Light At the End of The Tunnel

Light At the End of The Tunnel

Maintaining Optimism in The Beginning

I along with others come into this industry thinking that panty selling will be easy money, which has proven to be untrue. I started on here looking for an ability to make a profit because as a college undergrad, the "broke college student" soon became my reality. I was on another site for almost two months before giving up and deleting my account after making no sales. I had almost lost all hope but decided to sign up for Scented Pantsy after reading so many positive reviews. I thought that the premium cost was not nearly as high as the other sites and it wouldn't hurt to try another site. So I purchased a one month subscription, made my account quickly verified and was live.

For the first two days I only had one listing and actually had no views. I was determined to make at least one sale before my subscription ended and so the journey began. I will say one thing about SP,  the website and its users are incredibly inspiring. I stayed up for nights and read article after article about tips on how to sell from SP's very own sellers. I read interviews and watched videos. I have realized that I have a thirsting quench to become better and SP fueled me with that knowledge and ability. 

As of right now I haven't made one sale haha but it is only a few days so I am not down about it. Optimism is something you really need to have in this line of work and I would like to thank both admin and the users of this site (both sellers and buys) for providing me with such a positive environment and outlook into the kink world. I feel that I have a community that accepted me with open arms after feeling like an outcast in my real life. I will continue to observe the veterans and even the newbies who have made a sale quicker than I have and try to become better. I know I'm still a long way from the top and although my goal is not number one, I hope that someday I can reach top 10. Even though times right now seem dark as everyone only observes me from afar because I am new and I have no reviews. I will strive to make my buyers as satified as they can be. The light of this community is the light at the end of my tunnel. I just have an amazing gut feeling that that little light at the end of the tunnel will allow me to find new passions and outlets, providing me with new oppurtuniies to find myself. I am truly blessed to have found this site. 

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