Nov 02, 2021
Communicate and Service

Communicate and Service

Communicate Clearly and Get the best customer Service

One of my favorite aspects of this business is the communication I have with my buyers, especially my regular ones.  One of my least favorite aspects, or pet peeve, are the buyers that lack respectful or informational communication. Let's talk about the good first. I, like most of the top sellers here on Scented Pansy, I want the best for our buyers. I want to know exactly what they want. If he has a favorite color, prefers certain update photos, has a favorite fabric or panty style, I want to know that. I love when they are respectful and to the point in the initial message. I ALWAYS try to be respectful and open back. That interaction makes it more exciting for me to include little extra surprises in my package. 

I try to be very clear on my side. For example, I give updates with photos during the wear so they can see the verification and build anticipation. I ALWAYS get tracking, always, and give that tracking info to the buyer. (That protects both of us knowing if and when a package arrives at its final destination.) I also make it clear that I will wear for x amount of days and when taking photos or video that I don't show my face. No surprises.  Once the tracked package arrives, I want to hear about how it was enjoyed. Did it meet or exceed expectations? Did you enjoy the scent or what fun did you have with it? Frankly it turns me on. Yes, this fetish goes both ways. Because by the time the package is sent, I am fully invested. I want to know what was good and perhaps what I can do better so he comes back for more. When I have a happy customer who praises me up and down, I'm walking on clouds the rest of the day.

I've been lucky to have had great regulars that I message with often. When I go shopping I have them in mind based on their past preferences and feedback. I enjoy every minute of it.

(BUYERS AND SELLERS READING THIS...I'd love to hear your feedback and experiences about how you like to communicate. Comment below.)

Now the not so good. The famous "hi" message. That's it, just "hi". Ladies amiright?  

To which, if I respond at all, I now have to ask "Hi back. Can I help you with something?"  Its not as bad if messaged directly on the site, but when they do it through a KIK message...UGH. Because NOW I have to ask..."How did you find my name?", "What site are you from?" "What is your profile?" AND FINALLY "Are you shopping for something?"  I may even have to age verify.  

Sometimes they are actually shopping and it takes a number of questions to get to just the right item. I'm happy to answer questions to find just the right thing but would appreciate the conversation starting with "Hi Sexykitty. I'm JohnDoe from SP. I saw your profile and would like something. Can you help me pick something out? or Can you answer a couple of questions?"  Let's just call this panty selling etiquette. 

And there's what we call the "time waster". Very typically, they start off with that "hi" message. Then ask "What do you have?" Then they want picture after picture of my inventory. Now I just say most is listed in my shop or shown in my gallery. Plus I ask "what exactly are you looking for so we can narrow it down?" Sometimes, if he's really good at moving along the conversation,  even payment info is asked for, then nothing. He becomes a ghost. *Sigh*

So to wrap up my point,  BUYERS when contacting a seller for the first time, please introduce yourself. Let us know what you're looking for. Even if you're contacting a seller to respectfully compliment a photo, that's great too. If you're unable to buy at this time, just say so. Its okay. We understand but it will keep YOU from getting unnecessary "sales" messages back. 

SELLERS, most do already, but be clear and direct with the buyer. Keep him up to date with when a wear is happening and when and how its shipped. And for you NEW sellers out there...if the 'buyer' is not saying what he wants and just asks for picture after picture, he's not a real buyer. I learned that lesson early on. Its practically a panty seller's right of passage.

(BUYERS AND SELLERS READING THIS...I'd love to hear your feedback and experiences about how you like to communicate. Comment below.)

Communicate and Service