Nov 02, 2021
Lingerie Loving

Lingerie Loving

By CelticLover

Another hot summer's day at Eros Gardens second floor building C. Kate had been gone a few days with her family on vacation in Florida enjoying the beach, while Karen and I spent time in Detroit in the high 90's mostly staying inside. Since Karen spent more time working from home for her law firm, we got to see each other quite often. Matter of factly I figured out a way we could spend most of the days together. I said, “Hey baby, you carry your phone and laptop with you and when you are needed take the call and file or follow up when you need to. Working from home didn't matter where you were as long as your “tools” were handy.” She liked that idea as it seemed to work after her initial hesitation.

Karen was 44 yrs. old and a ravishing beauty. A tall drink of water. I think she felt comfortable with me as I was even taller. Heck, I make most everyone look short. One afternoon while sitting in my living room, Karen knocked at the door. I opened and, “Daaaaaaaaaaaamn! Girrrrrrl!” My mouth dropped to the floor! There she was all decked out like a supermodel...of the fifties! “Well, come on in doll!” I exclaimed. “You like Jerry?” she beamed. “I love honey!” I couldn't contain my elation. Karen lifted her arms and turned around, offering me a glimpse of her glorious figure. “You are stunning love!” I gasp. “What brought this on?” I inquire.

“Oh, please come in and have a seat,” I said as I closed the door. “Some iced tea?” I ask. “That would be refreshing,” she replied as she sat down making herself comfortable. “Do you remember last week we were having a conversation when Kate and I were over for lunch?” “You know about fetishes and such?” she asks smiling as I hand her a glass. “Of course I remember,” I say, taking a seat across her. “When you said what you like I listened intently and I was so turned on by what you were saying, I went out and bought a few things. I also have some items coming in the mail too,” she states excitedly.

“Tell me everything you like or don't like about me today,” she says inquisitively. “Well, Karen, let me run my eyes over you love, I say as I look her over from head to toe. First off baby, I love your red lipstick, all glossed up. Red is your color Karen. Your make-up and eye shadow are stunning to me! I like the curl in your long dark hair,” I enthuse. “Stand up again baby,” I politely ask. “Honey, I see those garter clips and your hold-ups slightly showing thru your sexy cream colored skirt!” I say excitedly. “I am floored by your legs encased in those Pretty Polly stockings love,” I gush. “Those matching cream high heels really accentuate your sexy calves.”

“How did you know the brand?” she asks incredulously. “A man like me knows his hosiery,” I laughingly say. “I got them at a vintage dealer, along with some Albert's sandalfoot, as well as ordering some Cuban heel fully fashioned 10 denier from SIL”, she notes. “I am impressed my lady. You are an intriguing woman indeed!” I say. “Tell me Jerry, what got you started in all of this?” she asks matter of factly. “Well, I told you girls about my fetish, and our younger friend Kate at thirty probably didn't quite get it, I continue. Hers is a bare legged, thong generation.”

“Yours Karen, is a tad more sophisticated. But, alas...it was the forties thru sixties fashion that moves us older men. Stockings, pumps were in vogue then. Things got a bit more casual, sloppier as time moved on. Hey, I've learned to like it all even cotton thongs. But I'll always be partial to the past,” I said. “Yes, I can see why you like it, I feel absolutely like a princess wearing this Jerry!” she giddily states. “You dear, are a queen!” I add as charmingly as I could. “So, how did the passion begin?” she asks again.

“Well let me start from the very beginning. As a young boy in the sixties. I can remember my mother, who was like many then, a housewife. She tended the home and us kids also. Mom would have her girlfriends over for coffeecake and tea. These ladies were housewives as well. I think they took turns hosting their get-togethers. Anyway as a young boy of three or four I would play on the floor as kids tend to do, and at some point I noticed...even at that young of an age...I wasn't sexual by any means, but I knew women and girls were different and arousing in some magical kind of way.”

“When mom's company came visiting, the ladies were in their early, mid-twenties. Just young babies themselves,” I laughingly say. “But when they sat on a chair or couch, I got an eyeful of stocking tops and garter clips. Some wore girdles, waist cinchers, but all had nylon silky panties and stockings. I enjoyed the view and none seemed to notice me staring, or cared for that matter. It was particularly exciting.” “One particular time I remember very well. I was in my PJ's under the dining table as these gals were playing bridge and gabbing away. I got my first noticeable hard-on just looking up each skirt or dress. I could see bush thru some and a stocking foot as one would remove her shoe or dangle before my young eyes. I couldn't come or even orgasm then, but I knew I liked it. An impression was set.”

