Nov 02, 2021
My Dream Girl - By CelticLover

My Dream Girl - By CelticLover

There I was on my PC logged into SP looking for what I always was, my favorite girl Bella. Only she wasn't there. Gone. After months of dialogue and clicking on items for sale in her store. Bella was no longer there. I feel a profound sense of loss. She was unique among all the many women I've encountered in my life. I felt as if I could talk to her about anything. Any subject. She seemed to care. Bella was knowledgeable about many things, including politics, even conspiracy theories.

She knew as much as anyone I knew about the Q phenom. She stimulated my mind as no other girl ever has. She also stimulated my male desire unlike any other could either. Bella captured my head as well as my heart. I went wrong with her somehow. Maybe coming on too strong, perhaps too old for her, or more likely I was simply not her type. I could only beat myself up over her loss. I digress. Here it was now months later and I find myself logging in to look for her on SP hoping to see her picture show up with the green dot illuminated indicating she was online. I've tried talking to and buying from a few girls since, purchasing video's and panties, but none compare to her. She has spoiled me completely...forever. It's getting late, I reason. 3:00 AM and my eyes are getting heavy as I yawn.

My mind drifts back a few months...I remember the thrill of spotting Bella on SP. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning when I chatted with her. She liked to change her avatar regularly. Hey, I liked them all but my favorite was the pink one piece she wore with the white stockings. Her lipstick matched perfectly. Man! She is a looker, I say to myself. Looking up at my laptop screen as I lay in bed I spot that familiar green dot on my screen and my heart starts to quicken. I click on her image and open the chat. Bella? I type – Hi There! Her response. I'm so glad to see you, how are you? Fine, she replies. I can't believe my eyes. I have to make the most of this, I think to myself. After some small talk, I ask if I can meet her in town for some coffee and we agree to meet up at a local cafe. I quickly shower and shave not forgetting to splash on my favorite cologne. Putting on my best shirt, trousers, and shoes, I head out the door, car keys in hand.

Finally, I would meet my favorite girl. Almost like a dream come true. Pulling into the lot I see her getting out of her car as I take the spot beside her. Jerry, she says smiling, so nice to meet you! I extended my hand, taking hers into mine. Bella, it's my pleasure to meet you in person, I reply. Oh my! I think to myself. This woman is incredibly beautiful. I have lived many years and have seen and met scores of women, many quite lovely but...Bella is far and away the most gorgeous woman my eyes have ever seen! No question. We entered the cafe, chatting, catching up and enjoying each others company for what seemed like hours...Yet the time seemed not to really exist.

My mind was scrolling, reeling...I see us being on the beach in the summer alone on the sand. It's so nice out here Jerry, she exclaims. I turn to answer and Bella is lying on the blanket we share in a blue & white striped bikini. Her figure is stunning! You gonna just stare love or put some lotion on me? She teases smiling mischievously. I reached for the bottle of Coppertone as she turned herself over offering me a glimpse of her back. I started rubbing in the fragrant lotion on her shoulders, working my way downward. Her skin was already tan and soft to my touch. My eyes couldn't get enough of her spectacular form. My manhood noticed as well. I think you just emptied a whole bottle on my leg honey, she says, her eyes peeking out from under her sunglasses. I sheepishly grinned, frantically rubbing all the more, trying to make it all go away. Sorry, I reply. You like rubbing my legs Jerry? Yes baby, I reply.

My hands worked deftly massaging both of her delicious thighs, I couldn't help but run my fingers under her bikini bottom kneading her glorious ass cheeks. Oh Bella! I exclaim. She felt so amazing! Desire welling up in me as I could feel her delicate skin under my fingers. I want you girl! I blurted out. She then turned over and I lay down beside her on the blanket under the umbrella. I remove her sun glasses to look into her lovely eyes. My hand touches her soft cheek. I swallow, taking a deep breath as I take in all of her beauty. You are so pretty Bella, I tell her. And she is. Like no other, I exclaim.

Her big dark eyes and perfect nose frame her full cheeks and the most sensuous lips ever! I move in to kiss her and our lips meet, our mouths part. She was so tender to my touch. I never want it to end, I think to myself. I loved her kiss. Her mouth, so soft, wet, and warm. Our tongues meet and we explore all of each other. We kissed on the beach for quite some time before being overrun by vacationing families with children. Let's head for our room, she says. Great idea. I reply. You hungry? I ask as we pull out onto the road. I'm starving, her reply. We stop by a local shoppe for subs and retire in the afternoon heat to our air-conditioned room. We eat and make plans for after we get home.

Let's shower off the sticky sweat and sand, she says. I'm with you there, my reply. We strip off our suits and proceed to lather each other up, having fun, laughing, playfully. The water felt good on our skin. We towel each other off, making our way to the bed. We kiss deeply, passionately. Oh Bella, I cry. I must have you! I've wanted her since I first saw her some time ago.

