"Make it Stronger"?

"Make it Stronger"?

The Etiquette of Asking for Extra

I do not admit to be an expert in panty sales or buyer relations, but as a former bartender, I have started noticing a few similarities between the two fields. Hang with me for a minute and I promise the analogy will make sense!

When you go to most any bar and order a gin and tonic for example (my personal favorite), you can expect a standard pour on the liquor with a little more or a little less mixer and maybe a garnish depending on where you go. Except what if you really like gin? What if you're really trying to get your drink on? Maybe you ask your bartender "Make it a strong drink?" No harm, right? You just wanted a little more liquor in the drink, we've all been there. Only then the check comes and you got charged for a double shot in that gin tonic. But you just wanted it to be made stronger and for free, not enough extra to have to pay more! 

Hopefully this doesn't come as a surprise that ordering something "strong" or "extra" might come with another price tag. The same thing can apply to panties! Yes, yes, everyone knows if you want to add on another day of wear, maybe some stuffing, additional pictures, you name it, these "add ons" come with a little charge for the seller doing more than their own established standard (or at least what was reflected in the listed price). Most are respectful of this! The problems can arise when we get requests not for an additional day of wear, but instead to make it "extra wet", "extra creamy", "extra dirty", "extra ___". When these requests are met with suggestions for adding on an additional day of wear, work out, or play session, the response tends to be that they don't want to purchase an add on, just to make it extra _____. We sellers are here to please, with the wonderful job of selling our sexy scented panties! Trying to get more and more from an order while keeping the price tag low only hurts us, and is unfair to other buyers who respect our standards of wear. So if you are looking for those extra ___ panties, talk to your seller about add ons, or about scheduling! If you like them creamy arrange a wear date during a specific part of her cycle. Like them sweaty? Ask about her plans for the week! But don't expect extra Extra EXTRA. If I could make myself extra wet or creamy with the snap of my fingers that would be great, but unfortunately I haven't been able to harness that ability yet (side note: sellers, if you have hacked your vagina to be able to do this, please let me know how!) And, yes, I know sometimes a pair will just turn out extra wet, or creamy or whatever, and that's how we market or describe it, but there is a line when asking for what could be freebies!

This platform is built on respectful relationships and transactions (in my experience, some of the best I have seen in my time as a member of the adult industry!) and part of that is knowing the difference between ordering something "stronger" versus a double. But hey, to each their own! Just know what you are asking for, and asking of your sellers. But me? You know, if Chipotle's guacamole is extra... then so am I :)

"Make it Stronger"?2