Nov 02, 2021
Dressing Up For Me

Dressing Up For Me

By CelticLover - The Early Years

   I loved my girl Jane. We were married happily for many years until I lost my wife to the insidious disease of dementia. I will never truly recovered from her loss. But, as they say: Life happens. It rains on us all at some point. As I sit here I relive in my mind the many happy times we shared together as lovers. Jane was an intuitive lover, she just seemed to know what I was looking for, and my would she deliver! Her body was flawless! Her face angelic...she was a beauty for sure! Jane was also one horny girl! 5'1" 100 lbs. soaking wet. She had an hourglass figure with firm small tits and waist length straight black hair. Big beautiful brown eyes with long lashes. My God, she was breathtaking to look at! And I was the man she chose to satisfy her. I couldn't get enough of her sugar! On first meeting her I could see that she, like myself, was from humble means. Both of us were raised by single mothers. Jane was the youngest child of six. She shopped at stores like Sears and relied on hand me downs from her older sisters. She always kept herself clean and neat of appearance, something I appreciated.

   After dating and then taking the walk down the aisle, we started our life together in a newly rented apartment outside of Washington DC. My career in the printing business was beginning to take off and without children yet we had some extra money to spend. I had realized early on that I was a leg & foot man. Now don't get me wrong...I love every inch of a woman's body, but the legs really catch my eyes first! Jane had the shapeliest calves and thighs a man could ever dream about. Her ankles were thin ending in pretty little 5 1/2 feet & toes! Jane had never worn expensive heels or clothing. At the time I was working at a company in Arlington VA, near a mall called Ballston Commons. I would take the subway in from our apartment in the suburbs and walk past the Hecht Company Department store on my way to the shop. I noticed in the display window the mannequins all decked out in style, even with high heel shoes. There were many days I would pass and think of how nice they would look on Jane. I eventually would go in. I have to say the prices were staggering to my budget, but I was determined to buy some nice outfits for my lovely wife. I particularly liked a pair of black heels and would pass each day spying them. I even took her shopping there on the weekend to show them to her. She absolutely loved them. I bought them and a matching outfit for her that afternoon.

   We would go to Woodward & Lothrop Department store in Marlowe Hgts. and would buy Jane very expensive fully fashioned stockings and dainty garter belts that she would relish wearing for me. I truly believe she loved wearing the clothes, but she knew that I really, really loved her in them. She accommodated my fetishes without hesitation. I will never meet a woman like her ever again. Sex oozed from her every pore.. Jane didn't try to be sexy, she was sexy! Besides legs, her world class ass was right up there always begging for my attention. She wore Vanity Fair semisheer nylon panties...I couldn't get enough of her booty wrapped, caressed in those silky delights! I was constantly raising her skirt or dress to knead her delicious soft ass cheeks. I simply couldn't keep my hands off her! She would deliberately sit where I could get a good glimpse of her nylon clad pussy, subtlety lifting or spreading a leg for my viewing pleasure. What a tease! Viewing her panty gusset was such a turn on, I could hardly contain my excitement! Jane had a magnificent pussy! Lovely trimmed pubes, delightfully proportioned labia. I used to call it my pudding...I loved tasting her pudding!

   After one weekend trip to Woodies for new bras and panties, I remember getting so worked up in the store, I couldn't wait to get home and have my private modeling show! That was how it rolled for us. A trip to buy clothes for her...was really for me! See? I enjoyed every minute of time spent with her . In the store that afternoon we also picked up a nice lavender dress with matching 3" high heel pumps. Jane's wardrobe was now respectable. Heck, she was the best dressed woman I knew now! Lingerie was and probably is even now a no go for trying on in the store. Good thing we knew her size. But the skirts, blouses, dresses were all tried for fit in the dressing room. I would often look around to see if we were alone, and often join her in there as she was checking the fit. Man, I would get so turned on by my woman! She stunned me for years on end!

