His Mistress became his best friend

His Mistress became his best friend

There is so much stereotype when it comes to being a Mistress

Opinions run faster than the thoughts of me going through you warped little brain

There are so many ways to dominate, being a mean little bitch isn't the only way

I like to think of myself as a Nurturing Mistress, but I have many mysteries to me

How I treat my clients are based on OUR relationship

Some like the mean, greedy Missy who only uses you when I need you

Some like my sensual, seductive side

Some like my controlling, strict, yet nurturing side

8 Months ago I had a new gentleman message me on Pantydeal

He chose a pair of panties, requested a skype, and in the first 5 minutes he said

" You are perfect, I am deleting my account on Pantydeal, Can I be yours?"

And he did exactly that.

It has been an amazing 8 months

I am his Mistress. His Queen. His first thought when he wakes up, his last thought when he lays his head down.

His loyalty to me is so sexy!

His desire to please and keep his Mistress happy is his priority

But we are not ALWAYS in our D/S "mode" per-say

We have shared life stories, been there to vent with each other, know each others secrets

The past 8 months has been smitten

Total Lust & a dream for any Domme

He really is a great friend, and he says I am his best friend

We talk about his travels, bitches about the Mrs.,how my days are going, and my wild nights

Now despite our soft side, we have another aspect of our relationship

He desires to be dominated. To be controlled. Teased.

It happens when you are a successful man at life, run a household, and have been married for many years

He craves my attention, but he still must earn it

We have opened many doors in his fantasy world

Exploring CEI, JOI, Dressing up

Just because a submissive man wishes to serve you, doesn't mean they are not a human being too

And today is a special day!

It's his birthday!

This morning we had a little skype session & my little sissy got a treat

(And not the one you are thinking of LOL)

After our session he sent me the cutest little video!

(You can watch it here https://www.instagram.com/petiteblondemilf_/)

He is always making me smile and laugh

That's what best friends do, right

His Mistress became his best friend2