Meet Your New Mommy

Meet Your New Mommy

I recently took a loooooong break from the site here, after hitting my pantyversary, and have begun to revive my thriving business. It’s hard to come back from a break because things change. Prices. People. Trends. The entire layout of the site. With all the change, I became irrelevant after previously having leaps and bounds of success. Going from a previous #1 and #2 seller and a booked calendar from an empty calendar and the reputation of an old hag, I decided it’s time to make a change. 

A little about me...  I’ve been doing this for over two years and consider myself an EXTREMELY open-minded person. I appreciate the human body, sex of all kinds, and fetishes of every nature. I LOVE being spoiled and pampered. What woman doesn’t? With that being said, i’m flexible. Willing to compromise within reason. Only can afford a video for a few bucks? Cool, buy me some lightbulbs off my amazon list. Bitches love lightbulbs. Have a couple grand to blow? Cool, buy me thousands of lightbulbs. I’m not picky. But, I know my worth. Sometimes my prices are higher than other sellers. Why? Here’s why..

-My product is quality and authentic. I buy quality panties and make sure I remain smoke-free, perfumes and dye free, and keep allergens at bay. 

 -I live a healthy lifestyle and keep my pH closely monitored in a regular basis. No STD’s, no bacterial infections, healthy smelling pussy. 

 -I take pride in my work and your pleasure. This is a job, but it’s a passion as well. I love expressing myself and knowing that someone is enjoying the very essence of my being. 

 -I’m skilled, I know the tips and tricks of the business and I understand what the buyer wants. From the preparation to the shipping, everything is done with you in mind. 

I offer quite a lot! Looking for something specific? Ask! I am a 34B in bra, medium to large in panty fullbacks, and small to medium in thongs. I have BIG feet at size 10 and am 5 feet tall. I’m thick and chubby in the right places with a big booty.. more to love, right?

My panties are all flat rate: $35 with a $3 shipping charge. This includes 48 wear, discrete shipping in a secure envelope, updates if requested and tracking if absolutely desired, a hand-written thank you note, and a review at the end of the transaction. 

I offer multiple add ons! All add-ons are $5 unless noted otherwise..

-Yellow, brown, red $5 

 -Cum/Creampie $5  

-Spit in panty $5 

 -extra 24 hour wear $5 

 -2.5 minute video in panties $10 

 -1 water bottle of yellow $20 

 -Stuffed panty $5 

 -Video of stuffed panty $15

I also offer online services!

-Kik sessions are $1 a minute with pictures and videos included at my discression with a minimum 30 minute booking. Sessions over 60 minutes are $1.75 a minute. 

 -Custom videos are $2.50 a minute with a maximum of 10 minutes. No full face will be shown. Videos released via google drive with access able to be revoked at anytime if issues arise. 

 -GFE $175 for 3 days and 3 nights, this includes video chats and text/picture messages all day and a free panty shipped to you.  

-Photo sessions are $1 per picture and include no face but include fulk nudity if requested. 

***For health and safety reasons, I will never do anal insertion***

I am available via KIK at knaughtymommy, on twitter at knaughtmommy (also Goddess Knaughty Mommy) and via email at Please be patient as I have a full-time job. 

I accept MULTIPLE forms of payment! 

Google Pay:


Squarecash and circle pay:

Amazon and victoria secret giftcards:

Ask me about my amazon list! 

Happy shopping! 💋

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