   After arriving home she would take her haul into the bathroom as I would lay (usually naked, ready) in our bed. Jane would parade in various outfits, preening, posing, looking at herself in the bedroom mirror from all angles. I enjoyed the marvelous show immensely. My cock remained rock hard the entire time, usually dripping with pre-cum. Let me see the sheer bikini panty and bra set! I urged. Ok dear! she replied. I'll put on your favorite garter belt and the back seamed stockings too! she teased. Ohh! man! I thought. After a half hour show, my girl came out in a Lilly of France Bra & Panty that simply stunned! It was some shade of purple to wear under her lavender dress. Sheer, I could clearly see her black triangle thru the soft fabric. Her nipples looked delicious caressed in the matching bra. Oh Baby! I exclaimed. You are soo beautiful! I blurted out. Jane loved the attention I gave her. Thank you love! she replied. Do you like the stockings and garter? she cooed. She Knew I did. Very much my love, I gushed.

   Come here Jane, I want you! I cried. Do you want to have me now? Oh girl! I pleaded. I want all of you right now! She smiled and stepped forward towards the bed. I lifted the covers and she slid in beside me. Our eyes met, and simultaneously our lips met. We kissed passionately, deeply. Our tongues were as one, tasting each other to the full. I sucked on her and she on me. Her nylon legs and feet were seductively rubbing against me, teasing, exciting all at the same time. I brushed her lovely soft hair back from her cheek with my fingers, taking in all of her beautiful face. I kissed the side of her neck, nibbling her ear, moving forward to her lovely chin. She smelled so good as I breathed in her feminine essence. Oh Jane! I love you! I whispered. I love you!.

   She was now sighing as my hands began to circle her now erect nipples thru the sheer fabric. Ohh! Jerry! Lick my pussy, she urged. You want me to lick you? I teased. YES! Oh yes! she insisted. I loved when Jane got excited then I could tease her! It was a part of our dance if you will. My way of payback for the hours of teasing she did to me. When she was turned on beyond the point of no return...I would playfully torture her in return! How about we get into a sixty-nine position lover, I said. Mmm! was her reply. I knew from our lovemaking experience...I would have to come early...bring her to on a second round for her to come again, allowing enough time for me to reload for the final fuck...Whew! That became the script. The key to long term success was to vary what we did in between reloading, so as to not fall into the same old same old! We did that very well. The two of us had a special chemistry that is rare. I had a high sex drive...but so did she!

   This sixty-nine would have me on the bottom, her on top. Jane quickly surrounded my cock in her wet hungry mouth. Ohh Girrl! I sighed Her mouth and small fingers worked expertly on me. Pleasure enveloped my entire being! I kneaded her beautiful ass still covered in the sheer panty. I literally buried my face into her ass, and inhaled her heavenly scent deeply! Her panties were already very wet with her feminine juices. All I could do was to kiss her pudding thru the silky soft fabric, squeezing her luscious cheeks! My cock was so excited I exploded forcefully at that very instant, my face buried deep in her ass! I remember the first few times Jane sucked me off, she spit my seed into a tissue. Now and afterwards she would swallow it down lustily.

   Now it was my turn to pleasure her most worthy body. I slid her panties down, flipping her over onto her back. Sliding her panties off completely, I eyed her in stockings and garter belt. Damn she was gorgeous! I spent time at her feet, kissing her soft soles, nibbling sucking her toes thru the nylon. Moving both hands up her ankles, calves to the glorious stocking tops. Kissing slowly, deliberately every delicious inch of her sweetness. Now positioned between her thighs, kissing from one side to the other the softness of her inner thighs. Jane sighing, moaning low, Ohh Jerry! You are just teasing me!

