Nov 02, 2021
First Christmas Together By CelticLover

First Christmas Together By CelticLover

A true story of love, lust, lingerie, & lights...

Here we were two newlyweds putting up our first Christmas tree in our apartment together! My girl Jane was pretty. It didn't hurt me any that she had a gorgeous figure either, sexy hips, plump shapely ass that I couldn't keep my hands off of, and small yet firm breasts. She took my breath away! I was initially attracted to her by seeing her sitting across me in church one Sunday crossing those most shapely nylon clad legs, in cream-colored 3" pumps! Wow, I thought, what a stunning woman! Her hair was long and black as coal, straight down to her waist! I didn't remember the sermon that morning, but I made a mental note to find this beauty after service. A year or so later here we were. God does indeed answer prayers! She was my proof.

As couples go, Jane and I were white-hot, if you get what I mean, wink. Honey, she says interrupting my daydreaming. Hand me more ornaments were almost finished. I'm excited Jerry! she gushed stepping back to admire her handiwork. My tall husband will now have to take care of the high branches and tree topper, she informed. Speaking of height, we were Mutt and Jeff. I was all of 6'5" & she a tiny 5'1" - she barely topped the scale at 100lbs. I eagerly went to work assisting her. Jane was the artist here, I followed her instructions. No, not there, she says, informing me. I needed to space them more evenly apart. That's it! she says happily. Alright, honey, the top icicle is on and straight, I'm gonna plug her in now so we can see this tree all lit up! I announce. It finally lit, on the second try, after changing a few bulbs. Oh, Darling! It is so beautiful, she beamed. It looks so nice in front of our balcony window, she excitedly said. I hope people passing by can see it! she quips. I'm certain they will sweet, I reply. She then turns back to the tree for some more adjustments. I'll put on some hot chocolate, I say heading into the kitchen.

What a great evening, I thought. We had just come home from a nice party earlier with some good friends and then went to a performance of the nutcracker. It was about 1:00 in the morning now. Jane looked spectacular! She wore a lovely red wool skirt just above the knee, white silk blouse, sexy red high heels and of course everything I liked underneath. I had some Christmas music playing on the hi-fi in the living room. As I entered with 2 cups in hand, I could see my girl, in stocking feet reaching up, revealing her perfect legs and stocking tops, garter straps in full view! That is a sight I never grow tired of! Oh Baby! I exclaimed, You are turning me on! She giggled, a teasing smile on her face. You seem to stay turned on dear, she laughed. I do and it's all your fault! I chuckled.

Sitting down across me in our side chair, she sips on her chocolate. Mmm! she murmurs. This is good Jerry! It is darling, but my sweet treat is you, I said lustily. I've been eyeing you all night girl! You look so delicious Jane! I exclaim. She lifts her leg up and over the chair's arm, giving me a glimpse of heaven. You like my outfit? she says quietly. Yes I most certainly do baby doll! I reply. Her ff stockings were a favorite for me. Most gals back then wore pantyhose if anything, but my Jane accommodated my fetish for nylons. Her legs were so shapely, substantial thighs, tapering to her pretty knees. Her calves had a perfect shape to them. Nice thin ankles ending in petite size 5 1/2 feet and toes! Seeing them encased in sheer 10 denier nylon was almost too much for me to take in! She shifted in her chair. Hey, you aren't drifting on me love? she quizzes. No, NO! I'm just mesmerized by your sexy leg show baby! I respond. She laughs.

You haven't said anything at all about my panties that I wore especially for you tonight, she coos. I could clearly see under her garter the red panty gusset showing. She shifted forward a bit more, pulling up the garter belt, revealing the front of her panty. Her neatly trimmed bush was showing thru the transparent fabric. My mouth watered. Sheer delight, I muttered. Oh! Baby, Come over here and pleasure my pussy! she softly begged...I needed no further coaxing. Standing in front of her, I took her by the ankles, lifting her legs higher. I took my time running my hands over her lovely legs and calves. Feeling, kneading in my hands the bare skin above the stocking tops. She had me hard as a rock! I unhooked the garter clips, freeing a stocking-clad leg. I slowly rolled the delicate nylon down her magnificent leg, kissing, licking her fragrant smooth skin. I took her foot in hand and gently but firmly kneaded the sole, kissing her lovely toes, sucking each tiny digit! Oh, Jerry! she cried. You are making me wet! Totally focused, a man on a mission, I turned to the other gorgeous leg to ensure equal time spent! No, I wouldn't show favoritism here! I was now living in a leg man's wet dream! It was heavenly! Ohh! Jane! I love you girl! I panted.

