Why it’s fucking weird

Sex as a topic is weird in college. Some people are sex-positive while others are still shunned by the thought. I mean it all makes sense, some people are more comfortable than others. But I think people don't talk about the other factors that go into it. Imagine this, you're an 18 year old girl living on your own for the first time. No parents, no rules, except whatever form rules you have. You can smoke, drink and have sex whenever you like. It's a weird time where some of friends are hyper sexual while others are virgins. No one knows how to behave and everyone feels fucking crazy. You're not the only one. 

Now fast-forward to your junior year of college. You're 20 but not quite 21. Your friends range of 18 to 30. It's a weird time. Your love life ranges between 20 year old boys who's parents pay their rent and nearly 30 year old men with 401ks. Some of the people in your life are approaching buying houses, while others are scrambling for housing. Some have been in year long relationships and some have never been in one. You're in the middle. 

Some people are hyper sexual when they're bored. Some when they're in pain, and some when they're lonely. It's similar to drug addiction, some just need to feel something or feel someone. It's weird to be in your 20s. It's the constant pull of what's right and what's wrong. Morals versus personal freedom. 

Fast-forward to when you're 28. Engage to the man of your dreams and finally settling down with your career. The countries have been seen and wine has been drank. You dream of the beautiful little kids you'll have in the next 5 years. All of the struggle was worth it. All the chaos and fucking fictional movies scenes that were your life are over. 

Just kidding. It's still real.