My desire for Bella is like no other. I remember telling her on SP chat that I thought she was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. I think she thought I was just handing her some corny pick-up line or something. Hey, I don't roll that way. Bella is the most beautiful woman in every way, period! She is spectacular! You know...To someone, one person is attractive and to another that same one is ordinary. Go figure! All I know is what I like! Bella is the best!

I step back taking in all of her from above, looking down on her nude, glorious body. I love how she is built! Her breasts are so perfectly full and shapely. Both nipples just waiting for my mouth to consume. Her waist and tummy, so soft and inviting. Bella's pussy is trimmed neatly in a landing strip style just begging for my tongue to taste her. Her legs and feet are shapely and so very attractive! I long to have all of her! I take her foot in my hand and caress it firmly, kneading her delicate sole in my hands. So, so nice my love, I sigh. My lips kiss her soft skin. She takes care of herself. I appreciate that. I suck on each of her perfect toes, licking and tasting her perfection.

Holding her leg up, I kiss her slender ankle tenderly, savoring every inch of her beauty, as my eye sees her pussy spread, revealing her now parted lips. Bella's pussy is lovely. Her labia are shaped perfectly like the rest of her gorgeous body. Downward I kiss and lick from her gorgeous calf to her very soft, luscious thigh. I now position myself between her legs and kiss and taste each of her thighs as I turn my mouth towards her sweet pussy. At first I kiss above her pubic area working downwards tasting every inch of her cunt, moving slowly towards her lovely clit. My love tastes so good. Her pussy was now moist with excitement.

My hands reach up taking each breast into my hands, massaging her sensitive nipples lightly between my fingers. My tongue continued tasting Bella's pussy, exploring all of her goodness, as I moved up and over her delicate rosebud. Oh Baby, Baby! She moaned. Do you like? I tease. Yess!, her breathless reply. I was now tasting my girl fully, completely! Her pussy was now completely wet with her own delicious nectar! I continued my steady pace, licking her, lightly and circling her nipples with my fingers.

I slipped my right hand down feeling her lovely tummy and then thigh as I slid my tongue along her delicate slit. With my right finger I entered her warm tunnel to massage her G-spot as my mouth pleasured her now dripping pussy. I could glance up to see her face concentrating on her pleasure. Her breathing, now heavy as her torso beneath me writhed in ecstasy. Oh! Baby! Baby! She cried, her face flushed with excitement. Come for me love, I said encouraging her. COME Baby! I commanded between breaths. Oh Jerry! Lick me!....Lick me! She begged. I literally was furiously licking and gently sucking on her clit, my entire face was now covered in her warm juices! I lapped all of her delicious juices as much I could before she reached her climax!

Suddenly,her back arched, her leg began to shake. Bella was excited! Her body responding to my touch completely. Her pleasure reaching it's peak! I-I'm cominggg! she managed to cry as her tummy began to convulse in spasm after spasm of glorious pleasure. Her pussy clenched on my finger sliding inside of her. Looking up I could see her head back as she shook in ecstasy. I grabbed her tit tightly as my mouth continued to pleasure her contracting pussy.

After a few moments she slowly returned to a warm glow from her white hot state. I moved myself up to lay beside her. I kiss her lovely cheek. I love you girl, I whisper to her. I kiss her deeply on her mouth. You taste so good baby, don't you? I say softly. Bella smiles. Her countenance is so beautiful. She is the most stunning woman God ever created. I love her. My now rock hard cock was poking her side, letting her know we weren't finished yet.

She reached over, taking me into her hand, slightly squeezing my rigid tool. How do you want me love, she asked. Let's go sixty-nine, you on top Bella, I reply. As I lay flat, my girl straddled me from above. Bella took my cock into her warm mouth, sucking, licking, pleasuring me thoroughly. Oh Bella! I cried. That feels sooo good baby! As she expertly brought me to a complete state of ecstasy with her mouth, I had her most glorious ass right in my face! She moved up and down my shaft all the while her ass presented a view that thrilled me and filled my soul with an overwhelming desire! I grabbed both cheeks in my hands and began licking her still wet, warm pussy from behind and underneath. She tasted so good. I could not get enough of my woman! As she gave of herself, I just wanted more and more of her delicious body!

Desire had possessed me completely! I couldn't take it anymore. My senses were being overloaded! Oh Girl, I cried. As I buried my face into her cunt, pressing myself completely into her warmth! My loins were on fire! I was about to explode! Bella must have sensed I was close as she took all of me into her mouth. Just as I grabbed both of her ass cheeks tightly, I came,HARD! Instantly, my cock emptied all of my load into her waiting mouth. Bella swallowed it down and stayed on top as I slowly softened in her hand.

