Nov 02, 2021
On The Road To Bliss

On The Road To Bliss

Our Vacation in the Smoky Mountains - By CelticLover


"So where are we now Jerry,” Rachel asks. “On 64 heading for Lexington.” I reply. It was a beautiful day for our trip. We were heading from our place in Virginia to Pigeon Forge in Tennessee. I had rented us a nice cabin for the long weekend. I looked over at Rachel as I drove. She was spectacular in her dark framed Wayfarers, her brunette hair framing her lovely olive cheeks. “This is the perfect temperature for enjoying some outdoor activity,” she notes happily. “Yes, fall is here girl,” I reply. “I love the trees when they change color,” I add. “I brought my windbreaker and a sweater just in case it's cooler at the cabin,” she interjects. “I brought a jacket too baby,” I reply smiling.


Our radio signal was now lost and I searched for another one to tune in. WBVX 92.1 out of Lexington KY came in loud and clear as we made the transition down 74 south heading in the direction towards Knoxville. We sang out loud at the top of our lungs as Kiss was playing...”Get up everybody's gonna move their feet, get down, everybody's gonna leave their seat...You gotta lose your mind in Detroit rock city!” We both laughed like school kids at that. I winked at Rachel and said, “What kind of panties you have on baby?” “Is that all you think about Jerry?” she says grinning. “Mostly when I'm with you girl,” I shot back. She had on a putty colored corduroy shirt dress with sandals. Not the usual sexy...but, appropriate for our outing.


“I have on your favorite peach Vanity Fairs,” she says winking. I quickly take my right hand and undo a few buttons on her dress, affording my free hand an opportunity to roam over her lovely thighs and also to finger her pussy just along the gusset. “Oh Jerry, you are making me horny love!” she exclaims squirming. I just had to keep rubbing as her pleasure mounted. I was hard now as our highway escapade escalated. “Jerry!” she hollers. “A truck is coming by us,” she shouted. I temporarily removed my hand as he passed. “I don't want someone to see in.” she sternly states. “What? No voyeur tendencies?” I ask chuckling.


“Slide them panties off,” I said as I refocused on our fun. “Hold them to my nose Rachel as I drive.” I continued playing with her luscious pussy as we headed toward Corbin. Her scent had me in ecstasy. “I love smelling your pussy baby!” I said excitedly. “Mmmm! Jerry, I'm getting close,” she murmers. I licked at her moisture as she held them in place against my nostrils. She shifted altogether, giving me more access to her now wet pussy. “Oooo! Right there baby!” she cried as I moved my slick fingers rhythmically over her excited clit. Within moments Rachel was coming, bucking, moaning as she released her feminine goodness into my hand.


I withdrew my fingers to taste her sweet nectar. “Just a quickie love before dinner,” I laugh. Rachel then said, “What about this? What are we going to do here? she giggles, taking my hard cock in her hand, while kissing my neck. How bout I return the favor,” she whispers. “Well, I'm not gonna complain about that baby!” I said smiling. Rachel unzipped my pants and with a bit of shifting was able to release my now throbbing cock from my shorts.


Bending down, she took my member into her warm mouth. Holding it deftly in her small fingers, she licked the precum off the tip while moving the shaft up and down. Her tongue expertly worked up each side pleasuring me intensely. I had to focus on the road, trying to avoid the occasional tractor trailer. “Ohhh! Rachel!” I cried in ecstasy. “You like?” she says looking up as I glanced down. “I like! Oh baby!” I shout.


Rachel had engulfed my cock in her mouth now completely, and was pumping up and down on it rapidly. My pleasure was mounting as were my moans. I could feel pressure in my loins welling up quickly. “I-I'm cominggggg! Ohhh! Rachellll!” I had her head in my right hand as I released my load into her waiting mouth. She swallowed and continued licking up my come as I softened in her hand. My girl tucked me in as I shifted in my seat to zip up as she slid her panties back on. We looked over at each other and laughed out loud at our crazy behavior. “Hey, we're on a vacation!” I said grinning. “We might as well have our fun!” she responds.


