Nov 02, 2021

How to Spot a Time Waster

Get Your Time Back

What's up, y'all? I'm gonna teach you a thing today so whether you're brand new or fully vetted, this is for you. 

Time wasters, man. They make everything ridiculous and they ruin your days, don't they? Somehow they flock in groups and fill up your pm. You get all excited about a potential sale. You know how this works, you haven't had a sale in days, so these buyers are going to break that dry spell. And guess what? THESE AREN'T BUYERS. Joke is on you; your time is about to get wasted. And now you're contemplating quitting because fuck this, fuck you, fuck everything. 

I get it, dude. I feel that "fuck you" even in my own soul. So I'm here for you and I'm ready to empower everyone who reads this because I figured it out with over three years of personal experience.

First, we have to understand the enemy. Here's a list of how time wasters will show themselves:
•Chatty, won’t even discuss a product/service 
•Very sexual, nosy, probably jerking for free
•Questioning what you’ll do in a product
•Asking for a sample before purchase
•Demanding a nude/sexy verification 
•Complimentary, vulgar, borderline rude/pushy

After reading that list, one of you was like, “Yooo, am guilty of entertaining one of them. Am a dumbass.” It’s okay, we’ve all had those moments. 

Now, here’s the part that’s extremely important in determining if they’re a time waster or legitimately talking to you. There’s a combination of clues you have to look for so every situation is different. These tools and examples will help you through that. 

Red flags:
•Wanting to talk off the site immediately (kik, wire, Skype, Snapchat)
•No reviews or bad reviews
•Previous warnings from other sellers
•A very negative, attention-seeking profile
•Excessive lurking
•Been on the site awhile with an empty profile

After combining several red flags and they’ve initiated conversation, this is how I engage them every single time:

TW: “Wow, you’re so fucking hot and you make my cock so hard”
Me: “Thank you! What brings you this way?”
TW: “I want to see you cum on cam. Message me on Skype baby.”
Me: “My cam price is $xx/min. What payment method do you use?”
*I never give my Skype info until payment is received and I’ve never had a TW respond. Personally, I give them 24 hours and then block them.*

TW: “Hello Goddess, I need used. I’ll do anything for you Goddess!”
Me: “How are you wanting used?”
TW: “Anything Goddess. I want called pathetic and have my life ruined.”
Me: “What payment method do you use for tribute?”
TW: “I use xxxxx method.”
Me: “Great, send $xx and I’ll continue the convo once received.”
*Again, legit slaves/subs/betas will pay tribute. I don’t offer any chance to fetish talk and never cuss them out.*

TW: “I want panties. Show me what you have.”
Me: “I have an entire listing in my shop.”
TW: “Well, what would you do in them?”
Me: “What did you want in them?”
TW: “I want you to cum all over them and make them really creamy. How creamy do you get?”
Me: “Depends how many days you’d like them worn. Let me know when you’ve picked a style.”
*In this instance, I want him to tell me details, I don’t willing offer. Also if you can see, I always ask a question to clarify. Never give them more details than needed because they’ll jerk off and keep engaging it. Legit buyers know what they want and will be open about it.*

TW: “I want a custom vid but I need to make sure you’re hot enough.”
Me: “I have plenty of preview pics on my profile.”
TW: “I just need one sample to see if I like your pussy and I’ll pay you twice as much.”
Me: “What payment method do you use?”
TW: “I need the sample first or you’re a scammer!”
Me: “Gotcha.” And I block.
*You are always in control of the convo. Don’t fall for the sample/verification traps and the “I’ll pay after” or “I’ll pay more” baits. It’s all a lie.*

TW: “Hey”
Me: Hello there, what brings you this way?”
TW: “I’m horny.”
Me: “Anything you’re looking for in particular?”
TW: “What do you have?”
Me: “Check my shop.”
TW: “What do you do in sexting?”
Me: “What did you want?”
TW: “Idk, whatever makes my cock hard.”
Me: “Great, let me know when you’ve decided what you want.”
*This is how most get you to sell yourself and open up details for them to jerk off to. If you engage it too far, you’ll be in a rabbit hole of questions and provocative answers. Always make them tell you what they want.*

After providing lots of examples you can read and relate to, I hope you take on these time wasters with more control and better posture. 

Here’s a few more closing reminders:
•Payment first
•You can be kind and friendly while still standing your ground
•Block. Block. Block. 
•Being negative on your profile is a beacon for them to mess with you
•They’re not a buyer until they purchase 
•You’re allowed to say no 

Best of luck, dudes. You’re worth so much more than you can ever imagine. Money vibes!❤️