Was it as good for you as it was for me, baby? We all want to know...

Recently, the traffic on the board shows some upset entertainers talking about this. Yes, it builds trust, credibility, etc., but there is a reason that some buyers, gentlemen, clients (whatever you call a buyer) don't wish to leave feedback.

Not that the entertainer did anything bad, it's a privacy issue.

I have had many clients who have left me wonderful feedback and then minutes later were hounded by aggressive sellers trying to get them to buy from them. I can't blame them for not wanting to leave feedback. I actually tell my clients NOT to leave me feedback now on purpose because of this.  I know I am a good seller, my products speak for themselves. I communicate very clearly with my clients by getting all the information, including an address for shipping, when being paid.

If I was a client wanting to buy used panties, I would want to enjoy my purchase in private.

Entertainers, don't take it personally when a client doesn't want to leave feedback. Certainly don't roast them for it. There are reasons for it.

Of course, there is always a solution to be had. I think the feedback system could use an overhaul. Maybe model it after how eBay does, where they scrambled the name of the person leaving feedback so it appears but can't get tied back to the buyer. They have found that people got harassed for winning so to mitigate that, they came up with that solution.  I think it would be great here. We'd still be able to see the feedback but there would be an extra layer of privacy.  Discretion is the name of the game in online sexual fantasy sales.

Just my thoughts of course. There's always 2 sides to everything and there's always a solution to every problem.😊



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