Lemonade at the Bar

Lemonade at the Bar

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I looked over at him seated directly across from me, my chair turned to face his.
“May I be excused sir?”
“For what reason? He asked with a sharp tone. 


He did not look up and continued eating. The silence was longing while  I nibbled on my bottom lip, contemplating actually telling him the real reason. 


The silence was noticeable and he stopped eating. “Well?” His eyes were piercing in my direction. 


“I um, need to use the restroom...” My voice trailed off at the end. 


For a moment he sat there, staring and motionless. He gently laid the fork down and whipped his mouth with a napkin. He picked up his glass full of bourbon and took a smooth mouth full. His eyes glaring at me. He put down the glass and fixed his tie. The chair I was sitting in was now pulled into his direction so we were facing each other. 

“Are you wearing panties as I had instructed?


“Yes sir.” my voice was as quiet as a mouse. 

“The white cotton ones?” 


My cheeks felt hot and I started to blush red. I couldn't help it. His gaze was direct as was his question to me. His eyes bore into me as he waited for my answer. I nodded slowly. His smile was pure but with a wickedness behind it.. Here was no other way to describe it. 


“Slide your skirt up and spread your legs.” 

There was no question in his voice. 


I glanced around at the public setting and fear filled me. He couldn't be serious. Could he? One look at his face and I knew that he was. True, the bar was fairly deserted and there weren't many people this late at night but still, there were people with us on the deck and people were passing by. 


“Slide your skirt up, little slut and spread your legs. Do not make me repeat myself.”


That look he gave I knew all to well of his consequences. I felt a shiver go down my spine as I imagined what could happen if I disobeyed again. With trembling fingers I raised my skirt up to my thighs and bunched it up around my hips, spreading my legs to rest along the outer edges of my chair. My blushed cheeks turned a crimson red and I struggled to not look around to see if anyone was seeing what i am doing. He hated when I didn't focus on my task. 


“Did you shave this morning?”


“Yes sir”

“Good girl.” 


“Umm sir? I really do.. I really do have to…” I looked away. I couldn't finish the sentence. I couldn't say it to him. I could let him flog me, chain me up, or tie me down. Put anything he wanted inside me and stand like a good slut but this? This I just couldn't do.. 


“You really have to do what?” His voice was now echoing in my ears and I felt slightly dizzy from embarrassment. 

My mouth felt dry as I croaked out the word “pee”


“I cant hear you slut.” The smug look in his eyes suited him and I shifted in my seat uncomfortably. I noticed a breeze pick up and I could feel it on my pussy through the cotton panties he had me wear. 


He was going to make me say it. He enjoys it when I get like this. 

“ I have to pee.” I said very quietly. Embarrassing. I cant believe I said it to him. 


His next words shocked me. “Then pee.” 

I knew what he wanted. He wanted me to pee right there in the chair. Not look away from him and do something he knew would make me feel shame. I wanted to cry. Frustration and irritation filled me. My bladder was so full and I didnt want to do it. My eyes filled with tears but I dared not look away from him. 


“I said pee my sweet little slut. Stay right there and pee.” 


I knew better then to plead with him. 


“I want you to soak those panties for me.”


I closed my eyes for a second. I could feel my cheeks still burning and my heart racing. I wanted to please him. I wanted to do what he said. He owned me. HIs voice rang in my head from the previous night. “You are mine. And you will do what I say slut. Anything and everything I tell you to do you will do it.” 


I opened my eyes in time to see him lean toward me and put his hot hands around my cunt. I looked down and let the warm urine flow and soak my perfectly white panties. It soaked my thighs and my ass and his fingers. My chair was soaking up  the urine and I could feel it get warmer and warmer. My eyes filled with tears as I felt shame and relief at the same time.

“Good little slut.” I felt him whisper in my ear and gave me a small kiss on my now burning cheeks. “ Get up and go into the bathroom, take off your panties in the middle of the flood and come back out to me holding them in your hand.”
My tearful eyes looked at  with full fear. I opened my mouth to protest but he spoke first. 

“Not a word. Nothing at all from your sweet lips. Do as I say. Now.” 


He turned away from me and picked up his glass of bourbon. He took a mouthful put it down and did not look in my direction. Without a word I got up from my chair letting my sjirt fall back down around my thighs. The wetness between my legs mocked me. It mocked the slut inside me and the control I tried so desperately to hold onto.  

I didn't look at anyone in the bar. I pretended they didn't exist but a part of me wondered if they knew what  I had just done. Could they see the wetness in me? Could they smell it? I entered the bathroom quickly and looked around. All  of the stalls were full and I could hear someone flush. Frantically I slid the wet panties down and held them in my hand. 

I walked out with shaking knees and almost lost my balance.  I held the panties at waist high as I knew that would please him. He watched me with an intriguing smile. 


I sat back down in my wet chair. 

“My good little slut. Open.” he said softly touching his lips to mine. 

I did as I was told, I waited for his tongue to touch mine but instead was greeted with a wet cloth. Then I could taste it. I could taste my soaked panties in my mouth. My eyes widened in disgust and begged him to not do it. 

“Suck on them.” His eyes were excited but his tone and mouth were firm. “Suck on them for me.” 


He took my hand and turned me around towards the now crowded sidewalk with the soaked panties still in my mouth. I felt heat slide through me as he pressed up against my  back. I felt the strength of his body, the steady beat of his heart, the rigid state of his cloth imprisoned cock pushing against my ass. He slid his hand to feel my hot cunt. The people that walked by could see what I was doing. Their faces burned in my mind. They could see what I was doing clearly. They could see a little slut sucking on her urine filled dirty panties. 

I was embarrassed but this type of humiliation made me wet. I could feel his hands rub against my clit as his rigid cock pushed up against my ass even harder. This made my knees feel weak. I would stand here all night and all day if he wanted me too. I would be his good little slut and obey every word. 

“Remember this:” His words brought me out of my trance. “ everything about you is mine. Do not forget it slut.” I wouldn't. I would please him. I stood a little straighter now proud to be his slut. Proud that he owned everything about me. 


He took his fingers out of me and turned me to face him. His gentle hands took the soaked panties out of my mouth. He took one more sip from his glass. “Now let's go have some fun shall we slut?” HIs smile returned on his face and I could feel excitement running through me. 

It was that moment when I realized he completely and irrevocably owned me.