Nov 02, 2021
My Favorite Part of Selling?

My Favorite Part of Selling?

So much less laundry to do!

The title and subtitle probably got a bit of a laugh from you right? The fact of the matter is I absolutely HATE doing laundry! I'm good with the washing and drying but the hanging and folding? Hate it! 

This week one of my buyers here on Scented Pansy has bought me a beautiful dresser from my wishlist solely because I'm out of storage for panties!!

This is a big part of what I love about the Scented Pansy community! It feels like I'm coming to see my friends when I pull the site up. I've made seller friends and buyer friends and to be honest with what I'm going through IRL, I'm not sure I would make it without them. 

For the most part, every interaction I have on Scented Pansy is pleasant! I love that if I don't offer a specific service, I have seller friends I can steer the buyer to. Everyone wins! The buyer gets what they want (albeit not from me), a seller friend gets business, I get thanked and everyone is happy. 

Today another seller told me I was an inspiration. That warms my heart! I try to be very creative and different like the ad you see at the bottom of this article! I love when inspiration hits and I crank out a brand new idea. 

Some sellers, of course, I'd never name names, that's not my style, get upset, rude, or mean over a listing they consider "new" and "theirs". I'm the exact opposite. I tell people all the time that if they see something new or different on my page, please feel free to take it and make it their own. 

Let's support one another ladies! We are all here to do less laundry, put smiles on each other's faces and on the buyer's, and have fun!

Much Love as Always,


My Favorite Part of Selling?