   You know what I want! she urged. What do you want me to do baby girl? I teased. Lick Meeeee! Please lick me...My tongue ran up and between her dripping labia right up to her clitoral hood. I licked each delicate sensitive side of her clit, slow at first then quickening the pace. Her hips began moving in a circular fashion. I inserted a finger and stroked her from inside as my mouth gently sucked and licked her jewel. Oh Baby! That's it! Don't stop! she panted. Her leg began to shake. Her face now flushed with desire, a look of concentration on her countenance. Her tongue darting out of her mouth. Jane did that when in the throes of passion. She would stick her tongue out. It drove me wild! I continued licking her sweet pudding, tasting all of her goodness! Both of her hands were now behind my head pulling, yanking my hair. Her tummy, now moving up and down like a wave on the ocean. I-I'm Coming! she blurted out. My tongue continued licking as suddenly her back arched and with a groan, she began to shake and spasm, convulse in wave after wave of intense pleasure! My face completely covered in all the deliciousness her pussy could produce! Ohh, Ohh! she moaned.

   I saddled up beside her, kissing her cheek, spooning her, holding my girl tight. I love you Jane. I whisper. I love you too Jerry. she replied. Both content, satisfied, but not quite finished yet. Simmering I would call it. Watching while pleasuring her was something I tried to do. I was so turned on by her expressions, her response to my mouth and hands. I envy the female body. Men really can't match their capabilities. It is not possible. I was now, still in my twenties, fully reloaded. Later on, in my forties that would not be possible. One shot only. But, an older man can last longer. So, I surmise the trade off is fair.

   All I remember is holding and kissing my still hot girl. I slipped a finger into her sopping wet pussy. She was warm and quite juicy. I pulled my now two fingers out and began licking the nectar off. After watching me do that three or four times, I took my fingers out and offered them to Jane. She opened her mouth sensuously to lick her own juices. I love your taste! I said. Do you like it? I asked. Again I dipped into her pudding and offered it to her mouth. She licked each finger clean. She could see it excited me. Something we would do often. We played for minutes, dipping and each taking turns tasting her delight! I'm getting turned on for more, she exclaimed! On top, I said.

    She maneuvered herself into position above me, placing her feet beside my waist on either side. Lower yourself on me baby. I said. Holding my now steel hard cock in one hand, she lowered until the tip was at the entrance of her lips. Slowly, I insisted. She had placed her hands behind her to steady herself, and could use her strong legs to raise and lower herself on my cock. Ohh! I cried as I penetrated her still wet but tight pussy. I reached forward with my right hand and gently stimulated her slick clit. Ohh! I like that she panted. You move slowly up and down Jane and I'll work your clit! I said. You and I girl will time this so we come together! I told her. Let's do it love, she replied excitedly. Fuck me Jerry! Fuck MEEE! And at her command we began to move in our own special rhythm! Up and down she moved like a piston on my cock! Uhh! Girrl! I moaned. Pleasure engulfing all of my senses! My finger sliding up and down her clitoris! Oh baby! Oh baby! she cried. It feels so good! she exclaimed. It did for me too, her pussy was indescribably pleasurable! I could feel her clenching my entire shaft! You feel that love! she asked. YES! Jane was doing that on purpose! Squeezing my cock as I furiously worked to pleasure her clit! Her movements had taken me to the very brink! Oh Jane! I-I'm close girl! I let out. Our eyes met and locked! I could see into her very soul and she into mine! I'm soo excited Jerry! I-I'm c-coming love! she gasped. And as if we were one...and we were...We orgasm'd together! Forcefully, our bodies shook, contracted together, all the while our eyes totally focused on each other! And at the very pinnacle of our mutual ecstasy, we collapsed into each other's arms, totally spent after giving ourselves totally to each other.

   We lay quiet for quite some time, her head on my chest. We were fortunate to experience a love that many never find. You know what Jane? I said. What's that Jerry? she replied. I can't wait until next weekend, so we can buy you some more clothes and repeat this again! I said. She lifted her head, looked in my eyes and we kissed deeply...and then laughed out load as she said, You're not forgetting that  our rent is due next week are you? Well, well...Yes I did deat...Next month it is then...I chuckled.

Dressing Up For Me