My own point of view

My own point of view

I as a seller, always try to give my best. I will reach the sky if I could, to make a buyer happy. If I do not have what the buyer is looking for, I will always come up with something, to make him happy. I will never scam someone, especially a buyer. I have been scammed a few times, but those bad experiences did not leave me a bad taste about all buyers because everybody is different. Scamming someone is really not my style, I personally do not understand why some people choose this behavior. At the end of the day, you're a scammer! What did you get? A few extra stolen bucks in your pocket. Having said this, Scented Pansy is a great site and does not deserve to have a stain on it for a few "sellers" scamming. I will never lose my integrity as a person and seller, by trying to scam someone.if you scam someone in life, it tells a lot about that person. A wise man once told me, the relationship between a buyer and seller is like a team. Without each other, there's no team. Life's hard, but this is not the way to get things in life. You get things in life by working hard, being honest and respectful. I will always be myself! Honest, humble and spontaneous! I will never try to imitate someone because when you imitate someone you will only be the "fake copy" -- not the original. Be yourself all the time! Everyone is special, unique! Imagine what the world could be if we were all the same. It will be a very boring one for sure.

Ambition, yes, we all need it to succeed and achieve our goals in life. If you are not ambitious in life, you will never be on top! The right dose of being ambitious will not harm yourself or someone else. The excessive use of ambition is greedy.

Competition yes in life there will always be! Scented Pansy is not different. I saw a lot of competition going on Scented Pansy lately, which is good. It helps you grow as a seller, it motivates you to work hard, to be the best. If it is kept in a good way, competition helps. But do not see it as being in a jungle, that only the stronger will survive. Like I always say, the sea is big enough for everyone. Said all my points of view.  

* Sellers remember buyers come to us, to be happy, stress-free and nice fun atmosphere! Let give them what they want. Keep the fun going! Trust worth base built clientele! Xoxo.

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