Nov 02, 2021
Essence of a butterfly

Essence of a butterfly

Fingers sinking deep below my surface; seeping into my loins, caressing the crevices of my body as your words traverse my mind.

Leaving their mark; baring pleasure as they mold and reshape my very essence.

Fire that consumes me from the inside out.

Scorching heat, blood boiling, the pleasure pains soothing my aching flesh in relentless pursuit of higher depths, guilty yearnings.

Urges run rampant as my ecstasy starts to progress into heavy breathing, hands drenched with desire as my mind awaken. 

Imagine how many of our horrors we could solve.

Even darker still my consciousness transcending, worthy and ready to spread my wings and fly.

All the vibrant colors, the beauty of what is yet to come.

Fiendish. Extremely cruel. Unpleasant, devilish.

Spreading like wildfire.

Flames consume the mind now enveloped.

Two syllables Imbued with power:

To control, to identify

Through willing submission.

It is there and only there will I find my true being. 

Essence of a butterfly