“By junior high school mini-skirts were in and pantyhose replaced stockings pretty much for good... well almost. When I was twelve a friend's mother who I thought was a looker, got me my first orgasm.” “No way!” Karen says giggling. “Well, not directly....indirectly. She would, being a single mom in her mid thirties occasionally take my friend and I out for pizza night or a movie or some other entertainment. She wore the short skirts of the day, as well as stockings and garters. I always angled for a view as she got in and out of the car. I laid on my bed at night wanking to the sight of her in my mind.”

“Nothing ever happened, until a year later I stayed overnight. I got up to use the bathroom late after all were asleep. I saw her stockings hanging in the bathroom. Women would wash in the sink their delicates & hang them on wooden drying racks in the bathroom to put on for work the next day. I saw those and my cock instantly became hard...I took a tan pair in hand and wrapped my dick in them.” “Oh My!” Karen exclaimed. “I wanked and...nothing. My excitement led me to the hamper and I saw her day old panties. I removed them from the pile and cautiously began to sniff at them while standing up. It was exciting to my mind knowing they were against her pussy. Images of her gorgeous legs, and her feminine scent had my cock feeling like it had never felt before.”

“What was the feeling like Jerry? Like it does now when you get excited?” she asked. “No Karen, it was almost an out of body experience. I felt a buzzing sensation in my penis. It acted like it was battery operated and started vibrating on it's own. I wanked, my mind and senses racing...then it welled up from my loins and come shot all over the walls and floor. I was in a state of shock,” I said chuckling. “I thought I might die or something. Eventually, I composed myself and wiped up my mess and slipped back to bed. I never forgot that night.”

“Wow, tell me more!” she inquires curiously. “Well from then on I knew what I liked...The imprint was there, like a tattoo on my soul forever. I married at twenty and my wife was a cotton panty gal and she wore pantyhose to her office job. All standard for the eighties.” “That's when I was a little girl,” Karen adds. “Yes.” I reply. “Well as our life progressed together, my wife relished wearing the stockings and garters I would buy for her to wear. She even wore the nylon sheer and semi sheer panties too. I had it good for so long. As I told you, I lost her early to illness. So here we are living the single life in the twenty first century.” “I never heard a man talk about his coming of age like you just did.” she says.

“More tea?” I ask. “Yes,thanks.” she replies. “You really like my outfit Jerry?”she asks, brown eyes penetrating me as I hand her the refill. “Baby I really, really do,” I answer as I drop to my knees in front of her. I kiss her knee. “Mind if I peek up your skirt?” I playfully ask. “Why yes you may, you naughty boy!” she quips. I run my hand up her lovely thigh. I can feel her stocking top with my fingers, then her chuckle flesh. “Ohh!” I exclaim, “You like Jerry!” she teases. “I like and I want!” I answer her sliding and running my hands down and over her stocking clad legs. Quickly I snatch her off the chair pulling her down to the floor with me. “Oops!”she cries as she lands on top of me. I reach for the zipper on the back of her skirt and pull it down. She unbuttons her silk blouse as I watch with piqued interest as her bosom emerge encased in a sheer nylon bra. Her luscious nipples fully in view.

I was now fully hard and she noticed sitting atop me. “What have we here sir?”she giggles. “Seems somebody is glad to see me!” she laughingly says. Karen rubs my crotch just to tease me a bit more then says, “I think these need to come off Jerry. If I'm down to my underthings, then you need to follow my lead.” I was only too happy to oblige this most beautiful of women. As I slid my trousers and shorts off, my rigid tool stood at attention. I pulled her back onto me and our mouths met open and wet. We kissed and tasted each other for a great while. I sucking on her tongue and she on mine. We licked and devoured each other hungrily.

Karen moved quickly to my hard cock and took it into her warm mouth, sucking me into ecstasy. Her lips and tongue, along with her fingers brought me such pleasure. I instructed her to a sixty-nine position, where I had full view of her sheer nylon-covered ass. I motorboated into the crack of her fragrant cheeks, inhaling all of her female goodness as she licked along my shaft. It felt so good in her mouth. “Karen!” I managed. “I-I'm getting close!” I cried. “Come for me lover!” she replied “Come in my mouth!” she coaxed. My hips were thrusting into her mouth as she pleasured my balls with her hand.

