Nov 02, 2021
Girl sellers supporting girl sellers

Girl sellers supporting girl sellers

I've actually joined scented pansy about a year ago. As I was a new seller,  I gave up on it very quickly. I wasn't sure what to expect and was only getting requests for meetups and free sessions. I feel that most sellers feel the same way.

My first "buyer" interaction was a scammer offering $150 for a try-on video, of course, I fell for it. Being new to this, he knew how to keep me excited.  I wished i would have asked a more experienced seller for help, read into it more and learned from many wonderful sellers on what to avoid when it comes to selling. 

After a few months of learning about the panty world, I decided to rejoin scented pansy.  I've had the privilege of meeting some wonderful sellers here. Crazy amount of support and love!!  Some even purchased from me :) I was invited into a great kik group where I get to meet even more amazing SP ladies. SP has become my panty therapy platform. 

For every lovely lady that's fairly new to this. Always ask for help.  If your gut tells you 'no' then it's no.