Confessions of a married woman

Confessions of a married woman

Selling my threesome and boyfriend sex panties.

It's true.  I'm married. I have an awesome hubby. I also have a regular boyfriend I've been seeing for 18 years. Usually when he's in town, it's the three of us at his hotel.  People often ask me what the panties from threesome date nights are like. 

My threesome panties are pretty special. 
My boyfriend lives out of town and travels a lot.  He doesn't make it to town very often. When he does, we tend to make an evening of it. Dinner, drinks, footsie under the table at the restaurant (with both guys) . Do you know how hard it is to sit there like nothing is going on when both guys have their hands on my bare thighs under my skirt or dress, especially when one, or both guys "accidentally " brushes the outside of my panties while dinner conversation is going on? We usually don't have dinner at the hotel. probably because I usually wind up in the backseat with my boyfriend on the way back to his suite. :-) I'm pretty wet when we get back to his hotel. Back there I usually try and keep my panties on as long as I can to get the guys fired up. Lots of rubbing me though my panties. Eventually they wind up on the floor when the guys can't take it anymore. What comes next, you can imagine. My guys, (both very straight) usually both finish deep. 
Now, if my buyer doesn't'  want any traces of the guys, I put the panties in my purse. If there is no buyer, or if they don't mind, I'll put the panties back on and wear them home and sleep in them. (IF I go home that is. :-))
Both guys finish deep , so whatever's in my panties the next morning is mostly me.  You may also detect a whiff of my perfume and maybe some baby oil. 
Generally, the buyer and I work out the details beforehand, because sometimes it's short notice due to his travel schedule. 

Sometimes, when boyfriend is in town and hubby can't make it, I go see my boyfriend by myself. When it's just me and my boyfriend, well, it's pretty exciting to be happily married and going off to hook up with another guy! These are more rare as hubby usually is with me. These are not always available due to my boyfriends travel schedule, but are the real deal and worth the wait.  

Sometimes when my boyfriend misses me, he'll fly me to wherever he is going to be. These are the rarest of my sex panties. I love packing my sexy clothes and hopping on a plane to go see him. I usually stay a night or two. I hang out in his hotel suite while he's working. I'm well rested when he gets back, so,,,,,, well use your imagination.  Once, he had me go to dinner with him and some of his clients. What would they have thought If they only knew I was married.... to someone else! 

Clearly my hubby is not the jealous type. He supports me and my naughty little adventures. He and my boyfriend are good friends and he obviously trusts him completely. This arrangement is not for everyone. I know I'm lucky to have something like this. Since I've been a seller, it has been my pleasure to share the threesome experience , at least vicariously, with my buyers.

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