I could feel my come welling up inside of me. My hands were on her head as she bobbed up and down on my steel hard shaft. Her hair was, like all of her...beautiful! So silky soft, almost black. So nice, shiny. I took a hand away as she sucked and pleasured me, to slip her remaining red heel off. I brought it to my nose to inhale her scent. Soo good I thought. My mind engulfed in the myriad sensations she gave me, I just let myself give in to the pleasure. Arching my back, stiffening my legs as I reached plateau, I cried, “Oh Karen!” “Karennnn!” as I shot my milky white seed into her warm, waiting mouth!

I lay back spent from the ball draining orgasm I had just been given. “You like that Jerry?” she coos. “Oh Baby!” “You are amazing!” I answer. “Come here little baby,” I said taking her in my arms. “Let's hug a bit love,” I whisper. “I want to reciprocate but I need a bit of time to reload.” I was still breathing hard. “I fully understand lover,” she assures. I kiss her cheek, taking note of her perfume. “What are you wearing that smells so peachy love?” I inquire. “Mitsouko,” she replies. “Ahh, I thought so,” I reply. “You dear have exquisite taste. Guerlain is a favorite of mine.” I said. “Thank you Jerry,” she said happily.

I begin circling a nipple thru her sheer bra. Then kiss the other thru the silky fabric. Both nipples respond by becoming hard instantly. “Ooo! I like,” she squeals as I continue unabated. “My pussy is sopping wet in these panties,” she exclaims. I move my way down her curvaceous body, savoring every inch of her fragrant skin. Kissing, tasting her goodness. I stop at the top of her panty, then move down to position myself between her thighs. I move her still stocking-clad legs apart and lower myself to sniff and kiss her labia thru the sheer, moist gusset. “Ohh!” I exclaim. “You are wet my dear, and so delightful,” I excitedly say. Take my time here, no hurry, I tell myself. I am going to totally savor this beautiful dish!

I take a stocking-clad leg in hand. Undo the clasps and slowly unfurl it from thigh to toes. I kiss her soft thighs, knees, calves, feet, and spend time sucking on her pretty red painted, delicate toes. “Ahhh!” “Girl you are so fine,” I mutter as I work down the other leg, stopping only to admire her great form. My desire now fully back...I lift both ankles upward, reaching down as I held them with my left hand to grasp her panties with my right hand, pulling them up and off in one deliberate motion. As my girl lay before me, her pussy glistening with her wetness. I dove in like a starving man who had not eaten for weeks. My mouth, lips, and tongue pleasured her fully. I licked up her slick come as quickly as she produced it. My face was covered as I tasted all of her.

“Ohh!” “Baby, baby!” she cried. “Lick my pussy Jerry!” “Make me come!” she moaned. Her hands now entwined in my hair as I licked, circling, sucking her vulva, dancing with my tongue all around her delicate pearl. Ohhh! Right there. I found her spot just licking each side of her clitoral hood. “Oooo!” “Jerrrry!” she groans. I slid a finger into her and curled it upwards towards her sensitive g-spot. Her pussy clenched down as I slid in and out of her stimulating her both orally and manually. “I-I'm close Jerry!” she moans. Her tummy contracting, legs twitching, back arching as I lapped away “Oh,Umpppf!” Karen was coming, and she shuddered, convulsed, and cried out loud!

I slowly pulled back as she rubbed her tits, tongue extended and still shaking. I took my hard cock in hand and didn't wait. I mounted her in good ol' missionary fashion, guiding myself into her dripping wet pussy. I slid in easily. Sliding myself in and out of her I could feel her warmth on my rod as I thrust into her pudding. “Ohh Girrrrl!” I moaned. I found her tongue with my mouth and sucked on it as she kept it there for me. Then as I fucked her she wrapped her long legs around me and pulled me deeper into her warmth. “Ohhh Jerry!” she moaned. “Fuck me baby!” “Fuck your pussy!”

I obliged her by pumping myself into her as if I were nailing her to the floor! I could feel her beneath me as I moved into and out of her wet but tight pussy. I felt the intense pleasure this woman was giving me. My mind now enveloped in an altered state of ecstasy. I could feel myself reaching apogee....plateau. I cried, “I'm cominggg!” “I-I'm com...and with a final thrust and a mighty groan we both let our dams break. She contracted on my shaft and squirted as I came spasming into her delightfully delicious pussy! Slowly, both of us still breathing hard and spent, lay together and kissed lightly as I softened inside of her and rolled slowly off to lay beside her. We both looked at the ceiling of my apartment for minutes and swore we saw...stars...

Lingerie Loving