Nov 02, 2021
How much do I charge?

How much do I charge?

Jenna Jameson was working hard at the strip clubs, too hard. She decided, what was the difference between a $20 lap dance and $100 lap dance? Nothing. She just had to ask for it and gave the same quality she gave to all her Customers. She then built an Empire. There will always be girls with super cheap prices and men will flock to them but is it worth it? Not for me. I'm not one of the Sellers making $500 a week either but my time is worth something and I'm not afraid to ask for it. While this is fun, its also a business and I need to make a fair amount to keep going. When I'm deciding my prices, this is where I start.


Purchase - My panties generally cost me anywhere from $5 to $15 each. Shipping is usually around $5. That means before anyone has even seen it I already have already spent $10-$20.

Included - I wear my panties for 2 days, masturbate for 1 hour, and give a photo for proof of wear. No, wearing panties isn't a tough job to do BUT it IS a lot of time and I don't cheat - It's one order at a time. That means when I am doing one order, I can't fulfill any others, I'm taken. I am big into quality too so I give 1 hour masturbation. This is the fun part yes but it's also time. If you think $20 per panty is fair, I think you need to re-evaluate.

Other expenses - There is a lot of time that goes into this and if you add up all the hours, you'd be amazed how much it can take for one sale.

Prices vary but for example: Lets take the low price pair of panties for $20 that cost me $5 to buy.

$20 (Panty) -$5 (for purchase) -$5 (for shipping) -$2 (for packaging) = $8. Those are the easy numbers but there's more.

Now you have to calcuate the rest. Thats $8 for 2 days wear and masturbating. Then there's also the hours I spend listing the item, getting the right photo, proof of wear photo, hours of answering emails trying to figure out the serious person from the scammers, the final trip to the post office. All that is what - less than $1 each? I also need enough to buy more inventory and keep up with my subscriptions! For me, while I enjoy my buyers and conversations, $20 isn't a fair price and not worth it.

Pricing: I also look at the Market. What are items going for? Sometimes I have a new item like tights and I don't know what to charge so I look to see what some other sellers are doing and get the Average. I take the Market Average - my Expenses and figure out what makes this worth it. We have to be fair to the Buyer but fair to ourselves too.

$40 (Panty) - $5 (for purchase) -$5 (for shipping) -$2 (for packaging) = $28. That, for me, can pay for my subscriptions, let me buy more inventory, afford to have the time to list, photo, email, and have fun. (Again prices vary).


Every sellers is different and has their own method of pricing. When Sellers ask me for help, this is my method. What can I afford and what is my time worth? It may not be perfect but its a good place to start to finding what price works for you.