I dropped to my knees, still holding her by the ankles, pulling her off the chair and down on top of me onto our thick carpet, I embraced my little wife, her hair spilling over my face. Our lips met. We kissed deeply, passionately! Her mouth was warm and inviting. I tasted chocolate, her tongue exploring my mouth and I savoring every bit of her delicious mouth as I possibly could! Mmm! I muttered, kissing her fragrant neck. My face buried into the side of her face, I could smell her Cinnabar perfume filling my nostrils. I groped as she lay on top of me for the side zipper of her snug skirt. There it is, I thought as I lowered it down. I managed to get it off as we switched positions rolling over.

As I lifted myself up, I could now survey my lady as she unbuttened her blouse revealing a sheer red matching bra. Her lovely nipples visible thru the thin fabric. Quickly my trousers were off and to the side. My woman lay there just in front of me. She was absolutely stunning! Skirt, stockings, garter belt, and blouse now removed. Jane had on only her bra and panties. Her belly button beckoned me forward. I began there kissing, tasting, savoring my wife. As I lowered to place myself between her thighs, kissing each in turn, Jane says: Lick me Jerry! I loved it when she said that! She was no profane girl by any means. But in the throes of passion, when turned on, Jane talked dirty. I couldn't get enough! Lick my pussy lover! she cooed. I kissed her on the gusset, licking thru the sheer fabric. I could smell her feminine scent. THAT drove me wild! She smelled good! Already the nylon panty was soaked. I lifted her legs together up with one hand and with the other I took a hold of the back of her panty and pulled them up and off of her. Holding them, I lifted to my nose and inhaled deeply! Mmm! Baby! You smell so delicious, I said. You like my pussy scent? she teased. I nodded yes.

Taking her legs that I was still holding, I spread them, instructing her to hold them in place, as her pussy and ass were laid bare before my hungry gaze. Oh! Jerry! Lick me! Pleeze! I went down on her hungrily, licking all her delicious nectar! She responded by moaning softly. I ran my tongue in between her lips and ass, tasting all her musky goodness. I slipped my finger into her already wet cunt. My mouth now lightly sucking her lovely clitoris. Her body was mine! I could feel her movements beneath me. Her slight frame was twitching involuntarily as my mouth and tongue pleasured her! Jane sighed, Oh! baby! Yess! I continued in pace with her movements, up and down each side of her glorious clit. My face now completely covered in her wonderful wetness! Looking up I could see her concentrating on her pleasure. Her face flushed with excitement! II'm getting close love! she managed. I continued focusing on her sweet pussy. Finger sliding in and out, my tongue feeling her nearness. Her leg began to tremble, her back now arching! Ohhhh! She cried. Her body then convulsed as she simultaneously pulled my hair. Her torso shook and convulsed for several moments as I continued circling her luscious pearl. Her pussy contracting on my finger. I now slid out of her cunt after she went from white-hot to now just a warm glow...

I lifted myself up. My cock, so hard, was now literally dripping clear precum. What way do you want me? She asks. On your knees, I replied. She turned over on her hands and knees now facing away from me. I saddled up from behind her. Her ass was perfect! I wanted to enter her pussy so bad by now, but I had to take a moment to kiss those lovely cheeks, feel their suppleness in my hands! Oh! Girrl! I cried. You like my ass? her reply. Yess! She then shook it back and forth for me, further teasing me to new heights! I spread her knees further apart and cock in hand I placed myself right to the entrance of her now parted, wet pussy lips! I grasped her hips with both hands and slowly slid myself all the way into her pudding! I gasped with pleasure! Oh Jane! I exclaimed. You feel soo good inside! I moaned. You like? she purred. You like your pussy daddy? she teased. Ohhh! Yes! Baby I want all of your pussy! I moaned. I'm all yours she whispered. I began moving in and out, back and forth. The feeling was incredible! All night I had waited for this moment! Eyeing her, desiring her ALL night! Now I was inside of her thrusting into my baby's pussy! Oh Jerry! she moaned. Fuck me! Fuck meee! she cried. I was now furiously pumping away inside her pudding, her ass in both of my hands, my cock drilling her tight and warm tunnel!

My mind now entered a state of absolute ecstasy! Oh! B-Baby! It felt amazing inside of her body! I-I'm gonna come! In and out I moved, the excitement almost too much to handle! Fuck me, baby! she grunted. Come inside mee! Fuck your pussy! She demanded. And at that as if by her command, I finished my thrust...stopping fully inside of her releasing my load with a primal groan! My cock spasming several times. I was empty now, all I had was now deposited inside of her! Cognizant of my surroundings now, aware of the moment, I slowly pulled out of her and we found ourselves beside each other leaning back on the floor against our sofa. We were a sight! Looking at each other we were covered in sweat and come, clothes all over the living room. Christmas had come early, our tree was still lit. I looked into my girl's big brown eyes and told her how much she meant to me. I love you Jane, I softly said. I love you too Jerry, was her reply. Standing up, I lifted my girl and kissed her deeply. And with that we headed into our bedroom to get some much-needed sleep. Tomorrow was Christmas eve. Well, I can't remember now what I opened that year for a present. But I will never forget the gift I received from her that night!