Nov 02, 2021
Falling in Love with my Panties

Falling in Love with my Panties

The Immersion of Pleasure

When I first started exploring the delicious world of selling my panties online I had no idea what was in store for me. I had dipped my feet in the shallow waters of kink in my day to day life, from different partners to exploring some fetishes of my own but that was just the beginning of my erotic journey - the tip of the ice-burg so to speak. My first experience with a buyer was a spontaneous ad I had posted on craigslist and the rush of endorphins that followed made me realize how much I wanted to be a part of the industry. I was new to all of this so I wasn’t sure what to expect but my, did it blow me away! 

I started small providing my delightfully scented panties and socks to a few repeat buyers and the thrill presented itself again with the flush of my cheeks and goosebumps on my skin. I knew I was hooked. I received a great deal of positive feedback about my scent and the quality of my items on top of being lavished with compliments about my body and my beauty. This new-founded feeling of confidence took hold of me and I decided to try a site that was specifically geared toward these wonderful fetish items I had begun fulfilling for my fellow kinksters. Now, here I am on Scented Pansy and I'm here to stay. 

Months later, I have formed some wonderful relationships and found some people I'd easily call my friends. I have explored my body in ways I never had before becoming a seller and I love the feeling of freeing myself and my sexuality in a world that is so censored. I can see myself sticking around for the long run and would be completely blessed to have the same connections I have now with my current regulars. I love to make my clients feel special because when you reach out to me and request to order something out of my shop I take it as an ultimate form of flattery. I have seen the gorgeous women on this site and sometimes I wonder how you choose! 

Now, it's never been so much about the money for me personally, but more of something I like to do to let my hair down with many, many different benefits. I take pride in my products and want to make it a premium experience all the way down to how it's packaged up with care to be shipped to your door. There is no sensation greater than getting to be a part of an intimate experience with someone who craves a feminine scent and taste in their day to day life. All at the same time, I get to delve in the pleasure of my own satisfaction as a woman - its the perfect thing. To be able to enjoy each other as individuals down to forming a partnership goes beyond the grand scheme of things, it makes all of this worth it. I have the luxury of getting to know different men and women all over the world with one interest in common, ME! 

Falling in Love with my Panties