Nov 02, 2021
KATastrophic Kink

KATastrophic Kink

I pulled up to the diner we agreed to meet at and quickly survey the parking lot. Thank God, no Bryan yet. I have to time collect my thoughts and of course get my face pretty again, after all I had been driving nearly 13 hours and I was exhausted. As I'm looking at myself in the mirror I start to wonder, how awkward will this be? This is someone that I've grown to know quite well but what if he's totally different in real life?! What if he wants to chop my feet off and keep them as souvenirs?!! I had to laugh and roll my eyes at myself on that one. I pushed the mirror back up and just then I see Bryan pulling in!!! My heart sank, and my whole body was consumed with butterflies. 

When we agreed to this whole meeting thing it was never really discussed what was to happen or if we would even hang out at all after this first initial meeting. Would we just say 'hi,' have a cup of coffee and then I'd go on about my trip on my own? So many questions and so little time to answer them as at this point Bryan was walking up to my car. My eyes slowly took him in from his feet all the way up to his head. He was shorter than I expected, his build was exactly as I pictured it, his clothes/style also exactly as I imagined. His eyes were a pretty hazel just as the one eye that i looked at so many times online.

 He opened my door for me, I stepped out, we gave each other a bit of an awkward hug and proceeded to walk inside. Of course I had to make sure I was walking in front of him so I could flaunt the booty in person. I could feel him staring just as I knew he would. We were seated at a little booth in the back. It was only 7 am so the diner was fairly empty. It became very clear to me that I was, in fact, in Texas when I realized that they had the air cranked up to freezing!! IT WAS SO COLD IN THERE. I was grateful I had worn stockings under my pants, driving all that way and in the heat my feet had nearly sweated the stockings off but I was hell bent to have stockings on when I met Bryan. 

At first it was just small talk, how was the drive, have any car trouble, that sort of thing. I was still super nervous and I think Bryan could sense that so he broke the ice first. 

"Well did you wear the stockings?" Bryan asked. 

 "Yes I most certainly did," I replied matter of factly. "Did you really doubt me? You didn't think I'd do it so I had no choice but to prove you wrong," I replied smugly giving him a little smirk. 

"Hmmmm but you could just be saying that, I'm afraid I'm gonna need some proof or I have no choice but to believe you're just saying that," Bryan said with a shit eating grin. 

My pride and the urge to prove someone wrong will always prevail in any situation. I took a quick peek around the diner, no one could see us all the way back here The only worry would be if the waitress came back and I had a perfect view of her and she wasn't coming back anytime soon. I slipped my shoe off, raised my leg and place my foot directly in Bryan's crotch, wiggling my toes a bit just to show off. I looked up at Bryan and he was staring back at me. I think he was too scared to look down for too long or make any kind of movement bc something most definitely would pop up. Just then all my nervousness and shyness flew out the window when the opportunity to taunt Bryan overcame any kind of awkwardness. So I sat there with my foot still in his lap slowly rubbing all around the area with my foot, the whole time staring straight at Bryan with a cocky little smile on my face. Nothing pleases me more than teasing someone and the fact that I knew Bryan had longed for this, dreamed of this, hell jacked off to the thought of my feet in some sexy stockings rubbing on his cock for so long and now here it was actually happening and he couldn't do shit about it made this very entertaining for me. He just sat there with the biggest smile on his face, anytime he'd reach down and try to touch my foot I'd kick his hand away. I started to feel a hard bulge in his pants, mission accomplished I giggled to myself. 

I rubbed his cock for a few seconds more, now I could perfectly feel the outline of it so I slowly went up and down it once or twice more, pulled my foot away, placed it back in my shoe, and said "so you believe me now?" Before he could even answer the waitress came back and asked if we'd decided to order yet. Bryan assured her that we didn't want any food, that we were just enjoying our drinks (trying to get rid of her a soon as possible) but she insisted on going over "todays specials." 

The thought of Bryan sitting there with a massive erection in public caused by me, attempting to talk to a waitress was pure heaven for me. I was laughing so hard that I had to excuse myself and go to the bathroom just so the waitress didn't think I was crazy. I got up and started to walk to the bathroom, I looked back over my shoulder and could see Bryan pretending to scratch the back of head but in fact was actually flipping me the middle finger. 

I got in the bathroom and just stood there for a moment looking in the mirror. I was touching up my face and hair but mainly just thinking about how much fun I was having with Bryan. As I said before I wasn't exactly sure what to think, you never know if the person online is the same person you'll meet or if you'll even have that same connection without a computer and a thousand miles between you. However here we were same place at the same time, no computer or states between us and I couldn't hide my attraction to him. There were several times sitting across from each other that our eyes met and my stomach filled with butterflies and I couldn't lie that while rubbing his cock under the table with my foot made my pussy wet and took my mind to a place where I envisioned him meeting me in the bathroom and having his way with me. I gave myself one last good look in the mirror and headed back to the table. 

"Did your friend finally leave?" I asked smiling. "Yes, but not until she read every damn thing off the menu first," Bryan said smiling and shaking his head. 

"Oh I actually was referring to your boner not the waitress!" We both couldn't help but laugh at that. 

