My Body Is My Temple

My Body Is My Temple

Knowing Your worth from a sellers perspective

“Know how to listen and you will profit even from those who talk badly.” -Plutarch  120 A.D Greek historian, biographer, and essayist 

Gentlemen. The art of selling panties goes more in depth than just wearing something sexy! Sellers put time, dedication, and most of all? care and thought into every aspect of it; from every detail down to mailing! Some of us eat mindfully, some of us don’t smoke such as myself, while others do certain things to embed her signature into a delectable panty, JUST for you. 

So when you ask us for sales, have you not considered the investment on our behalf? Just because we get a bundle at a store, WE are the Goddess that wear them for no less than 24 hours. So when I’m asked to get two for the price less than the investment made, I figured I might as well lost a day! 

Not all of our panties are from your local Victoria Secret, some are designer and some are handcrafted for specialty! 

Please consider that our Vaginas are our temples, they are a habitat that requires healthy hygiene and a perfect diet to maintain optimal wetness and scent! So when you ask us for outlandish things for half the price of what something’s worth, consider you’re asking us to treat our temples like garbage. It’s asinine! 

If we don’t meet your pricing, let us throw in complimentary add ons, or pussy pops, maybe a video? Etc. 

Harassing us because you’re unhappy that you’re not getting the price you want, will bring you no closer to getting our panties or what’s advertised.

This is a business. 

So Goddesses, PLEASE know your worth! It pains me to see a price so low for more than what your worth and to your body’s health! 

A panty fetish has no face, it doesn’t matter about a sellers insecurities or how she looks. She puts in HARD work for your fetish and that is the price point! Not how much we bought it for or your personal judgments of her. 

So in conclusion, treat us nicely and show us respect and you will be treated like the king or queen that you are! If you are not happy with our pricing, we will do the best we can to accommodate you, but we will NOT lower ourselves to meet your standards. At the end of the day, I still persevere!

Know that when you purchase a panty, you are taking that Goddess home with you and everything she is. 

“Agápise to sóma sou” 

Love your body💋💋


My Body Is My Temple2