“We're gonna take this exit and eat at Sonny's here in Corbin,” I said. “I can't wait, I'm starved,” she replied. We hadn't had anything for hours and some delicious BBQ would be just the ticket, I said. Pulling into the parking lot, we got out and were led to a nice seat and ordered our meal from the friendly waitress. I got my usual brisket sandwich with some smokin' sauce. Rachel opted for the pulled pork on a bun with the sweet original sauce. We both skipped the potatoes and just got coleslaw. More keto friendly, we agreed.


“I thought you liked the sweet sauce Jerry?” she asked. “I do, but remember when we went to the Merritt Island Sonny's last month, I tried the smokin' and kinda liked it.” I replied. We split some fried pickles, made plans for when we got to our cabin, ate our meals and downed a couple glasses of iced tea before hitting the road again. “How much longer till we get there Jerry?” she asked as we moved out onto the highway. “It's 3:00 now and we will be there by 5:15 at the latest,” I replied.


We enjoyed the scenic drive and soon were there pulling up to our secluded cabin at around 5:10. Early, I thought. After hauling in our suitcases and cooler we decided to retire early after putting our things away and showering, before setting out early the next day. “I have a surprise for you lover!” I said smiling. “What? She asks. “Oh Jerry, I love this cabin!” she exclaimed turning her head around scanning the place. “Look out over the deck in the back.” I said. She opened the sliding doors to a picturesque view of the gorgeous Smoky mountains.


“Oh this is amazing!” she gushed. We made it just as the sun was setting and Rachel just had to take several pics on her iphone to post on instagram. “Now, as I was saying, the surprise...I said looking down the deck to the”...”Hot tub!” she cries. “I thought you would like that!” I laughed. “Let's get in baby,” I said. We both had just showered and hadn't stripped down the two of us warily came out looking around, and finally assured we were really alone...both of us got in the warm water as naked as the day we were born.


Splashing, playing in the jets of water like two kids, we eventually found ourselves in a comfy position with me behind her, and she between my legs. I leaned forward and kissed her neck, moving up to her lovely cheek. Rachel had lovely black hair and beautiful brown eyes. I held her as she turned toward me to return my affection. We found each others mouths open and eager to explore each other intensely. “Mmm!” she cooed. I sucked on her extended tongue and she reciprocated in kind.


I moved both hands from the outside of her arms to under them, grasping her huge breasts in each of my palms. I kneaded them, enjoying the feel of her softness, feeling her nipples harden as I sucked lightly on her delicate neck. Rachel purred. “I'm getting excited Jerry,” she whispered. I took a hand moving it off her breast and found her clit with my fingers. Rachel had similar thoughts as she reached back finding my already stiffening cock with a free hand.


She stroked me into a state of ecstasy. We sat in the soothing tub massaging, rubbing each other as we kissed. I slipped a finger inside of her as my thumb worked her rosebud. “I'm going to come Rachel,” I said. “Your hand feels so good baby, too good!” I sigh, breathing hard. “I-I'm so close too!” she moaned. We both continued to pleasure each other, licking, sucking on each others tongues until we both exploded in orgasmic delight in each others hands. “Ohhh girl!” I shouted. My come spurting and then disappearing into the whirling water. Rachel's body just quaked and as moaned intensely.


After reveling in the afterglow of our mutual satisfaction, in the beautiful mountains, she says looking at me wistfully, “That makes two for us today,” she says giggling. We towel dried off and hit the bed together exhausted from our long day. We had arrived on Thursday evening and would leave Monday morning. That would give us three whole days and nights to enjoy our time together.


Friday morning came early as my phone alarm woke us around 8:00. We both felt rested and set out for a good breakfast. We ate at a place called the Brick n Spoon nearby. We both got the garden omelet to start off our day, along with several cups of really good coffee. After we ate we went to the Titanic Museum that I had gotten tickets to earlier in the week. After spending several hours there and getting some souvenirs from the gift shop, we went out to play a few rounds of miniature golf. Rachel handily beat me two to one.


