... I see someone and wonder what the relationship would look like: dates, living together and the bedroom.
Benefit of an Open Relationship is getting to experience it.

I never want to cheat. I do everything with permission of my main relationship. The main relationship is my "ride or die" while my others are excitement, comfort, caring, friendships and sometimes just sex (hey, a girl has curiosities and sex drive).

How it starts:
I guess this can start a multitude of ways. It could start with a conversation in a sexless relationship, it could start from the beginning after meeting on a site, it could start after finding a kink. For me, I seek it. I seek out partners to be my main relationship.

My start: 
Well that's how an Open relationship started for me, with a conversation. We were dating and he asked if I had ever cheated. I said no but I did have people around me that turned me on. He got turned on by that. He wanted to watch. He wanted me to come back smelling like sex and then finish me off. Im not sure how common it is to find someone into that but it worked out great!
After our similar interests, we had to talk about respect and boundaries.

Every relationship has rules. I want to be treated ___. I need ___. I will not accept ___. I get turned on by ____. I am not comfortable with ___. I would cum really hard by ___.
For me it went "I'm into ___. I want to try ___. I really like ___. I can provide ___, but I don't like ____ so I would be okay if someone provided that for you.
One example is that I don't like licking someone's asshole. I also don't like too many fluids so if I'm going to engage in a 3 some, then I want to ride him first. My partner likes to pre-approve so he will pick out who he is comfortable with me sleeping with and likes me to pick girls for him too! It's important that we keep a big level of respect and boundaries. At first he said I could only get eaten out. I waited til he was comfortable for me to ride another man. He said my ass is his only but recently he's come on that too!

We started off slow. We went to a swinger party. There was a dominatrix with her pets. One of the pets wanted to lick me. My partner gave permission. The pets were on all fours. I put one leg up on a chair and let the pet come close. He started off licking up my thigh. I held onto my partner and gripped his arm as I got turned on. 
Do you allow her pet to taste me? If yes then let him.
My partner moved my thong to the side. He felt me wet and offered his fingers to the pet. The pet sucked his fingers and then sucked my clit. His tongue went inside me and I moaned. My partner got excited.

What happened next?:
I ended up laying down across a table. My butt was off and some girl pet was face deep inside me. I was moaning and legs shaking. My partner put his cock in my mouth and I sucked him eagerly. As she made me cum I grabbed onto him and sucked harder. This position was great for deep throat. He was so hard watching a girl eat me, he thrust his cock back n forth in my mouth until he was ready to cum. He came on my tits.

What did you do with that?:
Found another pet to lick it off. Secret time? The girl eating me was getting fucked by men which turned me on. I wondered what it was like to feel meet someone by feeling their cock inside me. Finding out how big they were as they slid inside me. Long? Hard? Thick? Finding out as each inch would slide in... I wanted more and he liked being in control so it became a thing.

Did you get to experience that?:
I will save that for that for another article. 😉
Open Relationship