"You are evil, you know that?" Bryan said smiling. 

"I am evil in the very best way possible though," I said giving him another cocky smirk. 

We talked a little more, laughed a lot more and as lunchtime approached, we decided we should probably give up our table. We still hadn't even talked about what would happen after we were done at the diner. As we walked out I got that old high school crush feeling where you know the end of the date is coming up and you really wanna goodbye kiss but don't wanna make the first move. 

We got to my car and Bryan opened my door for me, we both just awkwardly stood there, neither one of us not knowing quite what to do next but both damn well knowing we wanted to continue what was started in the diner. I leaned in and gave Bryan a hug making sure that he would get a nice big whiff of my hair and I slowly pulled away, staring into his eyes the whole time, giving him the green light for the kiss but nothing. What a damn pussy, I thought to myself. 

I got in my car and he asked if I'd like to go out a little later, he'd show me around. So we decided he'd pick me up at my hotel and we would have a night on the town. I went back to my hotel, ate some lunch and at some point must have dosed off because I woke up in a panic when I realized I only had 20 minutes before Bryan would be there and I still had to shower! I jumped in shower, slopped some shampoo and conditioner in my hair, gave myself a quick once over on my all ready smooth as can be legs and turned the faucet off. 

Just then I heard a knock at the door. I threw my robe on, ran to the door, peeked through the hole to make sure it was Bryan and I opened the door. He walked in, I closed the door, turned around and Bryan was right there, he gave me a soft little kiss and stopped and looked at me, probably waiting to see if I was gonna smack him or not but I just smiled and basically attacked him with my mouth. Our lips locked and our tongues wrestled, our hands ravaged one another as our feet were making their way over to the bed. We fell back onto the bed still making out, I was on top, I pulled away. 

"No way it's going down like this, I brought an outfit specifically for the chance something like this might happen, I'll be right back." 

I jumped up and ran to the bathroom. I pulled my robe off, slipped on the sexy lace corset with the attached garters, hooked my stockings (those bitches always have to take forever) gave my hair a quick flip and went out the door. Bryan was still sitting on the bed. I walked up and resumed where we left off earlier only this time his cock was already hard as can be so while still standing, I rubbed my foot up and down his cock, I climbed on his lap and sat down as I gave him a sexy little lap dance. Grabbing his hands and making him following every curve of my body as I grinded on his cock. 

I stood up, I undid the garters from the stockings and slowly slipped the corset off. I stood there completely naked other than my stockings and just let him take me all in, every inch of my body, the body that he had fantasized about so many times in the past standing there in front of him about to make all his videos come to life. 

I got down on my knees, kneeled in front of him on the edge of the bed, I undid his zipper and pulled his pants off, I grabbed his seriously engorged cock and started slow at first, just sort of teasing his head with my tongue, slowly going up and down each side with my tongue, then I slowly started sucking it taking every last inch of it in my mouth up and down, fondling his balls with my hands. I started to go faster and suck harder, I could feel him start to tense up, his cock was nearly about to explode just as I stopped. I made him lay back on the bed. 

"My feet are very sore, I believe I'm gonna need you to rub them," I said as I stretched my legs out and put my feet up by Bryan's face and I stayed down by his cock. Bryan started rubbing my feet, I could feel in between rubs him taking my foot and rubbing it on on his face, along his cheek, over his lips, he'd place his nose in between my toes. I've never felt something so sensual and erotic in all my life. The foot massage felt so amazing on my sore feet and relaxed me more than I have been in a long time but in the same sense also made me hornier than I had been in a very, very long time. As I sat there stroking and sucking his cock while he had his way with my feet, my pussy was drenched and all I could think about was hoping on his cock and riding it until I came over and over again. 

I wanted to cum on his cock, I wanted to cum in his mouth, I wanted to make him cum in my mouth, in my pussy, on my feet, I just wanted us to do all kinds of very, very naughty things to each other. 

Ever since Bryan had informed me he was a bit of a freak and can be dominant and dirty in the bedroom I wanted to see that side of him so badly, he didnt know it but I had many orgasms fantasizing about him being rough and mean with me, tying me up and making me do things. Oh yes, I wanted badly for him to make me be his good girl but for now all fantasies had to take a back seat to one. I wanted our first experience together to be just like the first video I made for him. 

I continued to rub his cock while he continued to play with my feet, I started to suck it as I did early, sucking hard and fast until I could feel his cock getting ready to explode. I pulled my mouth off and finished him off with my hand while shoving my feet in his face and telling him to smell them. 

"Smell my feet Bryan while I stroke your fucking cock until you explode your cum all over my pretty face, SMELL THEM!" 

I could feel his face press tightly against my feet, his nose in between my toes, his cock harder than I've ever felt a cock in my life. Bryan let one loud and sexy moan out as his cock let loose and the biggest load of cum shot out nearly hitting the ceiling. As he lay there in bliss trying to catch his breath, I just sat there smiling at him. I knew that I did good and reality had been a thousand times better than he ever fantasized. 

I lit a cigarette, took a drag, handed it to him and said "round two is my turn." Smiling as I laid down next to him, we shared a cigarette both in a euphoric state awaiting for what round two might bring. 

KATastrophic Kink