Later that evening we would sight see the area around Pigeon Forge, walking into the many shops there. I held my girls hand as we strolled the sidewalks. Rachel Minotti was an Italian beauty for sure. Since we had been together she had adapted to my various lingerie fetishes. We entered a place called Cupid's Outlet and Rachel picked out some stockings and a couple of garter belts that we could enjoy together, as well as a few sheer matching bras. Those items were more for me than her. No, I did not wear them...she did! I just enjoyed her in them! You see, I'm a throwback from another era. I like my women in make-up and lipstick, dressed in ff stockings and high heels. With Vanity Fair nylon panties over the top!


Rachel was my muse. She accommodated my fetishes with relish! I loved her for it too. She is simply spectacular in every way. That evening in our cabin after showering and enjoying the hot tub, we reclined on our bed and rehashed our eventful day. “I sure would like a modeling show of you in the new delicates,” I said grinning. “You would?” she feigns surprise. After a trip to the bathroom Rachel emerges in a sheer floor length gown, fuzzy high heel slippers on her lovely feet. She looked like a young Elizabeth Taylor, only much better!


She walked towards the bed seductively as the sheer fabric swings open in the front revealing her stunning figure encased in sexy white nylon hose, panties and bra all hooked to her brand new white garter belt. My cock stood at attention immediately. “Do you approve love?” she says teasingly. “I very much do!” I answer. I quickly rise to embrace her in my arms kissing her deeply. My hands roamed all over her delectable curves, feeling, caressing, grabbing handfuls of her delightful soft body.


I pulled her against my hard cock after squeezing both delicious ass cheeks tightly. We fell backward onto the bed together, Rachel on top of me, never breaking our hungry mouths apart. “Ummm!” we both groaned together. As we kissed deeply tongues entwined, I rolled us over switching positions. My mouth now kissing her cheeks, neck, ears, delicately nibbling on her lobes as she sighed deeply. Her Mitsouko perfume filling my nostrils, exciting me all the more!


My hands rubbed her now erect nipples thru the silky fabric of the sheer bra. I kissed each breast softly thru the transparent material, drawing sighs of Rachel's obvious approval. “Oh Jerry!” she moaned. “You like?” I playfully tease. “Yes darling!” her breathless reply. Working my way down her tummy to kiss and taste her delightful, fragrant skin, stopping to pay homage to her lovely navel. My tongue darting in and out all of her carnal delights.


Licking now just above her neatly trimmed pubic triangle, I inched lower to make contact with her now excited clit. Rachel shuddered as I began pleasuring her most sensitive spot. “Oooo!” she groaned in ecstasy as I lapped rhythmically alongside her jewel. My fingers were circling her nipples as I licked her now wet pussy. My face covered in her abundant nectar as I lapped her fully. Her scent was amazing and intoxicating at the same time. I sucked her labia and entered her with my tongue, deliberately teasing her, knowing she wanted my attention on her clit.


I would alternate licking her outer vulva and lips then back to her clit, edging her towards her climax, slowing, then picking up the pace. “Jerrrry! I wannna comeeee! Stop teasing meee!” she protests. I withdrew my right hand from her breast and entered her wet pussy with my finger to massage her g-spot, still pleasuring her with my tongue. Rachel was now gyrating her hips and groaning deeply. My cock was now so excited by all of the sensuous movements and sounds of my girl I almost came from all the sensations. My cock dripped precum.


Looking up as I furiously lapped alongside her clitoral hood, I could see the concentration on Rachel's now flushed face. Her eyes were rolling back as her legs began twitching. Her breathing labored as her sighing turned to moans. “I-I'm getting close!” she panted. I new instinctively she was about to erupt. I continued to finger her as I licked her pearl until her climax unleashed it's pent up fury!. Her tummy contracting violently as I felt her cunt grip my finger inside of her “Ohhh!” she cried. She then bucked and shuddered as I slowly stopped licking and just watched her bask in her body's intensity.


