Nov 02, 2021
How I Learned What Sexual Wellness Is

How I Learned What Sexual Wellness Is

And How I Am Still Learning - Sexual Wellness Tips

When I was nineteen years old, I remember pulling into a parking lot of an old office building and seeing the swanky business woman pull into her spot. She said to me, “Oh, you must be here for the store manager role." She gave me a look over and I just knew this was my future boss! Well, months went by and finally the right offer came along. I was now managing an adult retailer. I got pre-warned that I would be reading books, trying out toys, and heading to workshops to learn more! My naive self had become more open-minded and genuinely curious.

I did not have one of the taboo shops one thinks of when you think of a quote sex shop. I had open windows, displays, and inviting purple colored theme. I honestly had no idea what I would need to know or learn. However, if I learned any few key things, it was how important sexual wellness is to not only your relationship, but YOURSELF. As women we should explore our own bodies and know how to pleasure ourselves. I mean, heck, if we can’t, how can we allow someone else!

Sexual wellness is the feeling we have In our own bodies ( self-love y'all ), our relationships with others, and our ability to be connected with our own well being in all facets. It's not just about being open-minded but yet a deeper connection and understanding. I did not fully realize how much I learned from managing the store until after I left a horrible break up and realized I wanted to study psychology because I love the way the mind works.                            

Over time I have put together what I feel are my top three things to practice in your life when it comes to having a great sexual wellness routine! Just think of it as any other self-care list 😊


Be Healthy and Get Moving – Over all health is so crucial even with sexual wellness. Cardiovascular health is so tied to sex and being able to keep up. Make it fun and connect with your partner by getting in a work out a day at the gym! Also looking at your diet is on point by staying hydrated and tying in all those heart healthy foods!  Sleep, less stress, and cutting out the negative BS in our bodies is helpful as well.

Communicate – You don’t know how many marriages were saved by walking into the store and using someone else as a buffer to throw ideas off of! Communication is so KEY with you and your partner. Make sure both of you know what one another is comfortable with.  Never do something just to please them and be respectful and kind with one another’s choices. Also be creative in how you bring things up!

Practice - Sure this one might sound funny but the only way to get better at something  is to try. If you have a partner make sure you guys are getting  it on. If you're solo don’t be afraid to pleasure yourself.

Overall, even after I left managing the store, I still felt inclined to learn more. There’s tons of resources out there to help you improve on any facet of wellness. You just have to be willing to put the work in and see what works best for you! 

How I Learned What Sexual Wellness Is