Fetish Exploration: Ovipositor

Fetish Exploration: Ovipositor

Because who knew laying eggs could be so hot?

Well ladies and gents, it’s time to fall down yet another rabbit hole.. or maybe an egg-laying hole? If you’ve been in the deep corners of the web, you may have stumbled across some of those neat toys that lay eggs inside of you, kind of like the bad dragon toys but much more.. interactive. 

Now let’s back up a minute. The word “ovipositor” is actually a specific anatomical body part just not found in humans (or so I’ve been told). The ovipositor is often found in insects and it has the task of laying a single egg or multiple eggs. Now, when one oviposits something, they are taking part in the act of laying laying the eggs. The ovipositor oviposits. Now what’s the appeal? Oh, there’s plenty. Many individuals who prefer this specific fetish love the feeling of fleshly, gooey eggs being deposited into their ass or pussy (this fetish does not discriminate). Many accompany the fetish with a fantasy of an alien or a being taking advantage of them and depositing eggs inside of them just to have to push them out. 

Want to try it out for yourself? Contact LoneWolf at his business that specifically caters to this fetish. 

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Photo credits: Exotic Cancer

Fetish Exploration: Ovipositor