It is a sight to behold as a man. Women just have the ability that us men don't have. I am somewhat jealous. Rachel came down from her peak and just lay before my eyes as glorious a sight as I could ever behold. Her gartered stockings, sexy nylon clad legs spread apart and her dripping pussy open for my pleasure. I wasted no time. My only mission now was to simply fuck her. I quickly mounted her in missionary position. Slid myself into her warmth easily, and kissed her open, receptive mouth, exploring her with my tongue as I began pumping my already overly excited cock into her glorious pussy!


I slid myself in and out of her cunt as she gripped my shaft tightly. I moaned loudly in ecstasy. “Fuck me Jerry!” she cried. “Fuck your pussy! I want you to fill me with your come!” she insisted. I was now towering above her, both arms beside her as I furiously pounded into her magnificent wet pussy! “Ohhh baby!” I managed. My body was now feeling an intensity that was brought on by this most sensual woman. I was about to come. “Baby! I-I'm going to comeeee!” I cry. “Fuck meee Jerry!” she shouted. I slammed into her with an urgent force, my mind now entered a state of total pleasure as I neared my apex.


Her legs now wrapped around me tightly as she cried loudly beneath me as we moved together in unison. “Fuccccck Meeeeee!” she let out in agony. My balls were slamming into her, forcefully over and over, then I suddenly stopped fully inside of her pussy! My dam breaking as my cock spasmed hard, releasing all of my seed deep inside of her warmth! “Ohhh!” I moaned loudly collapsing onto her. I could feel her contracting on my shaft as she came...again! She just shook beneath me as I slowly softened inside of her...totally spent! Rolling off to a position beside of her, we fell asleep together in complete contentment.


The next few days went by so fast as our time for leaving was drawing near. We spent several hours in nearby Sevierville at the Rain Forest Adventures Zoo having a great time enjoying the many animals and birds that made it their home. Rachel enjoyed the many monkeys that were there. I know, not technically correct, but I call everything that swings from a tree a monkey. The parrots...again, I know they go by many names, but they intrigued me the most. So colorful...and some quite noisy. Beautiful place to visit. I guess I like them the most, because I kept parakeets and a cockatiel for many years.


After that we stopped by Maddog's Creamery for some hand dipped ice cream. “Mmmm!” “This butter pecan is delicious!” Rachel says, licking away. “I'm hooked on good ol' vanilla,” I reply. We retired that evening to the hot tub and relaxed watching the sun go down behind the mountains. We cuddled and kissed in bed as we made our plans for the following day. Our last. two days were fun filled and eventful. My favorite, as I like to enjoy a dram or two of fine Scotch or in the case of Tennessee and Kentucky, some Bourbon and legal Moonshine, was a stop at Smith Creek Distillery. I'm not much of a drinker, but rather a slow sipper of the fine spirits. I bought a few bottles to take home with us for enjoying at a later time. The samples there were delicious.


Our day was completed by visiting the Hollywood wax museum. That had some interesting and scary exhibits there to experience. We ate that evening at Gaucho Urbano a Brazilian steakhouse. We both ordered the beef ancho (ribeye) and their famous salad with steamed vegetables. It was fabulous indeed. Our final day was spent entirely at Dollywood having fun on the various rides enjoying the famous cinnamon bread. Of course we would take home our souvenir mugs. My girl and I held hands as we exulted in the cool fall air going from one ride to another.


Stopping on top of the ferris wheel, I just had to run my hand under Rachel's little red dress for a quick feel. Jerry! Someone might see! she squealed. Nobody can see up here! I laughed, grabbing handfulls of her lovely stocking clad thighs. Brushing a finger over her nylon covered pussy as we kissed passionately. Suddenly we were jolted as the ride started back up. Quickly she repositioned the skirt back and we laughed at our daring escapades like school kids. “Oh Jerry! This is so much fun! Can we come back again?” she says as we walk hand in hand. “We'll have to baby,” I replied.


