Coin Payouts and Bitsafe

Coin Payouts and Bitsafe

Get your own Debit Card

Of the questions I receive most often, 'what are my payment options?' is always among the top. Over the years we've been diligent in offering as many options as possible for our members. Now, we are finally able to offer a truly great way to get paid by partnering with Bitsafe: debit cards!

No longer do you need to worry about getting your Paypal shutdown, not being able to receive payments because you live in a different country, or waiting for money to transfer through a maze of processors to a bank, etc.

And best of all, in my opinion, is that Bitsafe is NOT A BANK. But it functions like one. You'll be able to use your debit card anywhere, anytime. "Your funds are immediately available to spend for goods and services, or to take out as cash with any ATM in the world with a Mastercard® logo."

Getting started using this system is quite simple. First, sign up for Bitsafe talent account.

Then, go to your Coins page and submit your Bitsafe IBAN... and you're ready to get paid!

Quick payouts are the new standard on SP.