Coffee and Cigarettes

Coffee and Cigarettes

The first thing he does is light a cigarette. The lighter clicks as the flame ignites, his hand cupping around the furious red. He leans forward slightly in bed, the cigarette wiggling between his lips as he lights the tip. It glows as he inhales and leans back against the headboard, one arm lazily lying over my torso.

“Good morning,” He whispers, leaning over to kiss me full on the lips. I taste his tongue, smokey and potent with the taste of the tobacco. “How did you sleep?”

“Well.” I replied, smiling. I study him for a second, enjoying the view as he tosses the sheet off of his naked form. HIs cock bounces as he stands, the cigarette pinched between his fingers.

“I’m going to make breakfast.” He hums, running a hand through his messy hair. I nod and rest in the bed a few minutes longer, hearing him rummaging through the kitchen for pots and pans.

As I enter the kitchen, pancakes are being mixed, bacon frying in a pan. He’s found my apron, frilly and covered in cats.

“Brian,” I raise an eyebrow, surprising him. He jumps slightly and turns, his thick beard prominent in my view. He’s a work of art, his body chiseled and sharp edged. Lifting up the hem of the apron, I fall to my knees before him.

“Oh God, Laura.” He moans as I take his heavy cock into my mouth. He’s salty already, the taste of pre-cum between my lips. He’s begun to grow hard, stiff and veiny in my mouth. It’s almost too big for me to take, but I accept the challenge and open my mouth and throat to suck him in fully.

I’m at the base of his cock, his balls malleable in my hand. I swirl them and gently tug. A moan escapes his lips and his hand instinctively reaches out and grabs the back of my head. My favorite part of him is when I pull back and feel his cock piercing rattle between my teeth. He groans once again, now pumping his pelvis back and forth into me.

A few moments later, the smoke detector lets out a shrill cry. Brian takes off the burning bacon and I go to silence the harsh alarm. As I round the corner to the kitchen, he’s no longer there. I turn my head just as two arms reach around my waist and lift me off the floor. Letting out a shriek, he carries me into the bedroom and tosses me down. Brian rips off the apron, his cock springing up and down with excitement upon his face. I grin widely, giggling as well.

“God, I love you.” He whispers, crawling between my legs on the bed. With fervor, he goes to work, spreading my lips as he kisses my thighs. I grip the bed spread, my knees bent as he pleasures me. The roles are reversed, my hand on his head, gripping his hair. He hums as he licks my sweet hole, traveling up to my erect clitoris. Brian loves it when I pull on his short hair, the feeling of the pain gives him the utmost pleasure.

Drawing back, he inserts two fingers into my tight pussy, pumping back and forth as his tongue swirls around my clit. Grind my pelvis hard against his mouth, I can feel myself climb the mountain of my impending orgasm. Suddenly, all of my breath leaves me, escaping through my lips in a sharp cry. My head is thrown back, my pussy clenched down around his fingers as bright stars erupt in my black vision.

Relishing in the feeling of my post-orgasm glory, Brian crawls up the bed, kissing me full on my lips. I can taste my sweetness, but the poignant aroma of my arousal as well. He swirls his fingers around my erect nipples, pierced with small rods through them. I grin up at my lover, waiting for him to crawl back on top of me to make love.

A moment later, he does just what I expected and slowly slips inside me. Every time his cock breaks the barrier of my womanhood, it feels as if it’s the first time. His piercing, wide, stretches me. I groan from the weight of his erect dick inside of me.

Brian begins to pump, picking up speed. One hand holds his weight, the other smooths over my face with love and affection. I smile softly, my mouth held open in a o. Brian makes love to me sweetly, fucking me with passion. My breasts shake up and down as he begins to pound me, the sound of our bodies colliding echoing in the small bedroom.

“Oh yes,” I moan, feeling another orgasm begin to build. To finish myself, I reach down and begin to rub my clitoris, climbing the highest of heights. Falling into oblivion, I cry out and wrap my legs around Brian’s back.

“I’m going to pump you full of my babies,” he whispers. And I hoped that he did.

His orgasm trumps mine both, his face beet red as he dumps his hot seed inside of me. His cock pumps hot fire, filling me to the brim. Brian cries out, erupting with a powerful orgasm. Sweat pours off of him, dripping onto my exposed breasts. I smile up at him, kissing him sweetly, his beard sopping wet.

“I love you,” he whispers. And I say it in return.