“Hey! Let's get our supper at Aunt Granny's,” I say spotting it up ahead. “Sounds like a good place,” she adds excitedly. We ate dinner there and before leaving got some ice cream at the famous Dippin' Dots before heading to the cabin. That night we availed ourselves of the wonderful hot tub one last time as we would leave early next morning for home. “The Smoky Mountains are beautiful aren't they Jerry?” she asks. “Yes love, especially in the fall. I love the colors of the trees as they turn before winter. It reminds me a lot of when I lived in the Appalachian mountains of West Virginia,” I reply. Much the same beauty. I thought.


“You know...Virginia, West Virginia, and Kentucky used to be one Commonwealth before the Civil War,” I said. “No, I didn't know that,” she replies. The warm water felt good and soothing to our bodies. We spent a good deal of time there enjoying the views as the sun went down. I kissed Rachel and said...”I want you tonight so bad girl!” “You have me Jerry, anytime you want me,” she said kissing me deeply. We went in after drying each other off. I said “Rachel, would you put on those new black stockings and the matching bra and garter belt love?” “Gladly Jerry!” she beamed in response.


I wanted her so much tonight, our last night here together, alone. Rachel disappeared into the bathroom to get herself ready. My cock rose with just the thought of making love to her. She was so accommodating. She would wear my favorite lingerie, panties without complaint. I really do think she enjoyed it as much as I did. What surprised me was how she took to wearing make-up for me. I loved to watch her fix herself up. It turned me on so much! I would let her do her thing tonight. I was content just being with her right now.


“Tah-Dah!” Rachel surprised me, breaking into my thoughts. “You like Jerry?”she asks winking. “Have mercy girl!” “You are stunning!” I gasp. And she was, standing before me in all black! Bra, hose, garter, and those black Vanity Fair panties pulled over top! Desire had taken hold of every part of me now. Her eye shadow, smoky grey, with a touch of purple...Those luscious red lips all painted and glossed up like I delight in. And Rachel's dark mane framing her beautiful face perfectly.


“Let me catch my breath baby!” I gasped again. My cock noticed too, as I took in all of her sights. “You want me tonight Jerry?” she teases, turning around bending over. Her ass was an amazing sight to me. “I want you Rachel!” I cried. “Come over here and sit on my face,” I instructed her as I leaned back on the bed. Rachel straddled me, her panty clad pussy right in my face. I could feel her outer stockings clad legs in each hand as I kissed and nosed her silky gusset. I pecked, kissed her pussy thru the thin fabric as my hands grabbed her ass cheeks, kneading each rigorously, pulling her more into my hungry mouth.


“Lick my pussy Jerry!” she cried. She then placed a finger inside her panty and pulled the gusset aside, allowing me full access to her delights. Rachel was already moist as my tongue tasted her goodness. I took some time sucking on her labia, teasing with my tongue. Her hands were rubbing her breasts as I licked, sucked and lapped her luscious clit. She was now moaning and sliding back and forth on my mouth as I pleasured her excited pussy. “Ohh!” “Lick me lover!” she sighed. I obliged, circling her clit furiously as she grinded herself into my mouth. I could feel her excitement mounting as I tasted her now wet cunt fully.


“I-I'm coming!” she said excitedly. Her hips sliding her pussy back and forth on my tongue as I kneaded her ass, pulling her fully into my face. “Ohhhhh!” she moaned. Rachel bucked into me as she came, still rubbing her tits. She shook on top of me as she cried out in ecstasy. Quickly I flipped her around as she asked, “Where do you want me?” Sixty nine,” I said. Pulling her ass, now facing me, into my waiting mouth, I kissed her from behind thru the wet panty. Running my tongue along the gusset from her center to her asshole, I savored all her feminine goodness that I could take in thru the panties. My nose buried in her cheeks breathing in all of her feminine essence that I could.


“Rachel?” I managed to ask, pulling at her waist band, “These have to come off! “ With a bit of maneuvering we had her panty off quickly as I resumed my love affair with her glorious ass. Rachel now had my cock's glistening head on the tip of her tongue as she licked my stringy precum, spreading it along with her tongue down the length of my shaft. “Mmmm!” I could hear her muffled sounds. My tongue rimmed her asshole as my hands spread her cheeks apart. I stiffened my tongue and entered her ass. Rachel groaned as I fucked her with my tongue, tasting her fully.