We lay there exhausted for a few moments, reveling in our mutual moment of pleasure. I loved this woman. She is everything a man could ever want in a female. Drop dead gorgeous, intelligent, full of common sense, and a down to earth good, good girl... she was also a bad, bad girl too, very naughty, just as I like! I look up and...that ass! Damn! I kiss her right cheek. That little mole, I chuckle. I kiss some more. I want to taste her sweetness even more. I'm now licking her beautiful body again, I run my tongue from the bottom to the top of her pussy. Focusing on her clit again, tasting all of her deliciousness once more. Bella moans. I can't get my fill of her! I had only moments earlier had a massive orgasm and yet I can already feel my desire returning.

Or has it never left? My cock stirs yet again, readying for what surely must be the grand finale. She squeezes my cock lightly as I concentrate on her luscious pussy. Bella smells so good. Her aroma is like no other. I am intoxicated by her feminine scent. I could spend my entire life tasting her honey. I can feel her tits on my legs, nipples brushing against my skin, causing my cock to stiffen as she bends forward giving me and my hungry mouth full access to her delicious center. Tell me to lick you girl, I instruct her coming up for air. I like it when she talks to me in the throes of passion. Lick me, she says. I playfully slap her ass cheek. I can't hear you, I reply. Lick Me Jerry! She commands, squeezing my cock harder. I began consuming her pussy as she writhes and grinds against my face. Her ass now bobbing on top of me as I lustily suck her clit. I now run my tongue upward and around her asshole, rimming her deliciousness completely. What do you want Bella? I tease. Lick me! She shouts, as I run my stiff tongue into her asshole. I now taste all of my girl fully!

I slap her other cheek this time. Lick my ass Jerry! She commands. I'm now orally into all of my girl completely, thoroughly. My tongue savoring all of Bella's musky goodness! I run my left finger over and around her slippery clit as I pleasure her ass with my tongue. Bella was now crying in ecstasy as I licked and sucked her into a frenzy. Ohh! Babbbby! She shouted as her pussy reached the point of absolutely exploding into a rapturous climax! Bella's body jerked and bucked as my face and tongue was buried deeply into all of her wet, warm goodness! Ohhh! She moaned as she shook. Convulsing in waves of pleasure she fell off beside me, my girl just shuddered as she lay smoldering for a few moments.

Oh Jerry she sighed. What did you do to me? She said breathlessly. I'm not done yet, little girl, I say smiling. Turning her onto all fours, I position her on the edge of the bed as I stand behind her on the floor. Just the sight of her made me even harder. The anticipation of the pleasure of being inside of this most glorious woman had me shaking with excitement! Taking my now rock hard cock in my hand, I place my other hand on her backside. I guide myself into her warm,wet, tight pussy, slowly sliding all the way into her. She was hot! I mean she was smoking! Now grabbing both her hips, I begin moving like a piston, in and out, in and out of her sweet pudding.

Oh Bella! I cry. I love you! My woman felt so good! You feel amazing love, I tell her. You like my pussy Jerry, she coos. Yess! Oh! Bella! Yes Baby! You satisfy me! Oh Baby, I cry as we move in rhythm together, in and out! I in her and she inviting me in, over and over we dance in our personal tango. We were one. I was now in ecstasy inside my lover! My mind now taken over with pleasure. The feeling of my girl beneath me was overwhelming.

Watching her magnificent body from above her as she moved sensually while I thrust my cock inside of her. Bella moaned. I loved how her back looked, her hair, and her ass moved as we made love! The sight of my girl took my pleasure to even greater heights! The sounds she made as we made love drove me to the very edge! Ohh! Jerry! she cried. I continued pumping into her tight, warm pussy! Her ass felt so good moving in my hands. I could feel my loins reaching the point of explosion.

I wanted this feeling to never end! I tried to hold back...tried to prolong the pleasure. Ohh! I grunted. But, Bella was bringing me the ultimate in ecstasy! She was too good! Too overwhelming! Oh Baby! I cried. I-I'm getting close! I stammered as I thrusted into her even harder. Fuck me Jerry! Fuck mee! Bella screamed! Fuck her I did! I gave her all that I had moving faster and more forceful with every stroke. My pleasure was building to a crescendo! I wanted to stay inside of her forever! Oh Girrrl! You are my desire! I wanted all of her! Ohhh! I couldn't hold back any longer! Bellaa!!!At that primal cry...I released my load. Fully stopping on the downstroke, pulling back tightly on both her hips! My cock spasming in complete release... Oohhh BELLA!!! I LOVE YOU!!!At that very moment my mind could hear an...alarm clock? My alarm clock was going off?! I look up to see my laptop screen still on SP...but no green dot?! No was all just a dream......a very wet dream...