Nov 02, 2021
Ladies and Gentlemen Your Attention Please

Ladies and Gentlemen Your Attention Please

Ladies and Gentlemen....

Hopping on my soapbox for a moment....

Hello everyone! As many of you know, I am Dominique. I have been a fantasy maker for Scented Pansy since 2017. I thought today I would talk openly and frankly to both buyers and sellers....

First, I will start with the buyers. To all the gentleman that respect, buy and support us sellers and who have found a safe haven for your fetishes here, a HUGE Thank You! You are so much more appreciated than can ever be expressed. 

You may have noticed variations in pricing among sellers. There are many different reasons for that. Experience, lack of experience and unfortunately undercutting other sellers are the top three reasons. I want to encourage you to consider even the ones that are "expensive". I also want to encourage vetting your potential seller. Ask questions, review feedback, be clear on what your needs and wants are. Ask for tracking numbers! All packages have postmarks on them anyway and all packages come with tracking numbers. Resistance for this information is really futile since it is right on the package. When you have paid, the seller should either start right away or at a time that has been made clear and agreed upon. If you have paid and suddenly your seller is nowhere to be found, after fair attempts have been made to contact them, please report it to Admin. There are many hardworking sellers who honor their orders. Unfortunately, when a buyer leaves because they have been scammed, it hurts us that are legitimate and hard-working. Communication about orders should be clear. There is ZERO excuse for not getting what you pay for. Also, if you push that order button, please be prepared to pay. That order button is not a communication button. There's an email tab on the sellers homepage for that. There have been folks on the site who have hit that button to communicate and not order, and perhaps because they didn't know. But now it has been discussed. :) 

And finally if you find yourself being harassed by a seller for any reason, reported to Admin. Harassing behavior from anyone is unacceptable.

 And now to my fellow sellers.... I am a woman of action. Meaning, I talk the talk and walk the walk. I take pride in the fact that I truly DO empower other women. I don't have to undercut or pull shady tactics to get sales. I am confident in this. So when I say, I encourage women, if you have any questions please email me! I am always open to answering and lending a helping hand when I can. I have in the past reached out to sellers to offer advice. I still do. I often reach out when I see a seller that is new and has priced themselves too low. It takes time and energy to fulfill fantasies, I am just trying to see that everyone gets a fair amount for the work they do. 

But Dominique, I need Fast Cash. Honey, I get it, but believe me, dragging the price down to nothing where you make zero profit will make it not worth it for you either. 

I have witnessed sellers on the feed undercutting other sellers by $2 or $5 or sometimes even $20! Or by adding more "FREE" items to the order. Think about this, is it really "FREE"? Time and energy had to go into it, why not get paid for it? And while I'm at it, consider your language, ladies. FREE. 

The only things that should be Free are: will, Willy and Liberty....

Why not say, "BONUS"? That language has value... Just like us....

Also, mystery is a wonderful thing. There was a time that gentlemen would pay for nude photos. Nude photo sales are a distant memory for me now. All the full frontal nudity all over the feed is part of the reason why. What's the saying, why buy the cow when you can get the milk free? I'm not calling anyone a cow LOL I grew up in the country and we said that a lot.... I'm just saying I'm not trying to tell anyone what to do. All I'm saying is creating a little mystery never hurt anyone. Men do, after all, enjoy the chase. It awakens their carnal urges ;). 

I know that slow sales can get frustrating. But ladies, the only time you should ever speak of another seller to a buyer is if you are referring them to that buyer. Don't ever, EVER, speak badly of another seller to a buyer. It's wrong. It promotes pettiness and drama, there is no place for that here. You never air your dirty laundry in public! 

We sell it here for sniffing purposes only! 

If you are having an issue with another seller, either take it up with them directly or leave it alone. If we all work together, we can have a good time and get sales. 

All of us. 

Good energy begets good energy.

And finally, please stop with the "there's so many time wasters" rhetoric. Time wasters should be individually called out. But making blanket statements and when other sellers are asking who you are talking about, then given a vague answer, appears attention-seeking. This does have an effect on real buyers who are here to choose from the lovely ladies of this site. 

Let's focus on the buyers.

I encourage all sellers to check out my previous article "Because we are worth it". Overall, we should be looking closely at setting prices around the same area. Running "sales" daily is not really a "sale"... it just becomes a regular cheaper price. Then by the time you know it, that "sale" price becomes "the new normal" and then the next sale price would have to be less than that. Something to think about when you are running a "sale".

 I am hopping off my soapbox now. 

I want you to know I say these things out of care and concern for our beloved Scented Pansy.  I just don't want to see it turn into a cheap place. 

I believe we are a higher caliber of a panty selling site than that. Let's raise the bar, Ladies and Gentlemen.. ..



Ladies and Gentlemen Your Attention Please