Nun Yuh

Nun Yuh


O these ruddy randy nunneries

Frigging bean oft and sundry

No frilly foreplay

When its time to go pray

All sisters line up mouth to cunny


And when good Mother S.

Shuts the door to confess

Sister’s cunt must

Come thrust

And get off hastily


For at dusk, goodnight orgies

Each sister there forging

Special crosses with fists

To fuck nuns who resist

The will of God manifest for the gorging


O these ruddy randy nunneries

Hide their filth oh so cunningly

In the garden of Eden

She’s horse-fucked and bleedin’

By the virtuous penance of sodomy


Righteously imbued with God’s seedy

A crusade with the pall of the needy

Fitting all of the pews

With dildos and dildues

O the sealed secrets of these ruddy randy nunneries