Her mouth engulfed my steel hard tool and was now bobbing up and down on me. We both moaned in pleasure together as we made love intensely. I slid my tongue down from her ass to her pussy and began sucking her clit as I felt my own climax coming. My hips now thrusting up into her warm mouth as my tongue flicked across her clit rapidly. We both were on the brink when I felt her shudder first as she bucked and began shaking, she continued sucking on me even as her fingers tightened around the base of my shaft, setting my own orgasm into motion. “Unhhh!” I cried as my cock erupted into her waiting mouth. I had hold of her calves in my hands squeezing them as my cock continued to spasm in rapturous climax.


We both fell of to the side of each other breathless and somewhat disheveled. Pulling my girl up to me, we embraced as we lay for several moments together in contented silence. “I love you Rachel,” I said breaking the quiet. “I love you Jerry,” her response. We turned and kissed deeply, reveling in our moment. Just kissing my girl caused my desire to begin to return. Her countenance was so beautiful. I moved to the foot of our bed and took her foot in hand, kissing her arches and toes thru the stockings. I ran my hands eagerly over her stocking clad legs, enjoying the feel and shape of her perfection.


I then unhooked each garter strap, and one at a time unfurled the black nylons from her legs. I took my time savoring each toe, foot, ankle, calf, and thigh on my gorgeous lady. Rachel felt and tasted wonderful to this man. My cock emptied minutes earlier, was once again fully erect. I stretched out on top of Rachel kissing her open mouth, tongues dancing together like two gladiators sword fighting. Tasting, teasing, exciting each other with our burning passion. I moved down to her still nylon covered breasts, sucking her erect nipples thru the sheer material. Rachel dug her nails into my back as she moaned audibly. I slowly moved to her shapely tummy, savoring her soft flesh as she now began pulling at my hair.


I found my place between her legs and began licking her pussy once again. Three for you my love, I thought. No one could be more deserving. My tongue licked and penetrated her cunt as she writhed and yanked my hair. I rubbed her nipple with my left hand as she moaned and entered her wet pussy with my right finger, sliding into her easily. My mouth sucked her clit as she once more shook in climax as I continued pleasuring her. No more waiting, I said to myself. Quickly, as she still smoldered before me, I took my hard cock and sheathed myself into her wet warmth.


I started into a pumping motion and only intensified as I moved along. My mind had only one thing in it. Fuck Rachel! “Ahhh!” I cried. I felt her body beneath me as I moved in and out of her. She felt so good. My entire body was in complete ecstasy as we made love. “Fuck me Jerry!” she cried. “Fuck me harder lover!” she shouted louder. I slammed into her cunt with a fury! Like a stallion on his mare I bucked into her forcefully! I was now completely engulfed by the intense pleasure her body was giving me.


I could feel her pussy taking all that I could give her! My seed now welling up again for a final deposit. “AhhhhOhhhh!” I grunted loudly. “I'm coming Rachellll!” And at that I could feel my cock explode into her as I released all that was left in me into her receptive warmth. I collapsed into her arms. She had tightened her legs around me and would not release me, keeping me deep inside of her. After several minutes I rolled off her as we had both given our all that weekend. We didn't shower until morning. Together we both fell into a deep sleep not waking until an hour before we were to vacate the cabin.


After showering together and putting our sweaty clothes in a plastic trash bag, we filled the car and set out for the highway. “I think I'll take 81 north for the drive home,” I said. “Jerry, thank you for the wonderful getaway love,” she said cheerfully. “You are quite welcome my dear,” I replied enthusiastically. Heading onto our ramp and entering the interstate traffic, I look over and ask, “Hey, Rachel?” Yes, she responds. “What kind of panties you have on baby?” She shot me a look I'll never forget, and we both burst out laughing...

On The Road To Bliss