Nov 02, 2021


How to stay safe and confident

A question that I get asked a lot is: How do I approach working with different photographers?

One thing that I automatically do when working with a new photographer is to play it safe. As a way of playing it safe, I check their Instagram and message the most recent model on their page and ask for their opinion. Once that is taken care of, I ask the photographer if it okay to bring an escort with me, and as long as they agree without any conditions, I feel safe choosing to work with them.

Now onto the planning. When planning with a photographer, make sure you both understand your boundaries and limitations. The worst thing any model can do is to not have a discussion with the photographer on what to expect from the shoot, and show up to a shoot unprepared. Not having open communication in a shoot has the possibility of ruining the reputation of the photographer and or the model and can create a lot of conflict.

While discussing the outfit and wardrobe, listening to both your intuitions and the photographer’s ideas will always help the shoot go smoothly. After agreeing on time, place and aesthetic, both parties involved can usually get a good feel for how the shoot is going to turn out. My biggest rule for working with a new photographer is to show up early, or if for any reason I am running late, even if it is only two or three minutes, I will let them know. I am always very professional and listen to the ideas of the photographers and I give input as well.

Saying something if you are uncomfortable makes the photographer aware of your comfort level. Never be afraid to speak up for yourself even if you feel like you will hurt the person’s feelings. It is better to feel safe than to worry about your reputation because situations can turn into a much bigger issue later on in the shoot. Since I do most of my connections over Instagram, most photographers know quite a bit about me since I am and have always been very honest with everyone who follows my page.

With most of the shoots I take part in, the photographer and I have a very clear end goal, but sometimes improvisation turns out better and it is easier to deal with ideas as they come in. Planning too much for a shoot can cause shoots to feel like a job, rather than a fun experience for everyone involved.

I thoroughly enjoy what I do as a model, and the main take away that I want all of the readers to know is to never be afraid of trying something new, but speak up and be confident in your abilities because, at the end of the day, you know yourself and your boundaries the best.